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You can't get a gigable hard rock amp for $500 if you aren't buying used.

If the gig is Rock AM Ring than your absolutely right.
If I was to feed a troll, I'd give it some beans.
inb4 sum1 calls TS faggot!

But in all seriousness i dont think its that bad of a thing, everyone knows that someone calling someone else a "faggot" just makes them an ignorant scum****.
Glue factory?
Soap factory?
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Im not sure whether that was positive or negative.

Plus, from what I can tell, serj is a proficient guitarist, pianist, singer, and bassist.

Daron is just a guitarist.

I have a conspiracy that Brian Carroll is a made-up name and Serj Tankian IS Buckethead.
Its probably not true, but you never know.
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Get a squier strat. They are dirt cheap, and if you find a good one, you will be very pleased. You have to play a lot of them though, not all squiers are created equal. Most are junk.

Times like these i wish the pear wasnt banned
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Valve Jr + Boss Equalizer + Metal Zone + tubescreamer

This way you can crank your amp and get a full creamy JCM 800 tone at just above bedroom levels. With the addition of a Micro mass attenuator, which could be added and still in your budget, you could bring the volume levels down to bedroom levels. Its not worth buying a $500.00 amp if you aren't going to buy a good one used. New amps in the $500 range are too much for home playing, and too crappy for gigging. Get yourself the Valve jr now and use that til you are rocking out at a club and need a real amp. That way you still have the pedals for the big amp, and a nice practice amp.

The problem is that i DO gig

And to the Flextone guy, I dont know much about the Flextone, they have it at GC? Can you tell me more about it?
In my school it goes from least to greatest

So there are almost NO Keyboardists and TOO MANY Drummers
Most Mikaels IMO are complete dicks.

(Except for THE Mikael)
Im Dominick.
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Yes, quite.

Serj Tankian IS Buckethead, litterally.
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I hope that wasn't real blood on the pad.

Real blood!?

Okay so here is the official "Amps that TS will find at guitar center, play for a little while, buy and then like list™" list. Crafty name right? I thought of it all by myself.
So anyway

Amps that TS will find at guitar center, play for a little while, buy and then like list™:
Peavey ValveKing All-Tube 1x12 combo
Peavey Bandit 112 TransTube
Randall RG50TC
Roland Cube 60

What else should go on this list?
I cant do Craigslist.
Im pretty much limited to Guitar Center.
Another thing is that i have a feeling they are going to give me store credit for my refund, but i doubt it.
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I definitely have to do this sometime.

It could definately work TS.

Gotta love Down Syndrome

Why was i born?
7 string thread.
But anyway price range?
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Tube amps are about twice as loud as a similar wattage SS amp since they produce more harmonics. The RG50tc is a good amp if your focus is metal, but you could do better if you saved up and went used.

My GC has almost no used gear but we DO have tons of people playing the riff from crazy train 24/7. Sorry that wasnt funny at all . If they have the Randall ill play it for sure.
It depends on the amp for the setting, different amps produce different tones, just do whatever sounds the best.
Guys, Sunday im bringing my friend with me to our local guitar center and im kinda afraid he'll embarrass me because he=noob, but he's cool and im slowly teaching him.
Do i just suck it up?
There are so any amazing solo's :O
But I suggest looking into John 5's solo work.
IMO most people contributing to this list are giving the most "classic" solo's rather than the greatest.
Somebody do Marilyn Manson's Mechanical Animals album, i wish i had photoshop
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Uhem, the Randall is a very good amp. You should try one, loud as all heII. (Which I see is your home town...) What major city do you live near?

I live near Newark, NJ and near NYC.. infact i live near many major cities.

you have wasted my time... any thread that mentions a spider in the same sentance as good should be closed by the mods.

I usually dont flame people but, in all seriousness, **** off.

That Randall RG50TC would be PLENTY to gig. It's a tube amp, and 50 watts of tube power is a LOT of volume.
My 40 watt tube amp is deafening past 3. That's all I need to turn it up for when i play with drums or for shows.

I guess I was wrong, my friend has a 50watt amp SS and when he auditioned for rhythm his amp was very quiet. I feel like an idiot now(again)

I'll probably look into the Randall, sounds like a very good idea, but aside from that i'll definately try out many other amps. Whatever catches my interest ill do.

Thanks guys
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98.2. So, I should still be playing guitars while all of you are six feet deep.

But i wanna be cremated.
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Do you have a lot in common in general? Because if you don't, then there's no point in trying to pursue a relation with her because it'll jsut be doomed from the very beginning and once it'll be too late, you'll be wishing you hadn't asked her out in the first place. Trust me, just stay friends with her and after a while you'll just forget about it, thanking yourself.

We have almost everything in common, just a couple tiny differences.
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this probably fails but w/e

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bring what you want to spend, cash
say you have "x" amount of money and want to buy "x" guitar.

They fire a lot of GC, so the person who gets the least amount of sales or something gets kicked out from what I've heard. This is why they all try to sell you useless gear all the time. Use this info to your advantage.

They brainwashed me into wanting a Spider when i was a noob
^Ill try and tell you guys what she says
Put the pickups in your pocket then tell them that the guitar is defected and you want it.
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Come on you thought it was sexy.

I never thought'd i say this to a fellow Pit member, it wasnt sexy.
But I would definately wait it out and see.

Edit: can someone help me a little with my problem?
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hey there, peeps on the relationship thread. well, im in quite a predicament. i juts got out of a really serious relationship, and now im with another girl. she tells me she loves me. but she doesnt show it much. she also just got out of a serious relationship and she was really hurt. when i go to kiss her she turns her head. its only happened twice though. so idfk. im really confused. at school we just started actually hanging out with me. keep in mind weve only been going out a couple days. but she seems still in love with this other kid and it really hurts. i know she really likes me. and i dont want to end it because she is amazing. i will obviously igive it more time. but what do you all think of this? any advice?

I think she's using you a rebound or to make him jealous.
Why did i have to watch that???

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Do not even consider skipping out of college to be with a girl. She's special to you, but not that special. Anyways, you don't have to be on the phone every night and IMing her all the time; just tell her you are busy and go BE BUSY. Go out with friends. She has no right to keep you from being yourself and having fun with friends, even if you are going out with her.

You could bring up the idea of an open relationship to her, and tell her the EXACT same thing you told us -- that you can't stand to see her like that, but you can't live without your "desires fulfilled". Tell her the ultimatum is that you can get back together with her, but she's not going to be the only one. If she gets offended, tell her that it's much kinder to tell her this now, instead of pretending to be faithful.

As far as the actual decision of yes/no goes, nobody can decide that for you. I hope you figure something out.

Everytime I attempt to do something, she calls me later that day and breaks down on the phone. Everytime I "leave" her she sends pictures of her cutting and threatens suicide. When I am with friends, homework or even playing guitar i feel extremely guilty too. Im afraid to get a job because of how she'd be.