There's no such thing as "too offensive," but there is such a thing as too immature.
Hardwire TL-2 is better. I have experience with all of those.
I don't vibrato to a point where the pitch exceeds the normal pitch of the bend; I just bend, then release the bend slightly for vibrato, if that makes sense.
No, if you stretch the strings out properly when you replace them, they will not cause any tuning issues. The bridge is what's causing your tuning problems. There is also no way it is easier to tell how in-tune the guitar is with distortion on. If you keep the bridge in a middle, or "floating," position, you will not be able to use the guitar for any sort of gig or extended practice unless you want to stop and retune it every 5 minutes. If I had a guitar like that, I probably wouldn't use the whammy at all, since that type of bridge rarely holds tuning well at all.
It is probably more out-of-tune than you think. Try playing without any distortion and see how well it holds its tune.
That bridge is not meant to be fully floating. If you set it up that way, the guitar will not stay in tune very well at all.
Bad Idea. It will not stay in tune very well at all. Also, whenever you palm-mute, the pitch will be affected.

EDIT: What type of guitar is it?
Sneeze AND tie a rope around your neck and then we'll talk.
He probably isn't that great. I've dealt with that type of person before.

EDIT: He's the "unrealistic optimist" drummer archetype. I played in a band with one once. He never practiced, thus never improved, and he would always say, "Oh, we sound great" to get out of practicing.
I work at a McDonalds, everyone is weird
Nice. Windir is a hugely underrated band. HAIL VALFAR!
I like buying shirts.
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Didn't you hate England?

No, that was LAST month.
If she's worth talking to, I would
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Aren't a lot of guitars made in China and Korea?

Yeah, my Walden was built in China, but in a company owned shop with good labor conditions, since the company is actually based in China. And my Ibanez was made in Korea.
Damn you Fassa, always worshiping Rush.
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Actually: Am, Amsus4, Am, Em (some variation of), G, G, D
Is it like the Metallica song that goes, "nah, nah nah nah, nah nah nah, nah nah nahah nah nah?"
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The science behind it is complete BS, and whoever designed it has no idea how drugs affect the brain.

I meant the use of a different pitch in each ear with a hertz drop that can affect the brain. Not the actual effects of I-doser.
It might work on some people, with the right headphones, but it's never done anything for me. The science behind it sounds legit, though.
Push the whammy bar down and hold it, and look under the bridge. You'll see where you can tighten it.
I remember hearing them a few weeks ago. I thought they were awesome, but then I realized that they were an Arch Enemy ripoff
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Solicit all of your friends to order free tempurpedic mattress samples. Take all of the little sample cubes of the material and glue them together for a free tempurpedic cot.

I see what you did there.
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No, only metal bands go in the metal forum. All Shall Perish is hardcore, take it there.
It's got a cool old-school vibe.
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No pedals, just an entire mile of cable, all twisted and whatnot. Should give a pretty decent lo-fi sound, whether you need it or not.

Then record it with a headset mic, and you have a Burzum album.
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Yeah, but they'll be all like, "Stop trying to draw the attention away from the fact that you sucked off a horse" or something.

Not that I've sucked off any horses recently.


You sucked off a horse?

don't you have a bedtime?
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Maynard James Keenan and Adam Jones kind of do that but Tool is still amazing llive. I haven't seen them,but based off what I have seen, they are great.

Maynard only faces the crowd when he's selling his damn wine. He has anxiety issues because a lot of the songs are personal to him.
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QFT, James Hetfield

OoOOoOOh Heyyyyah Suicide, I'm already died(ah)

(I couldn't help it)

If you want good (but still laughable) metal stage presence, watch recent videos of Cannibal Corpse playing live. Corpsegrinder is in his 40s, but he whirlwind headbangs at about 20 rpm.
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Worst: Kids at high school talent shows.


We've all been there.
Cokjugglin thunderkuntz, but add some umlauts where necessary.
Hopefully they don't start watching metalcore videos
A lot of people will suggest the MikroKorg. I suggest the Alesis Micron, which is the sae price, but has more functions. I have it.
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How does he work?

Miracles everywhere up in this b*tch?

It's mudkip, obviously
Guitar and vocal harmonies

That's all I need to say.