im not reading that
the devil wears prada are awesome.
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Men Alone II: The KY Connection - 1/10

I thought it was rom-com, but oh, oh, oh it wasn't

i doubt they were ever on the radio ^
yeah, i hate bad manners
this game sucks
vista sucks. format it back to XP.
i seriously doubt anyone is going to actually know.
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"you are a kickass dude, btw, i'm the one who stabbed you"

i dont think the spikes actually hurt..
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There's your problem.

i would never steal something from an individual. a store, on the other hand, is a different story.
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yeah have a good time seeing Slipknot everybody. what kind of pathetic teenage wannabe metalhead wants to go see a troop of clowns with attention disorders jump around and make complete cunts of themselves anyways?

i enjoyed that.
fire it up
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The Red Chord and Mastodon own. The rest are pretty bad.

yeah, and machine head.
wow i hate all those fucking bands.
have a good slumber.
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you sound like the biggest tool ever


i'm sorry, that really made me laugh.
haha your probably gay.

i like this.

this post is reserved, hold on!


wow, i fucking hate kids like this;

Blazin♥Beauti wantz to down a bottle of vodka
i hate football.
stabwound or only ash remains.
alternate picking and powerchords. which i can do now.
just drag the song on itunes to your desktop and upload it from there
was the ciggarette necessary?
it's taking too long to load.
i always get pics like that sent to my phone. not from the girls directly though
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Parents in the pit?

Is Jackal not enough?

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sorry if thats the first thing you do when you get home thats kinda weird that you have nothing better to do

go away
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After seeing him "rule 34'd" I don't even like hearing his name

hes hilarious. he hates everything. like me.
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No dude, trust me, she's nine.

Batman frowns upon pedophiles, so you better watch yourself ->