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Most common mistakes for first gigging involve improper setup and volume levels on the instruments. Take your time and make sure everything sounds good.

For the love of God do this. If you don't, you will regret it.
Look for "stage," "auditorium," or performance guitars with an electric system. My Walden acoustic is a "stage" guitar and has a thinner body that makes it more comfortable to play standing up. It still sounds nice unplugged.
I live in Georgia. It's been over 100f for the past few days.
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Yeah I knew about that, but I'd like each C.D. separate. It's just a personal preference thing.

That's understandable. I've developed a sort of addiction to buying CDs, but it's damn near impossible to find good (non-mainstream) metal CDs where I live. I couldn't afford to buy all three separately online, and the set was a cheaper alternative. I'm probably gonna order the two I don't have online though.
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tidbit.. did you know Steve Harris uses two fingers?

The master of galloping? Really? I'm surprised.
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I need Morning Rise and Orchid. Still Life and Deliverance were pretty easy to find at F.Y.E.

I got the Candlelight Years box set for the first three album. You can get it at a lot of places. You would get another copy of MAYH, but it's cheaper than buying separate.
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Anything Post-Rock. Seriously. I'll put a list of bands up in a sec.

Edit: Here ya go

Godspeed You Black Emperor
Explosions in the sky
God is an Astronaut
This Will Destroy You
Sigur Ros
Yndi Halda
Red Sparrowes

Alternatively, for epic ambient/experimental stuff:

Boards of Canada
Aphex Twin
The Album Leaf
Ulrich Schnauss

You could throw Radiohead's Kid A in there, even though those aren't the band's primary genres.

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Damnation- Opeth

Excellent album (I just need Still Life and Deliverance and I have all the Opeth CDs.)
Electronic/Industrial music is great background music for that sort of work. I recommend the Nine Inch Nails Ghost I-IV album. It is two hours of instrumental music in a variety of styles.
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Owner of a lonely heart

Do a twenty-minute cover with an extended keyboard solo.
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Jeff Loomis also has a solo album you could check out
So does Warrel Dane
Did the laptop have a different operating system? Did you enable hidden folders?
Jazz III and Green Starpicks are my favorites for electric. I use thinner Tortex for acoustics.
the psx emulator works fine on my crappy 6 year old computer. Don't waste your money on a real one.
There are too many gimmicks. Face recognition? Seriously? This isn't for the goddamn batman is it?
We all know that if he could get a national holiday for his birthday, he would apply for one.
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People who are always happy and perky. Sod off

This. My God...
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I was thinking When the Levee Breaks myself. Also I don't see any Stanley Jordan or Charlie Hunter covers, which saddens me.

That's because Stanley Jordan is criminally underrated. There aren't even any tabs for him on this site.

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Manfred Mann's cover of Blinded By The Light
I bet most people don't even realize that it was a cover.
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Its AvA

toms daughters name is called Ava, so he turned the A upside down to resemble her name.

and yeah, gotta love him tho. see him in reading later this year. happy days

Yeah, I'm aware of that. I just think it was awfully pretentious of him, in the same way that some hipster posting "art photography" on blogspot is. Oh well, he admitted in a blink interview that he was kind of embarrassed by his "change the world" antics.

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I say Tom Delonge as well, screws up live but somehow gets away with it

Because he tells dick joke during shows.
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AAA = AvA ?

Well, since "and" starts with "A" and not a "v with a strike line across it," yeah I would guess so. I liked that band back when I was in middle school, but Tom was such a self-righteous douche then.
Adam Jones. He's a hell of a songwriter though.
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Friday prayers don't take place in the night... they take place in the mid-day...

Back to the main topic, all Arabs are against Israel, violently or not. Not all Muslims, but definitely all Arabs. Shouldn't be tough to understand. Palestine used to be an Arab nation. Israel replaced Palestine. Arabs want Palestine back.

About the United States, if America doesn't stop feeding on Iraq and Afghanistan it will never have peace with the Arabs. Osama Bin Laden happened to be a Wahabbi Muslim...
Saudi Arabia is the birthplace and center of Wahabbi Islam. On 9/11, many of the attackers were Wahabbis. Islam should not be regarded as one unified religion since us Shia have had our share of disagreements with the Wahabbis, because Wahabbis believe stubbornly that ONLY their religion is correct. Maybe all religions do, but Wahabbis have massacred many people of other religions, including fellow Sunna and Shia in their quest for Wahabbification.

Thank you for clearing this up.
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I was sympathetic until you linked to straight edge. Die.

Straight edge kids can be so self-righteous. If you're not gonna drink/do drugs, that's fine. I don't do that. But why would you rub it in everyone's face. They are the PETA of non-drinkers.
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Well, at least it has a better title than this movie:
Holy Christ, is that like Teeth?
It's like this with just about all of my friends except the nerdy ones that I only talk to in school.
A lot of people will suggest the usual Boss Metalzone or the Metal Muff. The best I've tried personally is the Hardwire TL-2. It's probably not "the best," but it's good.
As often as car dealerships have "sales."
You aren't being harsh enough. Make the bastard pay back the money he took at least.
Talkboxes and vocoders wouldn't have the right effect. The best way is to just use auto-tune with an instant pitch snap setting (the T-pain setting). Then you would have to just talk in pitches instead of singing to make it sound monotonous, or you could set a midi sequence in autotune that follows the song.
Is it Autotune or a vocoder?

EDIT. You could try running the voice through auto-tune with a +1 octave filter. The actual voice was created using a text-to-speech program.
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On a six string guitar B standard baritone tuning is


drop a would be aeadf#b

a seven string is B-e-a-d-g-b-e not quite the same.

In that case, you could tune the low B down 1 whole step and tune the g down a half step and ignore the high e, and it's the same.
Tune the low B to an A and ignore the high e. It's like a baritone then.
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Take it to the sound off thread

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Not really. But I do put peoples office stationary in jelly.

I see what you did there...
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FLAC/lossless anyone?

If I had a computer with as much storage space as a google server, than I would.

I like buying CDs though. It's now an addiction for me.
Dream Theater has a tendency to stay in a few scales and modes per song, so if you can figure out parts of the song, it becomes easier to figure out the rest. The problems arise when you try to figure out one of the "epic" songs that are longer than ~10 minutes. Sometimes those can go all over the place. Another thing to keep in mind is that Dream Theater has reoccurring musical themes, especially in the Alcoholics Anonymous songs.
Sounds great, actually. The drums aren't exact, but with the way Radiohead recorded them, it would be impossible to imitate them. I've got a Radiohead semi-cover in my profile.