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Do cats help blind people to walk around? Of course not, they aren't smart enough to learn such a task.

Sure they are, they just wouldn't want to.
I like cats. They have a sort of misanthropic integrity.
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You're kidding, right? So all those Violin, Viola, Cello and Contrabass players back in the the baroque and even renaissance periods owed Dimebag for inventing trills?

Yeah. Handel doesn't got shit on Dimebag.

EDIT: I kid, of course. I like both Pantera and Baroque music.
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Also what are some trill excersises?

A trill is just a rapid series of hammer-on/pull-off on two note. I think that they're kinda useless for anything except actual applied trills, but they might help you with thinking "fast" while playing. For example, a lot of the speed alt-pick runs I play use sextuplets (six notes per beat). Trills may or may not help you be able to process high-speed rhythm. That guy is an Iron Maiden fan, and they use a lot of trills, so that might be why he recommended it.
You should listen to different music. Right now, you are listening to well-known and accessible bands, which is fine, but if you want some better guitar inspiration, listen to some more technical prog or metal.

Also, why did you say that you know sweep picking, but then as if it's a good technique to learn next? If you don't know it, it is worth learning because you can use it in many soloing situations, even if you don't use it for traditional arpeggios.

To get better at timing, practice songs with no backing track, only a metronome. That will help a lot.
I've seen this stuff before. The beats are pretty cool.
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Shrink the spending on defense and put it towards education, I'd be pretty happy with the chart.

You know all that money we spend on the military ever year - trillions of dollars? Instead, if we use this money to feed and clothe the poor of this world, which it would do many times over, then we can explore space, inner and outer, together, as one race.

- Bill Hicks

But TS is a troll.
Son, this here's 'merica.

EDIT: I fucking hate the south
I'm pretty sure everyone here knows about Obscura. They probably have their own thread already.
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Comin' straight from tha undaground.

A young nigga got it bad cause I'm brown.

The police CAN help, but they WON'T, because they only work for personal gain.
It's not possible. You can downtune to d-standard, or if you are already in drop-d, to drop-c, but you cannot change the pitch of one string. How the hell should guitar rig know what string you are playing on?
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^The person you quoted displayed dice, rice and mice. I have no idea about you, on the other hand. o_o

A slice, lice, and I don't know what the fu ck else.
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Why is it then when I did a google search for 'ice penis' there are picturec of snow penises, ice cream, women, and a flesh light, but only one picture of an actual penis?

Quoted for tru.. Wait what?
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Infernal Hails from Blashryk and the mighty frozen halls of the Ravendark.
I think Nargaroth helped make black metal this difficult to take seriously. It's like when Ice Cube left NWA to become a children's actor.
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Legal in california.

Yeah, that lawless pit of depravity.
I hate when people display their political agenda on the ass-end of their car. That really pisses me off, and you can usually count on the conservatives driving too slowly and the liberals driving like dumbasses.
You just need to practice breath control and allotting all of your breath to the growl so that it achieves it's maximum potential (lolcheesy). If you get the technique down, you won't need to cup the mic. Muhammed Suiçmez from Necrophagist can get very low growls while playing rhythm guitar.
"Exhaling" is part of the breathing process, specifically: breathing out. If you know how to do false-chord growls (not vocal-fry screams, that's a different technique) than you should be able to hit the lows you want as long as you practice and use proper mouth shapes. If you think your lows sound too distorted, try making sure that you don't keep saliva and phlegm in the back of your throat, as that contributes to vocal distortion. If you want more distortion, do the opposite.
Oh, in that case, all you need to do is curl your tongue and have it touch or almost touch the roof of your mouth at the hard pallet while forming and O shape with your mouth, and the rest will come with simply practicing your lower range.
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I can do highs no problems and low growls. But I want to learn how to exhale so I can mix them around with my own style.

Are you saying that you don't exhale? Inhaled screams are one of the worst things you can do for your voice, and they sound terrible.
You're doing it completely wrong is it hurts. I'm still trying to learn myself. I recommend reading the growling thread. Also, why would you want to sound like the Whitechapel guy? He has a small range and little creativity, from what I've heard.
Just learn some songs and licks by well-known players, and you'll start to understand how chords and melodies are formed within the context of percussive guitar playing.

EDIT: It would help you a lot if you had access to a guitar that is set-up very well and has soundhole pickup, since that is what most of those guitarists use.
Try using another DAW. Get audacity if necessary, because it's free and I've used a Fast track type m-audio USB device to record with it.
Kristal is probably set to record from your soundcard. Set it to record from USB (I think)
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The Large Hadron Collider is a giant pussy.

/massively obscure reference

It keeps a thread at the top of the page. Also, next time you want to ask a question like this, go to New Member Q&A Forum
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No. I mean one.

And "U" You mean YOU

Meen? Don't you mean MEAN?

Suck me beautiful

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SRV used his pick the wrong way round, I think

I think The Edge from U2 does that.
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I always found the oder of buisness appalling... My crandfather brang it with him, that was ackward...

To forge the world's greatest instruments, you must face great danger. It's worth it for this most noble craft.
Ok, sorry. I just read the first line out of context - in which case it would make no sense.
The title makes no grammatical sense in English.

EDIT: Unless, of course, you mean some sort of "hearing" like a court hearing.
I feel like that a lot. I think I'm depressed but I refuse to get that diagnosed. Read The Myth of Sisyphus.
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I wanted it to be random, although I'm very very slowly learning Necrophagist - Epitaph anyway. Verryy...verrryyy slowwllly.

Yeah, it took me a few days just to learn the solo for "Diminished to B"
If I had known the list, I would have definitely picked 5 or 6.
Rolling 7