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im guessing this is easily going to be better.

i never saw what was so amazing about Nicholson's performance.

i personally feel that Batman Begins is the best Batman movie, but that The Dark Knight will probably be even better.

i can not wait for this movie. i havent been this excited about a movie since LOTR came out.

idk, a sequel has NEVER been better than the first. hopefully this will change that.
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My day was OK till a friend of mine said something to me which ruined it.

what did he say?
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anybody see dethklok? i wanted to get tickets but they sold out really friggen quick.

how the hell do you see dethklok live?
are there any good movies on? im hella bored.
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hmm. well pretty good. I just got back from work and im ready to pick up my guitar. I wish i had a girlfriend

dont we all
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Pretty good, im thinking of what i wanna do.
Maybe write a review for a band nobody ever heard of.

yeah, me too. i dont quite feel like going to bed yet. but i cant think of what to do.
i want a burger..
ive had a pretty bad day. and i have guitar tomorrow which i wont feel like going to.

but how is everyones night?
its in the fag of the ipod thread.
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What's so idiotic about it?

You can buy condoms from gas stations.

is there any way to run a system restore without actually going on the computer??
whenever i start it up i get this message:

windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:

you can attempt to repair this file by starting windows setup using the original setup CD-ROM.
select 'r' at the first screen to start repair.

all these ideas suck. i cant come up with anything good either but these still blow pretty hard.
i have NO idea who that is
yea safe mode worked but my mouse didnt work for some reason.
ok, i cant think of anything else to do since i cant actually get onto the desktop, so i guess this calls for a recovery. does anyone know how to back all my music up? i have soooo much that i downloaded and i really dont wanna lose it.
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**** that, i saw 300 in iMax. Imagine that bitches

300 sucked
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"hijack this."

yeah, not nice, is it, bitch?


i'm not trying to be an asshole when i post that. it usually fixes problems.
how do i boot in safe mode?
i think i'll try to run a system recovery first, i can get to that screen.
so i installed a game today and it was running very poorly. i updated my graphics card and restarted my computer. when i restarted it, the main windows xp loading screen came up but then after that, nothing comes up on the screen..its just black. i have NO idea what to do. i tried restarting everything but it didnt work.

im really scared my whole computer is fucked up. help please?
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Yes, but I need to do it so that they won't catch me.

PG13?? I hate you guys...

they wont. i do it all the time. just make sure no ones watching.
i wanna see that sooooo badly. and its not R?
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No Spoon Look At This

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Try typing a post in all capitals. That's what it ends up like.


god, i love that picture
why can't we post torrent sites? i dont get it.
idk, i completely forgot how to do algebra. and i was in algebra 2 last semester
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It's pretty badass if you are into PvP, if not you might not like it as much.

There are some bugs,etc right now, but nothing different than any other launch MMO if you've played one at launch before. If you haven't you might be in for a surprise.

I'd just take it slow and don't rush to level and by the time you hit 80 there should be more end-game stuff to do.

I play on Bane, the culture PvP server, in a pretty good stygian guild, Cobra Kai, send me a PM if ya need a guild.

k, thanks. i'm probably gonna be a noob when i first start out because ive never played it before, i just herd it was awesome.
junior year at a private high school

i really hope it doesnt suck, i spent kind of a lot on it.
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i have it its awesome
much more involving wow was s*** this is much better

thanks, thats good to hear.
yeah so, i just bought this game at gamestop with a 60 day card. its taking hella long to install. does anyone here play it? is it fun? i loved world of warcraft when i played it so i'm wondering if its kind of like that.
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Are you the one on the right?