Yeah that's the preset, thanks for the answers, I'll get 9 today.
Hello all, I'm currently doing all of my recording on Live Lite 7. I would love to upgrade to Live 9 (Lite edition, since with Live 9 it allows unlimited audio effects and racks, whereas Lite 7 only allows 4 per project.)

I have a very simple question, any of you that have Live 9, does it have the same reverbs from 7? The one I specifically want is "Large Space Chorus", as It plays a large role in most of my music. Does live 9 have that particular reverb?

Any help is great and much appreciated.
Np, and thanks for replies. I was able to get a tone from the Rp355 that allowed the mids and highs to come through a lot clearer, etc.
Hey guys, I have a quick question. This is driving me absolutely insane because it is completely eliminating any chance of recording.

When I play certain riffs, mainly picked out chords, the lower notes completely drown out the higher notes... So instead of hearing the melody, I can only hear what the Low E is doing, and not the other strings. I've been playing with EQ for hours and have come to no solution. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Hey guys, I need some he;p finding a few different tones I need to achieve so I can continue recording. I just bought a rp355, so far I'm very happy with it. Seems like I'll be able to get any tone I want, just will have to figure out how to get it.

It would obviously be of help if 1. You are experienced with the rp355, and 2. You are familiar with Black Metal. I am trying to achieve a good clean tone for Atmospheric BM, very similar to the clean guitar in the beginning of this song -

How would I go about getting that? I've played around with a few different clean tones, and have gotten fairly close. What I'm asking, is what should my EQ be, how much decay/liveliness etc.

As far as a distortion tone... It's kind of hard to explain what I want, so I'll figure that one out myself. However I specifically want the clean tone of the song I linked.

Any ideas and input is much appreciated.
Yeah I'm hitting the Ebay branch, actually found Opferblut shirt cheaper, and by a top rated seller. Thanks those of you who actually gave advice.

And to those of you calling me a tryhard ... Quite funny actually, you know not what you speak. /Thread
Laid-to-waste ... you know what's funny, one of the pictures of the Opferblut shirt on Ebay, is the same as the one on that website o.O

EDIT: And the seller name is Metaldevastation...

Regardless of their lack of grammar, and silly trendy ideals, they seem legit.
Well, i kinda jumped shit because it's not often you find a Satanic Warmaster Opferblut shirt, nor isengard...
Anyone ever ordered from this site?

About to order a few shirts and patches... Don't feel like getting scammed out of 80$

Looks legit to me honestly.
Ya thanks to those who legit answered, and to the guy who said solder it now... I misplaced my gun and won't be near a store to pick one up until friday. Thanks all.
To use scotch tape to connect wires inside my guitar? I will re solder them ASAP, but for now I'm holding them together with scotch tape, due to the fact I couldn't find my electrical tape...

I'm fine with this, so long as it doesn't burn my house down.

So yeah, pretty much... Is it safe?
This isn't my first rodeo when it comes to buzzing, but I've NEVER had it this bad. I can't tell if it's the guitar or the amp... I believe it is the amp, as it was playing fine a few weeks ago. Then I plugged it in a few days later, and had a buzz. Well I'd been playing with the buzz up until tonight, when it's even louder... I can't really play now. I mean, I can, but anytime I'm not playing a note I hear the constant buzz.

This is truly driving me crazy... My ESP needs the ground wire re-soldered but I'm using a different guitar right now, which was soldered not too long ago. Please, any help is much appreciated... This couldn't have come at a worse time, as I have plans to release a demo next week...
I don't see why it matters why, but since you asked here is the reason:

My best friend, also the other musician in my Single/Duo Black Metal project lives in Michigan. Lives on an Indian Reservation, so obviously not much money. He does not have computer/internet access at this point in time, and only gets 200 minutes of cellphone usage per month. So splitting that between music sharing, and talking isn't easy, and normally dissapears within the first five days of the month.

It would do no good to send cd's, as he has no way to listen to them except his CD player, however he has no way to record and send back. Since I do all the instruments myself, I can't play them all at once and record it with the tape recorder. I would have to do them as normal, then convert the Mp3 file to the cassette, send it, along with the tape recorder to him, so he can either use a blank tape/record over what I sent, and send me back the tape, along with the recorder.

Since you so sincerely asked "why" ... don't just tl;dr ...

How would I do this?

I could not care less about fidelity, seeing as it's black metal. Just so he can hear the music. Regardless of static, etc.
Basically what the title says. Is there anyway to do this? And if so, how would I go about it?
Well. As much as I hate to say it, the Amp is a Line6 Spider iii ... (Flaming doesn't effect me, so please don't?)

I've had this amp for about... well 4 years and it has had no problems. Well I had been playing with a broken cable for awhile, and I had to twist it in odd directions to get it to work. Which I now realize was probably the worst idea... I could've just bought a new cable right away.

So I bought a new cable, plugged in... had the buzzing sound when the guitar was plugged in. I think it may be the Amp jack? I've tried it with multiple guitars/cables.

Something interesting though, the broken cable... When I'm done messing with it for 10 minutes, and get it into a position it works... there's no buzzing?

Any ideas on what is going on would be great. I'm not sure if it's the Amp Jack, or the IC..
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This thread is now about cute hipster boys

Great shirt... only good thing about him
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Oh I thought you said metal.

