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My friend has a Voyager. Not worth the price. It's a glorified touch screen.

jesus christ, do you like any phone?!
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Am I the only one confused?

its a type of phone..
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Alright school starts for me the 22nd of August so it'd have to be before then.

wow that sucks. it starts september 6th for me.
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I am, I've had worse crashes. but this is the first road accident ever - Im glad I didn't have anything valuable in the car... well except for all my cds - but they still work

no they don't.
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^It's cool, I'll probaby end up double posting to bump this thread in the near future, especially since I'm going on a trip tomorrow and won't come back till Tuesday.

Also, lets just say I really don't think we'll be going to anyone's house.

EDIT: Chalk as in put you on the list. And alright fine, looks like we'll MAYBE go to a cubs game. I'm gonna wear white sox gear just to piss people off at Wrigley though.

where you goin?
well be happy you didn't get hurt.
just go on their wiki page
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That was really funny. My sides are splitting.

yeah after a few months or so (depending on how much you play)

i wouldnt worry about it though.
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look at you all mature and cool.
yet you're only 16 haha. what a punk kid. nice profile pic too, bet you feel manly.

i do
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I don't mind that you want to have your own, just make a separate thread if you're serious. Also Chicago>Orlando.

yeah.. ive never been to chicago but floridas a shit hole
the breakfast club
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Id rather meet in Searchbar Town then Chicago personally...

yeah, ive seen sooo many threads on UG meets in chicago

lazer tag? are you serious?
'tis an awesome movie. i cant wait to see the dark night.
you did this for the lulz

the song at the end totally ruins it though.
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good one
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"soandso just ate breakfast, with milk, lol."


i laughed uncontrollably hard at that.
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Of these movies which should I watch?

-The Professional

I've seen Blow like 10 times already but I love it

professional definitely.
was gonna smoke a blunt but my dealer couldnt meet up with me. so pretty much just sat around on here, played guitar, watched movies and played xbox.

why the hell would you do that to a squier.
youtube videos are good.
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i found the perfect thing

for huge posters


thats awesome. im getting one of these.

edit: nevermind you cant buy these
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big Tv, neon lights, pool table, dartboard, game system, movies, posters, awesome music system, be able to see the floor...

its a room, not a club.
clean it up and dont have so much shit lying around.
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And then she hung around to read the comments in the hope that she'd be missed. She wasn't.

yeah, she was pretty annoying and just wanted attention. that reva girl is pretty annoying to and says 'kthx' too much. i bet neither of them even play guitar.
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Reva gets my vote, shes awsome

no.. she isnt.
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its moorestown...if that clears anything up. and i feel pain for you, those of you who know what im talking about. its really terrible.

ahhh, cherry hill ftw.