I immediately think of the breakdown of "Freak on a Leash" by Korn. Mike Patton's done a lot of awesome stuff with his voice as an instrument, particularly in Fantomas.
That's actually one of my main guitars. I got mine for $300 when it was on closeout after the model was discontinued, but it was a $500-600 guitar when it was being made. I love mine, and that's a good price on it, I say go for it.
well I see you mentioned Alter Bridge, and if i may throw in a third option, I REALLY loved playing with Mark Tremonti's Signature wah by Morley, look into it...
the Morley Mark Tremonti wah is my favorite...I like how it's activated when you put your foot on it, no guessing if you turned it on or not like with Crybaby's sometimes...not that I don't like my Crybaby as well.
Quote by FruscianteFan77
"Animal-Fetish Man" would be a bad label for someone.

Also the worst name for a super hero ever...
I personally love the last three albums, so it'd be nice not to cut the bio short at 1999. Otherwise, check your grammar and sentence structures (yep, I'm putting that BA in English to work). screaming? and what do we call Mr. Anselmo's vocals?

But to answer your question, probably ****ing Hostile or some parts of The Great Southern Trendkill
"Teenage angst has served me well
Now I'm bored and old"

...boy you said it Kurt.
my favorite line in any song ever...

"I'm like Sam the Butcher, bringin' Alice the meat"...Beastie Boys, "Shake Your Rump"
Artimus Pyledriver
people who make horrible music have to go to a circle where there are 1,000,000 children playing "Hot Cross Buns" on the recorder for all eternity. Sorry Jonas Brothers...
check out a jazz trio called The Bad Plus
(Insert "The 80s called and..." Joke)
Skyclad certainly have quite a bit of celtic influence, though their songs are more social commentary based...
Killian's Irish Red...much like me: Irish, but made in America
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....since most colleges/universities don't even offer World History as a class.

Since when? I had to take two sections of it to meet core curriculum requirements, and I'm a public university.
Schools around here (NC) have been on a book-banning rampage as of county had a list of over 200 books that were not allowed to be used in classes. Among them: Fahrentheit 451...DID THEY EVEN READ THE ****ING BOOK?!
The atomic tests on Bikini Atoll after WW2...pretty controversial. An entire island was displaced, American soldiers were intentionally exposed to radiation, etc... There are several movies on it, and a book called Bravo For the Marshallese.
1920s...George Gershwin bitches

No but really, probably the 90s
Soundgarden, and an incarnation of Rage Against the Machine that will record a new album would be nice
It could work for some rough demos. FL Studio has a rudimentary but decent drum simulator, so a lot of times what I do is write midi drums in Guitar Pro, export the midi and then import it in to FL Studio. It works in a pinch.
There have always been "midnight players" in the music industry...guitarists who come in overnight to play parts for guys in bands who just can't get it right. People who don't write their own music, people who don't actually sing the songs we hear on the radio (those of us who still listen to radio I guess), people who use backing tapes in concert, etc...

Yes, it's now easier to take shortcuts, but it's always happened, and I think the positives of having people who normally couldn't afford studio time being able to create music that sounds good far outweighs the negatives.
Not bad at all, good find.
Quote by DoTheEvolution

Well one of the songs they had up there...was the song I wrote. No credit is given to me. It is my song. I played lead on it. Now I'm bandless, and the band I was in has my song.

Mustaine, that you?
Didn't Eight Legged Freaks come out in 2002 though? That's the only one I know that sounds like it...
just steer clear of Nurse Ratched and you'll be fine
Tool - "Ænema"

"Some say the end is near
Some say we'll see Armageddon soon
Certainly hope we will
I sure could use a vacation from this bull****..."

Seems fitting enough
i sleep to John Coltrane pretty often're sitting at a gas station waiting for poll results right now aren't you?
You're from Wasilla? Call the band Sarah Palin's C* it...

but of the two, Archaos probably
Nine Inch Nails - Pussygringer (feat. Sheryl Crow)

Look at bands that sound similar to yours and study the bass lines of their songs. As far as help with technique...YouTube generally has a good selection of lessons
I think you get one for winning the Masters....
the only way this would work is if you did different categories based on genre, otherwise it's just gonna be nothing but guys trying to out-shred each other
my biggest strength is definitely my alternate picking, my biggest weaknesses would have to be finger picking or sweeping, but I never really use them in my playing/writing, so I suppose I just haven't put any time into learning them.
Brave Words & Blood Knuckles
one million children playing "Hot Cross Buns" on recorder for all eternity
Suprirus looks the best I think, but I would say whichever one you choose, add some color/'ll make it stand out from all those bands that use the white on black logos
...sounded fine to me