Thanks a bunch guys for all of your suggestions! I'll be sure to check them all out
Will Lane

Firstly thank you for your response!

Budget? - $1,000-$1,500 AUD

Genres? - I mostly play alternative/indie rock but I also play styles as jazz, folk, shoegaze, ambient etc. I would like some nice clean tones

New or Used? - Either would be fine but preferably new

Home or Gig? - I do both, and I have a full PA system. I play in a few different bands.

Closest City? - Melbounre, Australia

Current Gear? - Amp: Peavy Evoy 110
Guitars: Fender Jazzmaster HH Olympic White
Epiphone ES-355 Limited Edition TV Pelham Blue
Crafter Traveller Acoustic Guitar
Pedals: Boss RC-30
TC Electronic Flashback
Mooer Trelicopter
Hello everyone,

For years now I've been playing on a Peavy Evoy 110 and it has served my initial purposes greatly. Now that I'm moving ino the gigging scene I'm now in the market for a new amplifier. After some research and advice from others, I've been looking at the Vox AC30. I was wondering if anyone would be able to give some advice and point out a few other amps around the same price bracket that would be worth a look at.