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wtf no one has said bankok?

its to overdone
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I did come here for advice, not an argument, but your entitled to your opinion and a dig at me, for what i did.

well, i admire your answer. most people would think of some dumb comeback that isn't insulting or funny. so now..i hope you get away with it
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but they are good to listen to while you're high. what's you're problem man, they're all chill beats.

haha i wasn't picking on you. i was just saying in general, like when people think "because i got high" by afro man is a good song to listen while baked. tools.
i hate when people vandalize things. Especially when they break into houses and people's property. ****ing piece of trash, i hope you get arrested.
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smoke two joints by sublime (obviously), mary jane by ill scarlet, roll another joint by tom petty

just because the songs are about weed doesnt necessarily mean there good to listen to while your high.
all along the watchtower - jimi hendrix
had a dat - sublime
santeria - sublime
that daft punk song kanye west covered.

i have a playlist on my itunes of songs to listen to while high, but those are the my favorite.
and just so you guys know..if you run ccleaner everytime you vote you can just vote again.

now whats your sister gonna do for me?

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Oh I've already had a helping of you sister.

what the hell is a nappy
i got countless saturday detentions for my shirt not being tucked in..private school FTL.
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I have an iPhone. Get one. You will NEVER regret it, guaranteed

i have the iPhone and i hate it..
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the punishment must equal the crime. this clearly doesn't.

then should some mollest them..?
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Every now and then I feel the same way as you do. All your friends are doing something, and you find out there's a party or get-together at your friends house, and you weren't invited even though you figure you should have been. Just last week, my exchange student friend was leaving for his home in Brazil and there was a surprise party for him. I only found out when one of my friends asked if I was going, thinking I was invited, then saying "nevermind" when she found out I wasn't. It sucks.

What I do when that arises is do something that I enjoy personally. For me, it would be a game of some sorts, for you it may be baseball, skiing, or something else. Just go do it and have fun, because you are the only thing you need.

I think it's only a phase. Now that summer's arrived, we're all burdened with free time. We don't know what to do with it. You're used to seeing your friends at school, five days per week, and when we don't see them for a prolonged period of time, we tend to think they're avoiding us, but they're not. Just hang in there and you'll make it though the next few days.

when something like that happens to me i try to figure out why i wasn't invited. like.. why am i such a sudden annoyance to friends ive had for awhile? i can never figure it out though.
stop telling him to go to the goddamn relationship thread. this isn't relationship thread material, just give your advice and go on with yourself.
i feel like that constantly. dont worry about it man. just smoke some pot or something.
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thats ****ing brilliant.

is that phone for cingular/AT&T?
not really. i wish i had a brittish accent though.
it seems a lot of people wanna be in good shape for when they go back to school. any one have a good tip on doing so?
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that baby is ugly
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Really? I just find that disgusting.

ehh they look cute. most of them are just annoying though. dogs FTW.
Lift weights, pass my drivers test, play more guitar and thats pretty much it.
improv solos and the first hit from a freshly rolled blunt
asian babies are cute.

just look up reviews for the phones your interested in.
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how so?

i spent 300$ on the worst phone ever.
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if you like the side kick check out the new enV-2. its pretty much the same thing, full keyboard, flipping screen. and its verizon

that phone looks badass. unfortunately, i have the iphone. biggest mistake of my life
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If I'm wrong there's software out there to decompile the file.

that rhymes
get back in the kitchen
porcupine tree is badass
i just took this..
its pretty much the definiton of this thread.
"summer<3" as the caption on a picture.


when the captions "i look soooooo high here lol<3"
when one of them are outside casually walk by there house and greet yourself.
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you havent seen brutal until youve seen this. win

how unique
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Corpsegrinder is so brutal

yeah, exactly! i would do pretty much anything to be him.