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That's a very bold statement to make. Things have changed, but things getting "better" or "worse" occur in waves, which is made more dramatic (in perception, that is) by the ever-increasing polarization between the two primary political parties. Realize that the media plays a major role in this.

I'm not talking about since the Bush or Obama administration, but just making a generalization from the time period around the end of the Cold War.
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Drake and Josh

Why does Nickelodeon cancel all the good shows? And King Of The Hill. Just as I start to get into they go and cancel it.

Bwaa. It's what the hwhite man wants, I'll tell ya hwhat.
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Actually, my taxes have gone down since Obama took office
And quit yer in', even when taxes are high, America is an extremely privileged country.

I may be young and have little political knowledge, but it seems like the U.S. has been declining in general quality for the past few decades.
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I love that show.

One of my favorite shows ever, but it wouldn't work anymore.
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once it wont rly effect you,
but alot will damage your vocal chords, throat etc

and also deep FELLATIO will also mess up your singing

Well, it seems FELLATIO is back.
"It's they sh*t"
You can order custom heads online.
Jazz 3's and Green Starpicks for electric, thinner tortex for acoustics.
Why do you need to write an ebook? Is it a school assignment.
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hasnt seen it either

It's been a while since the last time i've seen this.
*reserved for post*
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Lol, be a man and buzz it. Long hair is for chicks and fags.

Your name is "college guy," so I can assume you are the type that calls everyone "bro" and thinks that Dane Cook is funny.
The Real Book is good, but it's only lead sheets.
It's not too early. Prom requires a lot of preparation. (And it's almost never worth it)
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I had an antivirus xp virus, and i read that system restore would take care of it, which it did.
and, Echoplex, how would i go about doing that?

If you have any sort of windows XP disc or disc that came with your computer, it would probably have a restore option. Also, on the topic of the thread, another way you could try to run the firefox file is to go to start>> run and type in C:\<filepath, whatever it is>\firefox%20Setup%203.6.3[2].exe and run it like that.
I would check to make sure System32 is intact, if you have a recovery utility.
It's an exe (executable) file. You shouldn't need to use any other program to open it. Your computer is probably damaged by a virus, possibly beyond repair.
Then you should definitely compare the two guitars side-by-side, through your setup, and then make a decision.
You can buy replacement parts (probably) from

I'm sure it would be a hell of a lot better than an epiphone SG.
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i need pedals do u hav any recomend

What was that you were saying about "English?"

OT: get a Vox
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Fassa, I thought you supported the Tories?

Fassa's beliefs change monthly. Remember when she was an atheist?
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of course it's mettalica n00bs. they single handedly invented metal. they also have 'metal' in their fuking name. their also better then megadeath

You're my favorite troll in this thread.
No, just no...

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I love that album, but how exactly?

Switching between acoustic and electric does not an album full of variety make.

It's not just singer-songwriter music, because it's not that simple. It's not just rock/pop because it's not that straightforward. There are a lot of dynamics and styles covered in the album. Corpus Christi Carol has an almost medieval vibe (it's based on a medieval song), Grace sounds like some sort of art-rock, when I first heard the intro to Eternal Life, I thought I was listening to Tool. Basically, the album is cohesive without having any sort of repetitiveness.
Radiohead - Kid A, Amnesiac, Hail to the Theif
Jeff Buckley - Grace (just picked it up yesterday)
BTBAM Colors, TGM (the only albums I have by them, could be the same on others)
every Opeth album
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Why use a program to bull your talent at all?

I had a hell of a time singing parts of "Das Kapital" over the "Buy U a Drank" backing track and auto-tuning it. I don't think TS is going to use this too seriously.
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I would prefer something legal but if I don't find anything I might head over to this BAY you speak of

As has been mentioned, GSnap is a plugin program that is free/legal and it's decent for the T-Pain sound
GSnap or torrent Antares Auto-Tune
They aren't too high-gain, but the have a bright sound, which might not work well with the typical LP body.
Did you withhold the model of your amp because it's an MG?
The article's arguments seemed to be poorly written.
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that's true. all catholics have the moral obligation to follow their consciences.

Yeah, the obligation to follow conscience is what I was referring to. Targetdude, Catholicism is (contrary to the opinions of many media sheep) not a puritanical, "fire and brimstone" religion.
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Yeah, I know.

That's why I'm trying not to comment on Catholicism. I don't know anything about it other than they worship Jesus as the son of God and the Pope is their leader in a way.

I just think that there is nothing wrong with someone forming their own opinions and having their own interpretations which from what I gather is being frowned upon by his friend's classmates.

Yeah. I like to think that I am pretty open-minded and tolerant of other views, and I also avoid religious debates on the internet (this is my first real one). I think, (but don't remember the Catechism reference) that a catholic can make a valid dissent from dogma if they have researched the issue and still firmly believe that the dogma does not need to be followed.
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The Bible was not written by God, nor by Jesus. It was written by ordinary men who had their own bigoted opinions. It was then translated and retranslated by hundreds of other ordinary men who had their own opinions. Basically, the bible probably isn't anything like what god (assuming there is one) wanted it to be.

I wouldn't go as far as saying it isn't anything at all like what god wanted to say, but there are a large number of "modern" bibles that completley miss the point of the bible, and there are innumerable fundamentalists ( ) to ruin it.
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Way to let the joke completely go over your head.

Sorry, I didn't realize you were joking. A lot of other people in the thread are making comments based on no evidence at all though.
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the original list was something like 600 some Jewish commandments, but the roman church narrowed it done to 10 for the christian church

No, that's leviticus, which i don't think modern jews even follow anymore (not 100% sure on that). The ten commandments have never been the 600 commandments.
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Maybe they think there is a long lost commandment.

11.Thou shalt not lie with other men.

Jk. I think being against gays in general is wrong.

There are no "lost commandments." According to Catholic theology, the ten commandments, with the exception the first three that mention god directly, are simply "natural laws" that any organization or group of people would need in order to function. There are other requirements of the Catholic church that are listed in the Code of Canon Law and the Catechism, all of which have some sort of basis in scripture.
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Like someone else said previously, Jesus and the bible mean less to Catholics because what the Pope says goes.

As I said earlier, it is not simply "what the Pope says goes." The Church (and Vatican) actually has a governmental hierarchy.

I normally don't bother talking about religion online at all, but some of these responses are ridiculously ignorant.
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The bible is not nearly as important for Catholics as it is for others. The pope has infallibility and thus what he says goes. If he says that it's a sin to be gay then it is.
What your friend's catechism says is as important for a Catholic than what the Bible says. They are bound by church dogma to a much greater extent.

Even had Jesus said "Being gay is awesome", if the pope interpreted it to mean that being gay was a sin then a Catholic would have to follow that.

Papal Infallibility is only applicable to issues concerning Faith and Morals in the Catholic Church (meaning that whatever the Pope says should not be taken as the direct word of god, and there have been plenty of corrupt popes or other church figures throughout history; they are human, after all), and has only been used twice in the past two millennia. Church Dogma is not something that is just created, and the interpretations of scripture held by the Church have been established for quite a while.