b*tch asked for it. So, no.
You can do it with audacity, but it only works sometimes.
Digitech expression factory has whammy, wah, flanger, chorus, rotary speaker, and synth swell.
It has its own programming language and 3d modeling program, which is pretty cool.
Are you trying to be Limp Bizkit?
Just about every Opeth song has some acoustic guitar.
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it can be done but the software is hard to come by as it has to hack the copyright software on the dvd

No, most DVD rippers don't need to do this at all. And if it is encrypted, there are ways around it. I believe Slysoft makes a program for that.
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If you could find a tracking program, wouldn't that let you stalk everyone who has a cell phone?

Yes. The government does this in the U.S.

EDIT: So I don't come across as some Fassa-esque person:

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In Europe, where most countries have a constitutional guarantee on the secrecy of correspondence, location data obtained from mobile phone networks is usually given the same protection as the communication itself. The United States however has no explicit constitutional guarantee on the privacy of telecommunications..
Just commit a felony and the police will find it for you. Most phones have an internal GPS track device for reasons like that.
In my opinion, no Gibson is "worth it" unless you want the Gibson name. Especially with how the company is being run now...
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And that's our purpose if you're and atheist. Which i am

You think life has purpose. Absurdism ftw.
Listen to Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here, especially "Shine on you Crazy Diamond." Also, Tool's Aenima album is great.
break something (like a cheap guitar) while playing.
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That's brootalz Fassa.

Are you not using standard for moral and political reasons?

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this forum puts metalcore in the hardcore forum because the metal forum would be way to busy otherwise,

And because fans of real metal can't stand metalcore fans.
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For me, its not the band, more of the fans...hard to listen to the same band that a bunch of emo chicks drool about.

Yeah, here's your answer, simply put.
Those evil f*cks and their stupid commercials...
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Basically greece took a bunch of loans and handled money like a woman would

Just say, "That was the remix," every time you stutter.
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Why do hipsters donate to Haiti?

Because it's underground!




Real hipsters donated to Haiti before there was an earthquake.
Yeah, they're basically liberal-art students and indians (indie music fans, not Native American or from India). They like irony, but, like the rest of the world, usually don't know what "irony" means.
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What British invasion..?

I would imagine it refers to the Norman conquest.
I walked to the park and rested on a bench.

Cho0onger's Anteater urinated on FreakAddiction's tits while fornicating inside 2 geanes
genghisgandhi's ant-eater fornicated on Ben & Jerry's tits while fornicating inside a cougar
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Mine's gotta be the new JrGong and Nas CD "Distant Relatives." Sick piece of work and really innovative and powerful.

Nas has some good stuff, but sometimes I feel like he hate me because I'm white.

I haven't bought any albums that I can think of from this year. I'm still trying to buy the essential albums from years past, but I really like Ihsahn's new stuff
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from the 1st post

Also, Paul Gilbert's a pretty skinny dude.
I finally bought a Mastodon album (crack the skye). I've also been listening to Cynic's new EP.
F*ck tha police comin' straight from the underground
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a young nigga on a warpath, and when i'm finished, it's gonna be blood bath

Of cops, dyin' in LA
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Mc Ren, the sniper with a hell of a scope.

He takes out a cop (or two)
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Oh my God
Eazy muthaf*ckin e
-"Life ain't nothin but b*tches and money"

It's funny that Ice-cube, the guy that used to rap about police murder, is now an actor in children's movies.

EDIT: Maybe Dre, because he was ahead of his time as a producer.
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The simple fact of the matter is Between the Buried and Me are THE BEST BAND currently making music.

Nah Dog. I love this band, have their two most recent albums, but that is not a "simple fact," it is an opinion and a ridiculous one at that. There are many bands at the same or at a higher level than Between the Buried and Me.
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Alex Lifeson is NOT mainstream!

Right, and I'm famous. Just because he isn't on pop-radio doesn't mean he isn't mainstream. Every classic rock fan (and probably most people who were kids in the 70's and 80's) has heard of Rush.
People don't know this? Also, you mentioned Scott Ian, even though the other big four of thrash have more popular guitarists.
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He means the band fyi....

The band is called Killswitch Engage, not killswitch

People should be more specific. Fans of hardcore bands seem to never type out full band names.