who cares
what if you guys break up?
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I like this one:

Both lines are the same size

thats believable. it isnt as weid as the TS'.
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It is.

Open in up in photoshop, cut out the "B" and move it beside the "A". They're the same colour.


i just did that and they were. thats pretty fucking weird.
they arent the same color...
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Well aren't you a cool one. If you have to plan out an attack on a year 7 and you're year 9, you deserve any **** you get from from that 12 year old. Grow up dude, just hit him if he does anything again. Pussy.

and hitting someone younger than him won't make him look like a pussy?
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I think I might go see it just to have a panda killed...

wow, that looks so fucking unfunny.
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Am I the only one that thought this was hilarious?

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wow dude what the ****

the solo was pretty cool.
i'm not sure where i would do that so can someone tell me and if its all right to do it here i'll edit this thread and post it.
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I bolded the good ones

why would you jack it at a urinal?
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When I take about seven or eight good bong rips of my friend's really good, smooth weed, then we sit there in his living room in the dark with Windows Media Player visuals and the surround sound blasting. I'm just sitting there, feeling myself get higher. I get that tugging feeling in my stomach that only happens when you drop on a roller coaster, and it feels so good and everything is so into place that you have no choice but to smile.

wow that sounds like a lot of fun. unfortunately, i only smoked off a bong once and it wasn't very pleasant =(.
when you love someone a lot, sneezing, the first hit you take when smoking weed, an orgasm, sleeping late.
aw that bear is so cute
most of these suck.
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Lucretia by Megadeth, that solo is soo awesome. Well i think so anyway.....

wow, this is amazing. thanks.

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Pantera - Floods

You have to like it.

yeah i know that one already i just forgot to put it up.
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Okay seriously...

Listen to some Children of Bodom.

i have their discography.
does i cum blood really even have a solo or are you guys fucking around.
i find the following solos orgasmic, so i was wondering if you guys can give me some more that are similar and i would probably love also. they dont neceseraily have to be by the same bands (they can be though) but bands that are of similar genre.

shadows fall - inspiration on demand
shadows fall - a fire in babylon
pantera - cemetary gates
pantera - ****ing hostile
unearth - zombie autopilot
black label society - no more tears
black label society - superterrorizer
iron maiden - run to the hills
obituary - evil ways
nevermore - heart collector
machine head - halo
chicago - 25 or 6 to 4

well, you get the idea.

edit: i'd appreciate the time of the solo in the song if you know it too.
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ibanez for life i had a look and i saw no mention that that lens is detachable, so unfortunately you cant use/add a new lens. did you mainly want it for the barrel distortion or just for a wider field of view?

i want it for pictures like this

im looking to buy a fish eye lens. i had a few questions..

how much are they?
would they work for my camera (
and where can i get them?