youve probably seen it before but whatever, i just found out about it.

watch the whole thing
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I'm contemplating reporting you.

uhh what did i do?
how long have you been away for?
nothing, considering its three letters.
i was never a huge sports fan
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I don't know if she had kids, but I'll say it...

I'd probably do Donna Summer

whats placebo?
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fuck yeah! i got that game off torrents yesterday
ew, nasty creatures.
all along the watch tower is my favorite song.
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And if that shit happens to be illegal than you can throw their asses into jail, most people who smoke weed don't break any laws other than possessing weed.

weed, yes. but not other drugs.
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Amen. Drugs are victimless crimes; you shouldn't be arrested for doing **** to yourself.

when your high, you'll do shit to other people.
No, because i'm not a twat.

i love metal more than anything, but if other people don't i can accept that.
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If heroine was legalized, would you go out and buy a needle? Probably not. Just because somethings legal, doesn't mean people assume its safe. People aren't THAT stupid.

true, but for the most part they are. if parents were to start doing heroin, there kids probably would to. And just think about how many people would die from peer pressure.
personally, i think tobacco should be illegal and marijuana legal.
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Too bad it's already legal over here.

No it isn't.
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All drugs should be legalised.

half of the world's population would be gone in a week.
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michael angelo batio
august burns red?
get back in the kitchen
rammstein to seanius?
i'm applying for a job at shop rite =)
there was a movie about the manson family?
at all these posts.

i live in jersey. it's probably the biggest waste of space in the world.
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Athletic girls (with a little muscle showing, like six pack, muscular ass, not like those gross as things in competitions)

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she is fat apparently! ........... xp

more cushion for the pushin, my friend
and why didnt you bone her?
shorty long and the jersey horns.
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It's been known as Léon, The Professional, and Léon the Professional.

It's officially listed under Léon on IMBb though.

good thing your here to clear that up.
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well you'd be wrong, its called leon were saying?
ummm to everyone saying leon, im pretty sure the movie is called the professional.
would you mind giving me some of those sites? i'm kind of in the mood to watch a movie.