Not a dvd but Guthrie Govan's Creative Guitar 1&2 are great books containing some superb gems of information.
Got a G&L asat Classic a few weeks back. Not officially a tele but a sexy guitar nonetheless.
You need to start slower, use a metronome to build up the speed while making sure every note is sounding clearly.

Focus on muting the strings also, especially with the picking hand.

Make sure you are relaxed, it is clear just from your tone that you are playing with great deal of tension.

Just build it up slow and have fun man.
Sweeping isn't everything .
I stumbled across Freepower's posture video a few weeks ago and it really helped with my posture. My hand would tire quickly when playing chords on the lower end of the neck but correcting my posture made a huge difference instantly.
When i was first starting guitar I was talking to a guy I knew.

him:'I heard you started playing guitar, I have a really nice one if you wanna buy it?'
me:'what pickups does it have?'
him:'really good ones, in fact, it has 16 pickups'
Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth all the time. It's uncanny really.

Johnny Depp also.

feels good man.
I've been stranded without PC gaming for weeks after my graphics card melted. My netbook can run minecraft though
Keep posting them! They are quite epic indeed .

Might just purchase the game at the weekend so
Is there a FFXIV trial?

It's all dw's fault for showing his screenshots.

Need Ze Game nao!
If Time is disappointing I may cry.
Dead rising 2 is hilarious.

The combo weapons are a great addition and the ally AI is much improved. I had 6 survivors following me at one stage

The psychopaths are still tricky enough, but once you figure out their weakness they go down quickly.

I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised that it's so good.
What the hell happened in here.
Some guy few pages back criticizing lyrics, I believe very few metal bands have any lyrics resembling poetry .

So yeah, hopefully the new stuff is good, slightly scared that Corey said it doesn't sound like Shogun but then again change is a good thing.
My uni exams finish today, bought red dead last friday for 360 in anticipation of a gaming spree.

My brother is using my 360, just called saying it has been struck down by the red ring of death.

That is all.
Yeah it was such a revelation when i finally managed to kill one!

I had to play with the sound off though, those groans warped my childhood
I think I cried when you first fight zombies in Quake, level 3 i think.

I didn't know that you had to kill them with grenades so i just kept shooting them and they would just get up in a few seconds
Anyone get metro 2033 on steam?

It looks pretty good but I still have call of pripyat to finish, I haven't gone back to my last save in that where im in warehouse in the middle of the night with mutant dogs everywhere
Quote by john_latchem
OH SHI- you couldn't have posted this about an hour ago?

No i had a uni lecture .

Seriously though i never scare at games but this is just amazingly terrifying, I autosave ever 2 minutes.

I would advise trying to sleep through the nights, just so freaky, the flashlight only illuminates like 10 feet in front of you .
Call of pripyat is the scariest game I've ever played.

My last save is me miles from any safe area in the middle of the night only being able to see about 10 feet in front of me.

Also there is a giant pack of mutants dogs up ahead barking.

I can't go back, it's too scary
I think in the fire contains the best solos matt and corey have laid down ^^
Corey looks really strange in the pictures, his hair is rather....comical .
I'm still stuck in the throes of me2 ...

Must finish it before bioshock 2 comes out.
Might as well chop off the whole fretting arm just to be safe...
me2 is too good . real world time goes so fast while I'm playing it...
What I have just seen, I cannot unsee...
This thread is terrifying
Interesting to listen to but not exactly a reliable account of area 51 tbh.

they are probably making laser rifles if anything
this is bollox i can't believe they got the goal
everyone in ireland now hates Henry....
Wow that is really good, not my favourite type of music but the recording is of a really high quality and the production is pretty great, i would say the drums are sligthly overpowering with regards to the ride and cymbals but overall its pretty epic.
Yeah that is abit expensive but we are aiming for an Ep of 3 songs so I'll check it out.

Thanks again and i left your band a comment also.
The gig was with the CIT music society, but only one person in the band actually goes there :P.

Yeah i think we were just abit nervous at the gig and it was the second song and probably the busiest song to play so we were trying not to move too much. In a few of the other songs we were moving around more.

Thanks for info about recording we really need to get a sound we like in digital form.
Well we have been together almost a year now and have a lot of material written and a few recordings also . I find it kind of hard to define our sound as we seem to jump around between genres frequently . I think progressive is probably the closest thing to defining our sound at the moment

Here's our myspace anyway with a few songs thrown up. I must warn you that all the recording is done in a bedroom and the songs didnt come out as heavy as they should sound but we are going to re-record them at some stage. Like I said they are fairly rough so be gentle .

Any comments and feedback is appreciated.

Ps: ill do a C4C also
They cant enforce this!

As a matter of fact i must go to a police station soon to get a form signed so I will wear my ole cradle of filth t shirt with the nun getting raped by a demon.

See how well that goes down .

Seriously i want to move out of this country now
corey's obviously an alien. Quickly, grab his ray gun!
corey the last one just looks like a hand with long fingers
that was a terrible read. It was your decision to drink so man up and face the consequences.
I can always tell if i had a good night when i wake up in the morning upside down in bed with bad breath