This +1000
I'm currently in one, she lives in Texas, I in Virginia.

It's hard not being able to hold each other and stuff ofc...

But we are determined to make it work.
Well was playing around with some folk metal, and then hit these three chords... it's a Korp' song... but I don't know which, and it's destroying me!

Just did a clip of the chords... no amp or anything just unplugged.

Help please! HERE IS THE RIFF
It's the fretting shoulder, and I'm not using a strap. I play classical style, with guitar on my left thigh, instead of my right... because I used to get wrist pain, but I started playing with the neck steeper and that helped.

No clue why shoulder is hurting.
Hey guys, any ideas why this is happening? I play black metal, so lots of tremolo picking around 7th fret or so, however I play a lot of atmospheric BM as well, which requires playing on about the first 3 frets.

When I play down low for an extended period of time... (Fret 1-3) I get a burning pain in my shoulder. This only lasts for seconds literally, so it doesn't really bother me much.

In fact, the only reason it concerns me, is I don't want it to prevent me from playing in the future. Any ideas?
Hmm, appreciate it a lot man. Ya I've got the gain so it doesn't jump into red, right on the fine line. Thanks man.
Alright thanks a lot, I'll just have to deck out some cash on a new set of phones. No big deal.

Well I'm finally getting the quality I want but... is there anyway at all I could make it sounds just a littttleee bit cleaner? Not much just a little? I'm sure there's a way to do it with Ableton.... But I'm not sure how to do that. Maybe I should download a SIM amp?
I love you man. I'm able to record now, but is there a way I can monitor it out of my PC speakers instead of headphone through the interface?
Hmm, then what do you suggest the problem be?

I think I might be so retarded at this... I may be plugging the cable into the wrong jack... It's just a standard 1/4" instrument cable, I have it going from the "record/out" jack on my amp, to an Input jack on back of interface... On a video I watched for setting up an interface, the guy had a 1/4" to Microphone cable... and the big jacks on the front are labeled "mic/inst" so... do I need to get one of those?
Hmm... it's fast track ultra. I turned the gain all the way up, but on my audio clip in Ableton... still doesn't even recognize any sound whatsoever.
Sorry about missing that bro, no there's no signal lights. however, a few minutes ago... I re-installed the Fast track driver, and was screwing around with it in ableton. I got it all connected and ready to use... still can't get anything to record. No sound was coming out of my computer, so I plugged headphones into the Interface, I could hear what I had playing on my computer. So I can get audio from computer to interface... but can't get it to go from Guitar>Amp>Interface>Computer
Still, shouldn't I be able to run an instrument cable from the Interface, to the amp? When I plug in the cable to the record/out jack on my amp... I hear nothing from the amp if I play. However if I take out the cable, it plays like normal? Any ideas?
Ya trust me I'm a complete moron when it comes to recording. And be prepared to laugh, Line 6 spider III xD

No it doesn't have a control for that.
Sounds like the kind of stuff I like. Must check it out!
Well... I may record black metal... But throwing the mic on the floor next to the amp just isn't working anymore. Get too much feedback on the output. I'm wanting to record the guitar, straight into the computer, would it be possible to do this with the M-Audio FTU interface? I attempted yesterday, but failed miserably. I plugged an instrument cable from the "record out" jack on my amp, to channel 1 of the interface. I also had my guitar hooked to my amp with a different cable.

However when i did this, Nothing came out of the Amp, nor was recorded.

Using Ableton live if that helps any?

I would think I could do it with this interface instead of buying a 1/4" to 1/8" Guitar/Mono adapter... Any help?
Hmm... I'm not using a Midi Control surface, just a simple MIDI to USB cable with an Interface.
Hey guys, I'm a complete noob at this stuff... I'm a black metal guy, so always just threw the mic down by the amp, used audacity, and went at it.

However awhile ago, I purchased The M-Audio fast track ultra... Well it came with live 7.07, just started toying with it the other night... Seems like a really solid software. I know how to record regular tracks, etc.... However. I would like to know how to record the drums.

My kit has Midi Ports, and I have a midi cable... Would I still need to use the interface? I tried just doing some drum lines with the Midi to USB going from the Computer to the drums... When I recorded, there were MIDI blips... however when I played back, I could hear nothing. The output was set to the computer speakers... Any ideas?

I also tried plugging a USB from the computer to the interface, and plugging the MIDI from the computer to the interface, with just a regular cable from the interface to the drums... still nothing.
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Arsis - Forced to Rock

Band starts with a, sings "In the name of Satan we are forced to rock". They play it in a classroom. Is pretty childish.

Ya that's it. Thanks mate.
Hmm... it's sort of new... It's more metal than the rest of the suggestions... So lost for clues
Help me pit... I cannot ****ing remember this song... I didn't like it, but I think the riffs were pretty decent. Video - they were like in a classroom playing or something... think the band started with an A. Said something about "the music of satan" or something else... really childish song but good riffs... Heard it on XM radio - Liquid metal, any ideas?
I appreciate all the replies, and it's no one string... always different, It's probably because I'm tremolo picking for about 10 hrs a day lol

Thanks for the replies, cheers!