There are no cheap "metal" amps that sound any good. Save up for a Peavy XXX or 6505. If you're willing to spend a lot, Mesa Boogie's rectifier series is good.
The only ones I've ever seen were for generic blues songs and Beatles songs.
Yes, depending on the keyboard. I have an alesis micron, which can store patterns, and I'm pretty sure that I could put a MIDI on it to use as a pattern. I have also used an M-Audio USB to MIDI IN OUT cable plugged into an electric piano and used a program called MIDI-OX to play the file from the computer on the piano.
I sometimes wish I never was born at all.
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Nah I like being Canadian. We pretty much have everything Americans have, except the stigma\hating
What are you talking aboot? Canada certainly has a stigma in the U.S. I have no idea how it started, but it's there.
I'd rather be European. Then I'd have real culture and live in a country with actual history.
But he "don't write sh** cuz [he] ain't got time..." I don't know how you can say that is prolific artistry. Because, on this site, I must clarify, I listen to rap/hip-hop, but I have more respect for those who actually write ALL of their own material.
It helps with theory, but I don't think Thome Yorke can, and he is a fantastic songwriter.
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Or should I just play through it and hope that the drums or something cover it up when I go to record stuff?

Don't ever do this. This is a huge novice mistake and you will set your self up for mediocrity. The best thing you can do to not be sloppy when recording without completely cheating is to tie something around the nut or first fret that will let open strings ring, but will mute some unwanted fret noise.
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Never heard of Bloodbath, but Whitechapel is an amazing band.

Wow, you are funny.
Cool, I guess. I never had any classes like that in high school.
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Great, the more the merrier

It's probably an error. The Community Updates widget has been displaying an assload of blank status updates from various people over the past week.
And what the hell is with the constant status updates?
Yes, the education system sucks, but what can we do to change it? It would be like implementing the Metric system in America. The country as a whole is too stupid and lazy.
I haven't had a chance to see many of the season 3 episodes yet, but they haven't been as entertaining.
You could try pick-tapping, at least for the One solo. Also, you could use your wrist instead of your palm to mute the other strings if you have to move your right had a lot.
I'mma need a price check... on bitches
This doesn't even need to be shooped.
I punched a hole in my wall once.
You spelled "Eleanor" wrong. Anyway, the thrash/doom metal approach was pretty sick. It's very different but, in my opinion, it works well. Check out my very different version in my profile.
It was probably someone who stole her phone and trolled you.
We had uniforms when I was in middle school. It sucked.
The LAST thing we need is more moral politics.

I honestly don't give two shits about gay people, and I think that it is stupid to restrict anything because of puritanical morality crap.
You are sitting right in front of the best source of FREE information on computers. Just google whatever you are looking for specifically.
If you have a roland guitar synth system, you could.
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'A Do-It-All Les Paul from the Most Versatile Artist in Rock'


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So she's getting defensive over something she allegedly didn't do?

That's a pretty big sign there mate.

Yes it is. Being cheated on sucks. It turned me into a complete misanthrope for a while.
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thats what ive started to notice.

evidence includes: my one friend hangs with them sometimes and when the douchebags girlfriend isnt around and its just him and my girlfriend, they act like a couple, she talks about him nonstop, he never says anything to his own girlfriend when there both around, and she follows hima round and listens to him (i faught with him one time and he told his girlfriend and mine not to talk to me. my girlfriend listened to him his didnt and he orders them around alot)

problem is i cant get his girlfriend to see it. everytime i bring it up she gets pissed because she goes to her boyfriend and he convinces her nothings going on

Just f**k the douche's girlfriend.
That's just the way of how it goes down in the shore.
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skullcandy. theyre niceeeeeee

Yes, they are niceeeeeee if you don't plan on using them for long. The last pair I bought literally lasted for 3 days before one of the channels went out, and I can't have that shit
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Play something sad and in a minor key. They like emotional guys.

Especially D minor, the saddest of all the keys.
Is the more civilized part of the world catching up to (god forbid) those damn Americans?

Anyway, even if she wasn't fat, I still probably wouldn't find her attractive.
That's awesome! I think he does skype lessons too, but they're expensive.
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Sorry to wreck the party, but those are clearly not the same dogs.

I think that the person who "found" the puppies just wants money/attention.
Theoretically, it shouldn't matter at all, but I think that some social reports have been done involving parental and familial influence, and it actually affects development a lot more than you would think.

Then come back and tell me what fast rapping is.
A better drum program and some vocals wouldn't hurt, but it's still good. The recording quality is good for a one-man amateur project, the odd-times flow well, and it doesn't sound too much like genericore. You keep it interesting.
You can get a cheaper auto-tune package (it does more than the T-Pain voice), or torrent something...