I highly recommend it. You won't find a better guitar unless you pay at least $200-$300 more
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I've got a Line 6 Spider III

You will not be able to get any sort of Killswitch tone without it sounding really fizzy. It's impossible.
Use a Drum sound on reaper, and import the midi you made. You may have to drag each element (snare, crash, bass, etc) to a different note on the piano roll so that it will play back correctly. If you need a drum sound, you can use something like this:
tuxguitar uses generalmidi sounds. If you want other drum sounds, you need a DAW/softsynth program.
Use high-quality headphones and listen to the highest quality version of the song you can.
South Park has always been offensive humor paired with clever social commentary. Family Guy has lost the cleverness aspect.
Maybe they're focusing more time on side projects like Crytopsy.
You aren't really projecting your voice, it sounds more like you're just talk-singing for the most part. I don't think the growls work too well either. It sounds like your just slightly distorting your voice instead of using an actually harsh vox technique. Your tone by itself is decent.
That's pretty good quality. The distortion rhythm tone sounds a little too trebly, but other than that it's good overall.
It looks like Kurt123 is gonna have to choke a b*tch
Anything that requires you to weave bacon is awesome.
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Yeah, he's been hacked, it's obvious now.

Or he's drunk-posting. It's a legitimate threat to anyone's internet credibility.
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No, this is venus king.

Rubbing alcohol mixed with DMT
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Bleh, looks like I'm just stuck with a presentation about Swedish metal. haha

I wish I could do a presentation on Swedish metal for school...

You could also talk about Basshunter
All of the melodeath and progdeath bands.
Nice, I'm trying to learn percussive acoustic guitar myself. Props for actually playing it on a twelve-string. The finger-picked parts sound close to perfect, and the tapping parts are almost there.
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I can top that.

Fassa Albrecht.

I've applied for 11 jobs so far, and none have responded.
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in my daydreams
everything is perfect (:

Me too,

Unfortunately, that's the only time.
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Brazil and Shaun of the Dead. Best unpopular movies ever.

Shaun of the Dead is great, but I had no idea it was obscure by any standards.
Quote by Toolfan11 wait I hated that movie and it gave me nightmares.

I'm terrified to even watch that.
Absolutely not, I have nothing to be proud of my country for since I was born. Also, inb4 whatever Fassa would say...
Read Albert Camus
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type in 3.14

My god, this scared the hell out of me.
Opeth, Radiohead, Tool (on occasion)
I've got U.S. History on Friday and English Lit on Thursday.

I wonder if the have the balls to put an essay question about something controversial like the Kennedy assassination on the U.S. History exam
There have been so many strange news stories toady, most notably the one about the kid who thought he was a ninja and decapitated someone.
What's with all of the f*cked up news stories today?
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That's just.. I don't know if that's pathetic, awesome, or just plain stupid.
Yeah, I agree
You could rub some of the excess wax off. I have a didgeridoo too, but I haven't played it in a while.
Most cases don't smell that bad...

But i guess fabreeze or a car freshener would work
Step One: Cut a hole in a box
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3. Approval polls ALWAYS decline during the 2nd and 3rd years of a presidency (Bush, due to 9/11 was an interesting exception). Come 2012, watch approval rates rise. It happens with every president.
4. The media are enablers to conspiracy theorist nutjobs. A lot of the time, bias does exist in the media, but it is so obvious that all it does is stir up the base of both sides and does little for the moderates. And the right wing stations and left wing stations even each other out either immediately or over time. Example: Rush Limbaugh became popular in the Clinton administration, Olberman in the Bush administration, and Beck in the Obama administration. News is becoming entertainment and people realize it.

Regarding point 3, it may be a normal trend for approval polls to drop, but Obama's current approval index rating is -11 ( and for many recent polls, more than 50% of those who responded disapprove. A lot more was expected of Obama than is happening, and I think the initial large support for Obama was unwarranted.

Regarding point 4: yes, it's sad but true. The news is more about appealing to and manipulating the base feelings of the viewers than informing them now.

I guess I can't argue with the first two. We just have to wait for history to play itself out.
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youre welcome

*puts on scholarly glasses*
Actually, Ohm's law is only appropriate for approximations.
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Re: Religion

I wouldnt care if they just kept it to themselves, but they teach it to their kids, complain about , hinder progress, put society back about four millenia, and get my ****ing Southpark censored.

That's fundamentalists. I honestly don't know how some of those people can take themselves seriously
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I know, I was speaking in terms of the past 30 years, from Reagan onward. We studied this intensely this past semester in my American Political Science course.

And in the period, the U.S. has made some poor foreign policy choices notably in the middle east, and many local issues that have been plaguing the nation since the 70's still have not been resolved (gay marriage, abortion, etc.). If you look at even this year, the supposed illustrious and messianic Obama has been making a steady decline in public approval polls, every single media/news source is ridiculously biased, and conspiracy theorists seem like realists.