Quick question here: My girlfriend really wants to shower together but I'm a little worried about the idea. Water kinda makes everything else flow downward and I know it's unlikely but I would rather not get her pregnant. Would hot water be sufficient in killing sperm? Are condoms safe to use in water/ do they sell waterproof condoms? Also would being in a bath be safer than a shower since the water is hot and there is more of it between us? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
I am running a rig with an EVGA Nvidia GT 430 and a Benq FP731 monitor. Anytime i try to run a game i get an error message that says "Out of range" and my monitor won't display anything. I know this is some sort of issue with frequency (Monitor only runs at 60 Hz) but i don't understand why all my games are running at the wrong frequency all at once and i have no way of changing them back when i have no display.
Chicago Pizza > Wimpy New York Cardboard
Boil Two packets of ramen in 3 cups of water until cooked. Drain water. Add 2 tsp of the following: Olive oil, soy sauce, garlic salt, seasoning salt
Fry two eggs, mix in.

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I'm wondering how the hell you tuned an E down to a B and somehow passed a G inbetween

That's probably how he managed to snap it
The Whoobs
(The Who)
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Well, now's a good time than any other I guess.
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Bye guys..

May the gods have mercy on your soul
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Oh god your that asshole that wants to make cheesen a word...
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I've been meaning to look into them for quite some time; any recommendations on what songs or albums to start with?

I'm in the same position. Any recommendations?
so its that time of year when turnabout comes around. My problem is that when I dance I tend to get really sweaty. I use deodorant obviously but what else can I do to keep dry?
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Dude, if you want to put industrial duct tape on your shaft, be my guest... Enjoy your painful sex

I think there are fetish videos for that...
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Dress in all blue, call yourselves "the Blue Ballers."

Lulz will ensue.

So this week in school is charity week where a bunch of events take place and all the proceeds go to charity. One event is a dodgeball tournament. My friends and I made a team but we can't think of a funny name. I wanna see what the pit can come up with.
like hell we do!
*grabs gun to prepare for the terminators*
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If you go by the middle name + street you live on formula, it works pretty well.

Alyn Pumpstation.

Holy crap I'm John Glenn! I'm the first American to orbit the Earth!

Seriously though mine would be ace, referring to the number of testicles I have... now you have to figure out if I'm serious or not.
"Holy shit, it's 1 a.m. already?!"
It's the first one I remember.
I would probably want more confidence. I fake confidence. I fake it pretty well, but anyone who can act can fake confidence.
We still play The Game (Sorry)
We also played Cowboy which is a game we made up where you pretend to draw a revolver and shout "Bam Gotcha" when passing in the hallway. If you tied it went to a ten step draw. We only stopped playing it this year (In Highschool) because too many people wanted in on the game.
I guarantee the excitement of the truck lift would wear off before the excitement of the guitar.
I think Joseph Mengele was pretty twisted so my vote goes to him.
It works fine on my Peavey Vypyr and I have yet to damage the amp so I can't see it damaging a line 6. It was made to make loud noises right?
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tl;dr: 90s kids were the last tr00 generation where kids could be kids.

Actually you hit the nail on the head. The 2000's didn't seem to happen in my part of the country until the end of 01. After that, shit just wasn't the same. Nobody was playing outside anymore and nobody wanted to play golden eye with me anymore! Actually, that's probably just cause I was always Oddjob and that little bastard was hard to hit.
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Oh my god so much win ^
Computer, monitor, alarm clock, cable box, stereo is in standby mode and never technically stops lighting up, but it could be considered off. Also, pencil sharpener is plugged in so technically on.
I refuse to take prescription pain pills. Every time I have them and take them I end up unable to crap for a week, unconscious for a week, drunk for a week, etc etc. I'll take some Tylenol and some pain over that crap.
I would love to open a paintball field some day but for now, on the path of engineering I go.
Boy are you guys gonna love me. I used photoshop and the new content aware fill system to stretch this to 1280 X 1024. I couldn't just stretch it to fit the screen because the pixel ratio would have looked off.

well... you gotta try it right? maybe fermented pepsi gives you some wicked hallucinations that you will share with the pit?
nah mine has stretch marks on it. it's kinda disproportionate. The rest of my body is alright looking, if not pretty damn good looking, but my ass...
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Today I heard someone talking about being in a rush. I immediately shouted "shut the fuck up fassa!" MLIP

On a related note: my friend told me last week that he couldn't stand rush. My first instinct was to put my hand over his mouth and say, "Shut Up! Fassa might hear you!" MLIP
8 posts in and the pit has suggested porn, a fleshlight, and a dildo. The pit never ceases to deliver.
I had to dissect one of those about a month ago. Thanks for the reminder of what a pig's insides look/ smell like.
My school is on the 4 point scale. For a while there I had a 4.3 but I kinda screwed around a little too much at the end and finished with a 3.9
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Pfft, Ice Beam (or Surf if I switch in later) and you're dead

You gen. 3tards aren't honestly telling me that those pushovers could take
I'm not into threesomes...

edit: Two posts above mine, sorry.

doubledit: I'll try again... he has no face
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Girls underwear leave NO room for testicles.

Similar to this^

Boxers offer no support and briefs offer no freedom. Life's a bitch.