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Well, all fail aside, let's list some good pedals...

Hardwire TL-2
I bought this to replace my Metalzone after it died. Same price, but much better sound.
Next Generation bro.
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Imagine if Westboro Baptist Church found this?

And if one of them was gay.
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For Mortician style lows (the style I started off with) simply make a closed O shape with your lips, fellate the mic and go as low as you can. It may sound "airy" but just experiment with that until you find a low sound that you like.

How do you make it not sound "airy?" That's my biggest problem. Does it just happen with practice?
I think I am doing that. I know I'm breathing correctly. It just sounds so weak that it sounds (to me, after recording and listening to it) almost as if I was whispering.
Ok. I've kinda developed my growling technique to where I can do it without it hurting, but it sounds like I'm "whispering." It seems that if I try to push myself to be louder and stronger, my throat starts to hurt. I know that it can be developed to a point where it's very loud (I have a friend who's great at harsh vox, and he can get to pretty loud volumes), but I have no idea how to do this. Will it just come with practice?
Sorry, no metalcore in the metal forum

Don't get AT&T. They are the worst provider ever.

(Spoken from experience)
Some of them are. Some of them aren't protective enough. Very few get it right.
Thank you. I will check this out.
No, but it doesn't seem like a bad song idea.
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If you believe in a soul, then reincarnation becomes the most logical choice.

You had hypothermia and hyperthermia? Wouldn't that just turn into thermia?

No, I think that the heaven/hell idea makes more sense. (A dwelling place for post-life souls, rather than living again.) At some point-wouldn't overpopulation reduce the number of "available" souls?
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I have always wondered what it would be like to get sucked into a black hole. It has been described as the funnest way of dying.

Who survived it to tell the tale of dying from it?
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Not necessarily. Evaluate:

lim (x,y) → (0,0) of x^2 + y^2 / [√(x^2 + y^2 + 1) - 1]

I'll tell you now it equals 2, so not all limit estimations of a function divided by zero go to infinity.

I was joking about that. I'm know expert on (read: I know almost nothing about) theoretical mathematics. But in high-school pre-calculus, when we learned the basics of limits, we told our teacher that anything divided by zero was infinity because of limit estimation. It drove her crazy.

Edit: and i guess the 'correct' answer is that as the denominator approaches zero, the quotient approached infinity.
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Also, have to say it, division by zero. >_>

It's infinity. Use limit estimation bro.
Yeah. I'm not sure what Justin King uses, but I think it's actually very similar or the same as what Justin used to record Le Bleu.
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Rape Rock is waaay better. Check out The Mentors.

The Mentors are hilarious.
I'm not sure what strings he uses, but most percussive acoustic players use a soundhole mounted pickup for a better sound for the taps.

This type of pickup
It could be that the input jack on your guitar has come loose. That would cause some of the things that you described.
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Its really a subject I'm divided on...on one hand I hate to see death be thrown around willy nilly. When is human life not sacred? I suppose after they have effed it up, but still. I feel like death is never justifiable. However, on the other hand, I would rather not have my tax dollars be spent on meals of steak and lobster....

"This old saint in his forest has not yet heard of it, that God is dead!" -Friedrich Nietzsche

Human life stopped being sacred in the 1910's.

Well, it was his choice
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yea one art museum I went to had one viewing area where the "artist" had just placed a brick and labeled it "Transcending the Madness" or something ridiculous.

That sounds like the name of a metalcore song... A LOT like the name of a metalcore song...
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What is your definition of art? I think it is definitely art. Do you know of The Oak Tree by Michael Craig-Martin? It's a glass of water on a shelf with a sign next to it explaining how the artist had changed the glass of water into an Oak Tree without actually altering it's appearance. The sign is actually a part of the piece, not a description of the piece. I presume you wouldn't consider this art either, but for me its a fascinating idea and a bona fide work of art.

Same applies to this piece. I don't consider it a piece of music, rather a piece of conceptual art.

The Oak Tree thing sounds similar to "This is not a Pipe," which questions what art truly is. Something like that is creative, but I don't consider something like Duchamp's Bicycle Wheel (readymade art) to be truly artistic. I guess this "song" could be considered art but not music. Like Radiohead's "Fitter Happier." It's not a song in a musical sense, but it's definitely art.

EDIT: What I'm saying is that I'm not sure what to consider this.
John Cage is a master BS artist. I still respect the guy, but recording a guy not playing the piano isn't art.
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It's all that angst that's left over from the revolution finally coming out.

No. That's what happened in the World Cup.
Oh boy. It looks like it's "let's criticize the American government" time. What else is new?
It wasn't my worst day ever, but one day my girlfriend broke up with me, my computer crashed, my debit card had no money and I was stranded at a gas station, and my grandma fell and had to go to the hospital, all in one night.
Watch the video, but look at the faces he makes...
Ha ha iced ya bro.
It's like a giant fretboard on a guitar that you can play hammer-on stuff with.
They are awesome. The bassists in Liquid T had used one.
Nah dog. Time doesn't exist. It's an illusion.
I agree. You need to find a way to bridge falsetto and normal singing. I'm trying to do this myself, but with acoustic music instead of metal. Falsetto is probably different if you want a good power metal sound, something like what Tim "Ripper" Owens does.

EDIT: Falsetto bridge, read here
The first part wasn't too terrible, just work on singing in pitch, your breathing and your vibrato. Vocal strength will probably come with practice. The falsetto was bad, and I'm still trying to develop my own technique, so I can't really help you there. I would imagine that proper breathing would make it sound better, as well as developing your falsetto "bridge" voice.
Listen to some Chilli Peppers and Ska.
Don't go into any sort of relationship. Just ask her for a one-time thing. What do you have to lose?
It hurt to read this article. Damn penis sympathy.