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She's a friend, and I know she is ^^

There's a guy in my college who has like a 18inch mohawk. True story.

college?? your 16!?
you hair looks badass how it is. just keep growing it.
ha.. its pretty funny you did this. i was seriously considering making a thread like this before, but i was at my friends house.
i saw the movie..
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we haven't seen that a million times.
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Google the first two words of the thread title - I bet 4 coconuts the movie is 1st on the list.

they suck
summer - will smith

edit: nevermind?
long hair looks badass
blow shit up.
get a job and buy some new shit

personally, i like my gear. i have a shitty ibanez gio which i love more than anything. and for an amp i have an ibanez mimx which i'm pretty content with. and soon im buying a new distortion pedal so that should make things a bit better.
i dont get whats wrong with it?
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5th 7/11: while going in we see this van of white trash esque children being commanded by an extremely loud black woman. we lol.

chill outside.
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guitar and excersize.
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So, I take that nobody knows where it is?

don't cut it man youll regret it.
i'm okay. i'm waiting to go over my friends house so i'm stoked for that, i guess.
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no meets for ny?

dude, i said in the savannah thread i was gonna get one started. i say we meet right in manhattan.
all those movies blow
rollerblading? what are you fuckin six?
george carlin
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Move to England old chap. You know you want to

i have always been fascinated with the UK actually. i'd give my left nut for a brittish accent.

i'm so jealous of all these meets

i wish i lived in chicago, england or savannah.

ahh well, i guess i'll start a NYC meet.
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From New Jersey?

i live in new jersey, georgia. its a cute town.
i just say yes
i'll be there.
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Facebook conversation with chick I'm trying to bone.

well done.
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I've been diagnosed with ADD

That was really funny.
jump in your delorean and gun it to 5 minutes.
can someone explain what a podcast is? i really dont know.
lol ive been like this for the passed 3 years. when you find a solution, do tell me.
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Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

nah, i'm not thinking anything out of the ordinary.

Quote by andrew12398 is my email.