in all honesty, im posting here to see when i joined UG hehe.
Practice everything including licks and exercises with a metronome and learn to enjoy doing it.
wahh didnt even know that was possible.
i would get a midi pickup and sample libraries of the instruments youve mentioned.
I haven't been to this site for a while so if im posting in the wrong thingy, please excuse my n00bness.

JD jazz III ultex tear drop
shes gonna strap you up and drink your blood!
in other words, dont do it.
why risk a relationship over a simple sleepover/spoonfest.
they look cool, never tried them out.
Peavey 5 String Bass
Made in USA, maple fingerboard, 2 volume pots, 1 tone pot.

any guesses what this may be?
ask your teacher, if he doesnt know, get your mother to complain about the teacher.

but seriously though, read what the other dudes said already, it makes perfect sense.

i just got this, can anyone tell me why its so noisy???
i mean, it has a built in noise gate but wont get rid of the giant noise that just blares out when plugged into my amp
alright, so I just got a used guitar, Jackson Dominion.
I use 9s - 46s (light tops, reg. bottoms)
I own 3 other guitars and use the same gauge strings, but they have used that gauge for years.
the previous owner used much thicker stings, 13s or something, but he tuned way down.

my other guitars have perfect intonation all over the fret board.
On the jackson I had reset the truss rod, the action and it plays perfect, near 0 fret-buzz, but I just cant seem to hit perfect pitch for the bottom three strings.
when you look at the bridge saddles on my tune-o-matic for those strings, 4th and 5th is pushed way back, and 6th its pushed way up and eventhough each string is intonated at 12th fret, when i go up the frets, the intonation totally goes out of whack.

so right now, I have the saddles set where they look right, hoping that the guitar somehow gets used to it or something, as you can see, I am losing my mind.

what should i do?

(i dont want ppl saying "what did you get a used guitar!" or "jacksons suck!")
buy the album, its a good one for sure.
if you have a channel volume and a master, raise the master high and the channel low.
look at the audience frequently.
look at youtube videos of your heroes and imitate them, create some kind of hybrid of all your fav guitarists.
i havnt tried blue steel. ive only tried Signature Series Dean Markley, they cost the same as Daddario XL and i like them much better, so i switched after using daddarios for years.
i think daddarios have more of a piano type sound, whereas dead markley has more of a vintage guitarish tone, and feel. also, i would say that they last longer.
if you are into death metal, go with hot rails, other wise, probably JB or screamin demon, you cant go wrong with those choices...
but hot rails is 666X hot in every sense of the word.
"I love Pokemon in a totally retro/indie way."


pokemon aint retro, and it certainly aint indie, and i dont even get down with indie, so where is this obsession coming from??
do you have an interface? or are you looking for mixer/interface?
you? a dick? just because of that?


it sounds like you havnt been in bands.
not to sound like a smartass but im in grade 12, have been playing in bands since grade 8 and there was not a single band that i was in where i didnt kick anyone out.
if **** doesnt work out, you gotta do what you gotta do even if it may feel bad. In the end it will be worth, by not doing anything about it, you are wasting your time and theirs.
how old is old and how new is new?
i quite enjoy being frontman of my band, but Spawn of Possession would be pretty sweet, hard question nonetheless... just off the top of my head.
google it n00by.

why do you need them?

btw im asian, so you better answer my question respectfully or else.
i saw Gene Hoglan at the local bar 2 days ago, he comes out to shows pretty regularly.
but ya zimmer's hole, pretty cool ****.
wow, i didnt know blizzard of ozz was banned, i guess i havnt been on UG for a long time..

but why does he keep saying its "weird?" IT AINT WEIRD!!!! its freaking AWESOME
i heard that you shouldnt get a wireless unit unless its $600+
im pretty sure heaviness does have an effect on tone.
thats why some thin guitars are sometimes REALLY heavy, an example would be Matt Heafy's Dean ML (not that i support him)

some Gibson LPs are really light, some are really heavy, they have exact same size, yet weigh very differently, and comes the different tone.

I like a nice balance b/w heavy and light cuz one of my guitars is TOO heavy and the other is light, so im gonna get a medium weight for my next guitar called Godin LG emg.
its not that ppl hate it dude, there are tons of BM heads here, we dont hate it, when its done wrong (poserish like Vampire said), its just annoying, and you gotta admit, sometimes its just HIlarious
i like their older stuff better.
Im looking for a tab for

Skinless - A Unilateral Disgust.

if you dont know the song, album or the band, I recommend you check it out.
well, i know they save ears, but i thought it was intended to make sounds quieter so that it protects hearing, but i just thought that it doesnt cut out the sounds that you dont want to hear, i thought it just makes everything quiet in general...

and im talkin ****ty, free ear plugs made out of cheap sponge.. not fancy dandy musician ear plugs, also when i see live videos of death metal bands (our genre) i dont see them whearing them either.
so we were playing at a bar as usual and i couldnt hear my guitar because the amp was angled to the drums and i didnt have any PA speaker around me.

However, my bass player had one right beside him.

and afterwards i asked him how the sound was and he said it was great, and that he could hear everything.

then i told him that i couldnt hear jack ****, and he asks me if i was wearing ear-plugs, so i told him "of course not, why the hell would i wear one if i cant hear my self?"
and this is what he said

"dude! you should have, you can hear everything so much better with ear-plugs on because it blocks out all the other noises!"

i was thinking, "is this guy on crack..??"

and so i told him that the only reason he heard everything perfectly was because he had a PA speaker right beside his ear with all the mixes, and he wont listen to me, he keeps telling me to wear ear-plugs next time. Funny cuz he actually messed up on a part of a song major and didnt even seem to notice when "he can hear everything perfectly", and hes not a bad musician....

It sounds like a load of bull, what do you think?
to be honest man, im not digging the vocals sounds off key often... but dont let that bring you down keep doing your thing man, great songs
Bloody Sign, Naglfar, Oathean, Stillborn, Zonaria, Toxacara (not black much, but still awesome)
Daddy Why is a band 3/4 of my band Masquerade Of Silence created after playing a show 2 days ago.

It is Power Metal, Grindcore, Stoner Metal and alittle deathcore breakdown at the end for kicks lol.. check it out, hopefully it will give you a laugh Merry Christmas!

Revelation of Doom
Crionics (like Zyklon and Behemoth)
theres a lot more for its my fav genre of all time, but for some reason cant remember...
pros use Line 6 pedals in studios a LOT, so just try it out, i heard them live from local bands and they sounded great. but ya, what is the model exactly?
hey new song posted from my side/solo technical grind/technical death project, NJOY, the song is Bone Sharks, but if you like that, i very much advise you to check out the other songs as well.