but i would save up some dough and get an agile al-3k. that is a "real" guitar.
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I've heard that Thomas Erak is a dick to his fans. So I guess him...but I don't know if this is proven or just people making **** up...

I'd like to think the latter.

don't trash some dude's name on a whim jackass
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The Mars Volta FTW

TMV and ATDI are really up thier in my favorite badns of all time. if it wasnt for third eye blind self-titled. TMV would be #1.

but claudio is out of this world live. out of this world.
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I say Claudio. Devil in Jersey City on the Starland DVD is just amazing, screaming into his pickups, its just chilling and awesome. And the guillotine they had on the Good Apollo I tour had to have been just awesome. Thomas is awesome too, but from what Ive seen live, the three of them isnt quite enough to do the songs well, with all the overdubbed parts and the already fast parts he has to play and sing at the same time.

own it. time consumer at about 1:30 - 2:00 into it, where he does that **** with his voice is off the charts. if north korea had the range of claudio, we would be totally ****ed.
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It plays amazing, I love mine. The neck is super skinny, but a D, so it doesn't cramp your hand like a Wizard II.

damn man. you should post a vid, or atleast review it on review part. is it l?worth the retail? did you get the white one????????????
bump. well..... maybe a few bumps
i glad this **** has finally been released in the US. yay
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I have a hemp Levy's and it's basically heaven.

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lol, or you can kill two birds with one stone

Thanks for the quick responses. I was digging into the thinline and thinline copies.

Dude. I will fight you for that guitar. Like a fist fight.

Is there a major difference in tone between the two?
How would you compare these, with no referance to my style or genre that I subscribe to.

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Mr. Teppei Teranishi, lead guitarist in Thrice.

The man is a genius when making riffs, a pure perfectionist.

weird. you beat me to it
Teppei Teranishi of Thrice
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I'll be ordering an AL-2000 in Trans blue within the next couple of weeks, I just hope they're as good as everyone says they are.

From what I gather, the AL-2000 is on par with an Epiphone LP Standard. Is this true? I tried an actual Epi LP standard a few weeks back and it felt much much nicer than my 10 year old squire strat.

I'm up in Canada, so have any Canadians ordered from Rondomusic? I read on the site that "Customers ordering guitars outside the US are required to order cases" I'd rather not do this because this will almost double the shipping cost. I can save about $40 if I buy an LP hard case from my local shop.

anything from agile line is sick. but you should really hold up until you can get al-3 and up. these guitars will be staples in your guitar stable until the day you die
1. Omar
2. Thomas Erak
3. Claudio (best live musician in the world)
[quote="'[VictorinoX"]']I'll keep that in mind, but since I'm mostly going for a sex pistols/motorhead kinda thing, idk if the pots will really be necessary as my style doesn't exactly require the cmost refined sound

EDIT: since they're the same price, how do the Thinline models compare to the '72 Deluxe I mentioned?

Sparta quote is choice.
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Dumb question but, how are agiles? Are they quality guitars are just cheap knockoffs that aren't worth your money?

your right. that was a dumb question
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thats funny
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Any1 have this? It looks bloody beautiful for the price. Some1 PLEASE tell me that they love this guitar cause i sooooooo want one and i dont want it to suck

Yea, I feel you man. That is going to be my next electric.... if it is still around...

Be sure to post pics when you get it!!!
AGILE. get some ebony lovin', MOP, hand filed frets, kent is there if you have any problems.

I was going to get an Epi Les Paul Custom, played it alot at my guitar center, two of them.
I went with Agile. It is sick. Cost less, higher quality.
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What would you suggest? I want the best sounding guitar in your opinion. I am not really on a budget, but I dont want anything too ridiculous. I was looking at a 59 Reissue Les Paul, but im not really sure.

P.S. I have a marshall JVM 410H as my main amp.

Dude. If you have to ask, you probably do not need a 2000$ guitar.
Just my opinion though, go buy some beer, and some tickets to the dallas cowboys last game in texas stadium


is the finish different?
I am trying to cover Ashes in the fall- Rage, I can nail the vocals and have got the guitar part down pretty well, but still need to do some work and tweak my gt-8 to get the effects right.

I am going to the guitar and vocals seperatly then try to combine them or overlap them so it's the best of both ends of it.

