Remember when FrenchyFungus was a girl and Kensai was an old man?
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One of the few areas of law where men are still pretty much openly discriminated against.

Yeah, but don't let a feminist hear you say that, or they will tell you that "a few" falsely accused people is totally worth it.
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You're really trying hard not to sound like an idiot. Even at the time when you bought what you consider a "gaming pc" for 800$, you could have gotten better at a much cheaper price. You say you consider me a nerd, yet you're the one talking about spending a lot of money on video gaming needs.

About Fallout, I'm saying that running an outdated game on maximum graphic doesn't really make your PC superior.

I'm calling you a troll, because I assume that you're not being serious, because if you truly ARE serious, then you ARE really stupid.

From XKCD:

"Fun game: try to post a YouTube comment so stupid that people realize you must be joking. (Hint: this is impossible)"

It could apply to the pit as well.
Meanwhile, in Sweden...
The feeling of never wearing skinny jeans.
I saw this on Cracked, by far one of the most hilarious articles I've read there, despite coming from Seanbaby.
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The best way is this:

1- learn the lick you're having trouble with at a speed that you are completely comfortable with.
2- subtract 20 bpm.
3- play on metronome 5 times in a row perfectly. If you mess up, start over.
4- add 1 bpm.
5- repeat steps 3 and 4 until you can play it faster than it's meant to be played.

practice again the next day until you got it perfectly!

I swear this actually works.
This is a great way to learn difficult runs. It make "impossible" licks much more approachable.
The irony here is that you are so concerned and obsessed with your Atheism that it has become like a religion.
TS, I hate you. I have to clear my history/temp now.
1. Anything black metal
2. Anything death metal
3. Any Pink Floyd that doesn't get played on the radio
4. East-coast hip hop
5. Any European folk music
This is very much relevant to my interests, though my room mate is almost as obsessive a musician as me. We will have so much musical equipment.
I raged, I lost. But I would hit it.
To be a "good" vocalist, rather than a passable or mediocre one, it will probably take over a year. Being "good enough" depends on the type of shows you want to play. For example, if you play at high school battle of the bands type gigs, you can become a passable vocalist in a fairly short amount of time. I would strive to do better, though, if you truly are serious about learning how to sing.
Use the instrument to sing warm-up scales chromatically. (IE start with Cmajor, then c# major, then d major, etc) If the instrument is slightly out of tune and cannot easily be tuned by you (like a piano) then this will accomplish 2 things at once: warmup for your voice, and acclimation for your ears to the tuning of the instrument).
I turn mine down. I also use an EQ pedal to lower the volume.
That just means they like what I like, right?
How is it a "fail?" It may be unrealistic or stupid, but it isn't counterproductive. You can't expect works of genius from advertisers.
I realized it was the onion before I even saw your link.
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Still think this is the worst way to go around the issue. Better solution: completely get rid of marriage and all its benefits on a government level. Let religious people keep their marriage, and make a government title (similar to civil union) that provides equal benefits to whoever wants one.

This way, people can keep their marriage as a private title, and keep the same benefits. And people can still have their federal equivalent of marriage no matter who they are.

I've just always thought the forcing states to allow gay marriage polarizes the country even more. You decide one way, half the country is pissed. Decide another, the other half is pissed. Why not compromise as I explained above?

You make a hell of a lot of sense with this.
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I think he gay marriage debate will be the most "what were we thinking?" things in american history..Such a non issue.

Now if only we could do the same with the modern, "politically correct" form of legal discrimination and simply ignore all of our differences and judge people by relevant merits rather than their race or lifestyle. I doubt it will happen, because human nature won't allow it.
Meh, I don't roll that way, so I could care less.
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And be in a state of rebellion.

And have a dream


I doubt a seven year old would have the ability or attention span for this.
I like me some wide vibrato on guitar if I'm playing a solo. For lesser leads, I keep it somewhat subtle.
I live in Augusta, which is famous for one week out of the year for a golf tournament that turns the entire city into hell.
TS, why on earth would you (or anyone) want that?
Why would anyone want to do that to themselves? It sure as hell isn't attractive/ The name "flesh tunnel" is fantastic, though. Do you have to clean it with a flesh hose?
I thought this would involve people driving and how natural selection plays a role.
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The logic is it was like 10 degrees, it was time for her to go home, she went out alone to scrape the snow off her car and I didn't help because I was in a Tshirt with no socks.

They're from Texas, and the old point of contention was that I didn't take off my hat when I entered their house. Thus disrespecting them.

It sounds like it's partially her fault then, if she was the one who told her parents. They sound like tools anyway.
Why the hell would they be mad at you for that? I fail to see the logic...
We are a rare breed. You'd have a hard time finding a truly dedicated musician in any style.

If your school has a decent music program, you might look there for decent practice space and musicians.
I've never been into a Guitar Center. They don't have them in my area.
23, but I distinctly remember seeing the on UG before, and it might have been different then.
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Sorry to shatter your disillusioned state but texans are the best.
We are the only state that can leave without Obama's consent, we make up a third of the military and let's face it.... our state has a way cooler shape than any other state ever...

Some Texans seem hell-bent on leaving the union nowadays....
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Your an idiot. Welfare and charity have nothing in common. Welfare is basically forcing people to pay for it, while charity is willingly giving your time, money and experience to help the people because you give a damn.

Big difference asshole.

Basically this. Welfare taxes =/= charity
Welcome to the United Bureaucratic States of America.
You can make a song with tuxguitar (just a single-voice melody) and export it as a MIDI, which you can use for the auto-tuned guy to "sing." I'm not sure how Reaper and Autotune EVO integrate MIDI, so you'll have to turn somewhere else for that.
You can use guitar pro and export a melody as a midi or use a sequencer. It really depends on the software you have.