get hijackthis
this is dumb..
what part of nj?
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just watch two and a half men

its awesome

i havent laughed that hard from a post in awhile.
too many friends
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]I found it funny. I mean, the selfish bastard let all of his fans down and killed himself during his prime. He deserves to be made fun of.

PS: To all who think he was murdered: Who cares? He still made shitty music.

i hate how people feel bad for him. hes the one who decided to get high on heroin and shoot himself.

*puts up flameshield*
i laughed..hard
you look like robin william's knuckles.
theres sooooo many of these threads.
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Tell me, what's the point of adding the -core?

It's called metal. And you don't sound like more of a badass adding -core to the end.

it's a different type of music.
I'm not even supposed to be here today.
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Generally what happens is random people request me and I press the reject button cus I dunno who the hell they are.

thats kind of retarded considering nobody on UG knows each other.
tell us what you need to get out of
unisom sleep gels ftw
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random guess: pantera?

close but no cigar.
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Also, The Punisher is Marvel.

speaking of the punisher, did anyone else think the movie is horrible and completely ruined the punisher's image?
i killed the prom queen. good band.
grapes and plums are a blessing.
i constantly chew gum. usually orbit bubblemint.
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quick, run to the child names thread and plan for the future.

BTW, was she on top? if she was, it's physically impossible due to gravity

shame on you for believing sex rumors, the majority of that **** is fake

contradiction, much?
synth probably..
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2 options:
1. Morning-after pill
2. Falcon Punch

you shouldve used a condom just in case.
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Doesn't really matter,
people can pick sides and fight each other for hours over it.
Really you can have the same amount of fun on both, do the same things on both.
So I haven't checked in a while but I'd say just go for the cheaper one, but I mean its always a choice of preference and it always causes fights for no reason.


but personally, i'm an xbox fan.
i thought you were gonna say take a song lyric and define the meaning of it. this is boring.
honors classes ftw
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ok well I am awake from a long night. I saw a few comments here last night and decided to go back to the barbecue at 7:00. I ended up seeing a ton of people I knew from work who I hadn't hung out with outside of work so that made me feel a little more comfortable. I actually did end up talking to Laura for almost an hour outside on my porch, just me and her. It was nice and she seemed to dig me a bit as she laughed a lot and the conversation never really got stale. It made me feel good. She went to bed and I ended up staying there until 3:00 in the morning. I am pretty sure that she left my house to go back to her home in Sprinfield, Missouri already and now I am just a little bummed I didn't get to say goodbye. I will just facebook her and continue to talk to her.

The pit can sometimes give GOOD advice?!?!

i think we all know what you want her facebook for..

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My mom and dad think I'm white trash for listening to Opeth and Dimmu Borgir. My dad also hates progressive rock/metal and is pissed that I don't like hair metal. That's all he ****ing listens to lol.

haha? how do they get white trash from those bands? i'd call it white trash if your were listening to country. butt opeth..i mean c'mon, there swedish.
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Get away with the vandalism or getting my head kicked in? I only want the latter.

i ment, i hope you dont get caught. everyone makes mistakes.