You need to set the track to follow a midi sequence, which you must program yourself.

EDIT: This is how the Gregory Brothers do it. You have to make a melody as a midi and then import it into your DAW and set AT to follow that midi.

I don't know if the EVO version can do this. If not, edit the audio track in graphical mode and just mess with it until it sounds good.
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This. I think this is getting so much media exposure right now because of the 2012 thing and the group that came out and said they calculated the End of the World to be in May.

I really want to have an end-of-the-world party on May 21st. That fact that people who believe that exist is quite hilarious.
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Finland is better.

Finland has Ensiferum, Bodom (I personally don't like them), Nightwish, and Amorphis.
There are others, but I'm only naming the bands I can think of right now.

Sweden has Opeth, Amon Amarth, the Big 3 of melodic death metal, Marduk, Katatonia, and I can think of a whole lot more.
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And they have good death metal, meatballs, fish, and a cool chef

This should be emphasized. Sweden is my favorite country for metal.
WHOOOOO! End of the world party at my house!
You won't be able to do that with an iPad. Those devices seem to be lowering the standards of musicians everywhere.
I hate Linkin Park?
I hate it so much, just the idea of pointlessly celebrating a nu metal band giving out the pain inside. If I love someone, I wouldn't need some "in my skin" event to show it with a gift.

Anyway, I hate it so much, that I've become so numb.
I hate birthday?
I hate it so much, just the idea of pointlessly celebrating a new year of some life and giving out gifts sounds so stupid. If I love someone, I wouldn't need some "birthday" event to show it with a gift.

Anyway, I hate it so much, that I barricated myself in my own room to prevent my parents from making me go to chuck e. cheeses.
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I think you have to be 18...

I think you do.
I would totally help, but I don't have facebook because it is evil.
Try learning the whole Art of Motion album. That's a challenge.
Use minor scales with occasional modulations to the dominant phrygian mode of that scale. For example, an A Minor chord and then an E Major.
I've never heard of Parkway Drave.
I would hate to have to study music in school. All of the fun and all of the artistry would be removed. I've progressed decently enough in guitar without ever having to take any classes or lessons.
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. so i kicked his ass and told him point blank "dont matter if your better i can still jack your jaw".

So, you're a fan of reductionism?
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not many people wear them anymore. mostly because its a farm/redneck/southern thing and its not very common anymore

I live in Georgia, so I encounter rednecks on a daily basis. I still can't recall seeing someone wearing one of these seriously.
It would sound like crap if you record like that unless your amp has a specific record-out. It would probably be better for you to invest in a usb interface, because most laptops don't have full internal sound cards.
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Get this one, its top

Damn, this hat is so chill. I could bro-out with this hat on.
This thread has been done to death. I don't venture into these parts, but I've still seen this thread here.
It has C E G, which are the notes of a C Major chord. Playing those notes in a different order is just an inversion.
So they did a study to find out that the bags under your eyes after sleep deprivation are ugly? What a waste of time.
It's hard to do on a steel string. Honestly, I can't on mine, but it's possible if your action is lowered.
This has to do with the sovereignty of the Vatican, which is an actual nation, and not with the church protecting pedos.
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That's like saying "This chick didn't wanna bang me cause I was too sexy."

It happens to the best of us
I'm not saying that your list hold no credibility because EVERY single album is mainstream, but I don't think you looked hard enough for the true best albums.
As much as I dislike both parties, it's nice to see someone who thinks that the wikileaks clusterf*ck is an overreaction.
The pit is the forum I use most frequently, when I'm still on here, but not the only one.
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It might not mean that, but it has been instrumental in working towards a less racist society. A society in which open racism or homophobia is recognised as offensive is a better one, and that's something that political correctness has achieved. If a side-effect of that is that people are a bit over-cautious about what they say, I think that's worth it.

It is a clumsy and imperfect step toward equality, but I think trying to perfect it and remove this "overcompensation" is better than renouncing it altogether.

Obviously we'd all rather that race was a non-issue, but it isn't. People are still hated for being the wrong race. Abolishing political correctness won't cause racism to disappear as well, it'll undo the progress against it we've made in the last few decades.

I guess we agree on the general "big picture" of these issues, but I think that political correctness is starting to bite its own ass. As an example, I recently applied to GA Tech, my college of choice. I mentioned that to an acquaintance who made the comment, "It's really hard for a white guy to get into that school." Because I was, in fact, accepted, this didn't particularly bother me because it didn't affect me. However, I don't think that public institutes of education, or employers for that matter, should have race quotas to try to promote "diversity." Some people are more qualified than others, and the color of their skin rarely affects qualification. While personal bias from the employer or interviewer will probably always exist, as it is part of human genetics, removing the required "reverse discrimination" would probably be a good step in equalizing race relations.
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Yes, it was better when no-one had a problem with saying openly racist or homophobic things, wasn't it?

Political incorrectness does not necessarily mean racism/discrimination. Political correctness has lead to a fear of being accused of racism and has resulted in overcompensation. Society as a whole should grow up and move past caring about someone's skin color or orientation. If this were a non-issue, society as a whole could actually progress.
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Intentions have everything to do with morality.

Unfortunately, there is no single interpretation of morality, especially in modern times. A fundamentalist christian would have a different views than an objectivist, and so on...
A crime is a crime, no matter what motivated it. Political correctness is one of the biggest wastes of energy ever.
It's just another person trying to propagate white guilt.
Mr. Peanut. It's the monocle that wins it all.
This sounds pretty good. Someone should make a song from it.
Magic Black Woman
Sweeping can be effective, especially when it carries a melody or fits with the backing chords rather than being used gratuitously. Don't try to be some musical superhero and discredit an entire technique because some stupid trend bands abuse it...
This is slow. It better be worth it.