Do I need some sort of software to overlap audio files?

oh and for my review. it is the ****.
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Hey, I am fairly new to guitar. Only a few months and have learned a few basic things like the major and pentatonic scales, some chords, and some riffs. I was looking into getting a good book to help explain theory and such. I know most of that stuff is on the internet... but I like having something concrete to look at and something I know is right. Basically what I'm asking is if anybody can offer a suggestion as to what would be a good electric guitar book to learn from. I am leaning towards playing rock guitar but with so many different books out there, I don't want to waste money on one that sucks. Any suggestions would be good. Thanks

PLEAAASSSE listen to me

I care man I am just above you in skill I suppose. And this is why. I cannont imagine what a man I will be when I move on to the intermediate and advanced.

Wehen you get it bro. Always practice the fingering excerisices even if tey look easy. Every day you will get faster crazier and be a ****ing hero bro.
rock on
This is my first real gear that I will not need to upgrade. My amp and guitar are sub-par at best. But both my guitar and amp i AM going to buy are out of stock so I bought a NEW GT-8 for $275 and it came with a 2 year warranty........................

Background: I ahve been off and on for the past year but this week I have been going full-force and I cannot stop playing. Im addicted.

Anyways, I am still figuring this thing out. I will not fail like so many do with this gear. I am going to study up and learn this back to front and make this my only effect pedal I will ever need.

Preliminary report: I have taken a mouth full of clonzepam and drank many of beer and me and my gear are finding a quite harmonious sound.
My body is numb and my ears are in heaven my guitar is making sounds I thought only Omar could make.

It may seem like this belongs in erowid. so i will leave all drug referances out now.

The set-up is great and becoming easy to use after minutes of tinkering around with ****. My squire is making proud. Fight on soldier. Fight on!

I need to go back to work and explore how these mechanical devises can further bring my mind to a higher if not more fundamental level being....

As for the review? **********
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Lol, actually it wasn't him who originally made me love this guitar. When I was like 6, my cousin showed me a video of Metallica and James was playing an explorer (albeit ESP). I fantasised about owning one. When I say Coheed's Live at the Starland Ballroom I knew I needed to get one.

I was trying to think of something to say on how much you will love that guitar. But I will let it speak for me.

I played one at a local guitar shop. It made me shed a single tear.

Unfortunatly my wallet made me cry many more.
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Got my Gibson Explorer two weeks ago but I've been out of town off and on and haven't had many chances to play it. When I first played it at the store (Through a Switchblade, sweet amp. Anyone want to say Alex Lifeson?) It buzzed on almost every fret. Had the salesman adjust it. I though the action was a little high. When I got it home I lowered the bridge quite a bit. It plays nearly perfectly now. Check it out along with my LP:

I'm sorry for the MG. Got it when I didn't have much amp knowledge. I have a Classic 30 now and a BBE Sonic Maximizer is in the MG's effects loop. With the Sonic Maximizer I can really get a great high gain tone and good cleans. Without it, the amp sounds horrible.

(It does look good between those two guitars though.)

yea i like claudio too.
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jesus christ. damn i actually laughed out loud.
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You ever get compliments from people saying you're really good and you'll go far, but hate them? I find myself that way so often. I'm an extremely average playing. I know a handful of scales, good rhythm player, decent improv, etc. But I hate when people go on and on about how good I've gotten or how far I could go with this. The only reason they think I'm good is because they don't play and don't listen to the same music I play. I guess I should take these compliments because it's the right thing to do but if any guitarist on here heard me play a rated me fairly, that's when I would take a compliment. Because I know it's (hopefully) honest and coming from someone who knows how to play.

Any of you deal with this?? I guess it's sort of a pet peeve.

out of all the things to bitch about...
Do you guys know the name of that epi les paul that had an aged/vintage white color. I think it was a custom but not sure.

I am not talking about the alpine white.

EDIT: I found it, It is an Epiphone Les Paul Ivory.

Are there any particular playing styles that would be harder on a thin-necked guitar?
Hell yes it is. It is Omar's custom model....

I liked before today more. pierce is pretty good. best song ever?

before today - roots beneath ideals
If you read his disorders it does make sense.
I have a friend that is just as ****ed up and has tried that same ****. He keeps it under cover when out in public.
Everyone is screwed in the head, some more than others.
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I was using one of these to carry the guitar in. However because the case was kinda hard it cushioned my fall. I was going straight on the motorway in the Yamaha when some idiot cut into my lane heading for the ring road. He didnt see me and his rear caught my bike.

That avatar is funny as hell