I'm a long time Guitar Pro 5.2 user and have recently taken interest in 7.5. My only problem is the stems it puts on when you put into tablature only mode (no notation). Is anyone aware if I can turn the lines off, so that it looks like the 5.2version. Highly distracting!


Let's face it. We all have an embarrassing history on this website.

I have a username that I don't remember the meaning to, I have nearly 1k of forum posts from when I was 15 in high school. Which I'm positive contains a large portfolio of incorrect spelling, terrible grammar, and politically incorrect statements. All of which, I never wish to read through again, nor allow lurkers of my profile to view.

Where has the delete option vanished to for forum threads and posts?
If a thread is locked by an admin, why can it not be deleted?
And where does one get a username change around here?
Come to think of it, at one point I took the amp to GuitarGuitar when the overdrive channel cut out (can't remember if before or after that service). They replaced one of the pre-amp tubes for me as one had died which prevented the overdrive channel from working. So that could explain the lack of gain!

Clean channel was fine. Just overdrive channel had stopped. I'll look at tube layout to figure out which pre-amp tube it was.
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It was a 6 string. The 12th fret resided right next to the body of the acoustic guitar. I got him at the age of 8. The strings were a few cm's higher from the fretboard than I'd of liked. I started learning my right handed friend, left handed. Because I oddly found it easier to handle him. 4 years later I picked him up right handedly and never looked back. I was happy...

At the guitars age of 8, I am afraid to say I took him to rest. I had acquired new guitars. They out shined my old friend by miles. So one day I decided to take him to the outside world. To the park. We sat on a bench and I cried. I knew it was over. I knew I couldn't continue life with my first acoustic.

I decided to give him one last strum before I committed this selfish act. The way that A minor chord sounded.. I'll never forget. So flat. So dirty, yet so innocent.

After snapping one string off at a time, the next few moments were a blur to me. I found myself on my knees. With the remains of the guitar around me. Shattered and broken. I pulled myself together and decided to leave the scene of the crime. On my way out of the park I noticed a G string laying there. I picked it up and decided to keep it as a token of our love.

The G string was always my favorite.

TLDR; I don't have my first guitar anymore. It died. I am not a murderer.
Set It Off - Cinematics
Greg Holden - I Don't Believe You
Flood Of Red - Leaving Everything Behind
Artist Vs Poet - Remember This
The Getaway Plan - Requiem like mine please just made a thread about it aswell haha.
Surprised nobodies said it, my idea was to do "your" mum.
Pro tools and logic pro all the way. Anything else is just not worthy. (plus these are easiest to use aswell as industry standard)
Quote by lushacrous

You should probably check the thread title again.

indeed the title is to do with droid apps. but ts is deciding between iphone and android. so im giving him an ipod suggestion for a tuner aswell.

just downloaded the gstring and i like it. just as well as my ipod suggestion was.
ive been using some rubbish app to tune with on the android untill you said this so thank you.
Quote by lushacrous
gstrings is a really really good tuner.

n-track tuner for ipod/iphone is a really good tuner.
Simple answer here.

For better customization of your phone get an android (htc).
For the better app market get an iphone! (android has some cool stuff though)

For the ability to get media on and off your phone with ease. Get an android.
For the inability to get media (apart from pictures) OFF your phone. Get an iphone!

This next ones personal opinion here..
For better typing and writing, get an android! (love the trackpad on mine)

I have a HTC wildfire. I have had no problems with it ever. I love it so much and if i was ever offered an iphone upgrade i will say no. Or i would at least sell it on. This is literally the perfect phone for me (apart from not being unable to unlock with the trackpad

EDIT: Also there are a few free tab apps on the android but i will not name them, since i presume its in rivalry with ultimate guitar.. so i could maybe get in trouble? Who knows. Im just stating there are free tab apps guys! Nothing more. Not advertising! :P
Yeah if your playing both the track and your guitar out loud, the overall recordings not going to have good volume.

Definitely play the song in your ears and then just synch it up in a program.
This way on the video file you can turn down the song if its too loud, and we'll be able to hear your guitar properly
It will sound fine if your both able to play like that, but for example if your watching each others fingers for the notes then you'll both get confused :P
Play rift whilst you wait for guild wars 2?
Heard about them last week. Have been listening to "if im james dean then your audrey hepburn" for days on repeat.

I will give this new album a listen, aswell as other songs since thats the only one i know.
most definitely
just write loads of lines on the topic, find a melody for the lines to be sung at
and change the words from there if they don't fit the melody

from what i'm understanding its about a relationship that both people love being in, and love each other. but the fighting and arguements is tearing them apart.
just keep writing!
I second this. Now that guitar pro has an app out, downloading the files from straight from your app would become very useful.

cause loading the real website takes forever.
1. Are you male or female?

2. What is your sexual orientation?

3. Who do you think should pick the date up and drive to the restaurant?

4. Who do you think should choose the restaurant to eat at?
Female.. but could be both agreed on.

5. Who do you think should pay for the meal?
Male for 1st date.

6. What level of affection is appropriate?
Kiss on Cheek

7. During the date, do you think it is appropriate to display ANY type of affection in public?

8. Is it appropriate to answer casual text messages (not an emergency) during the date?
Inappropriate (show them you want them, and nobody else!!)

9. Who should initiate the first phone call/text message/facebook communication after the date?
Male or female (once again, let them know you want them! ;o)

10. How long should the person wait before they call/text/facebook communicate?
Day After the Date (or whenever each other are comfortable to talk really)

Hope this helps,
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Io parlo italiano perfettamente, come se niente fosse, eppure non sono neanche italiano, sono...sono....che cazzo sono?

Uuuuuuuuuh, what?
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At night time, i like to sit over my sisters face whilst i masturbate. I always do that, its normal

Ive heard of those stories!
brown underwear. just incase any of you poop yourselfs.
good luck!
agreed with the above, especially with spoken meaingful words during tapping parts. would sound really good. nice job!
Usb/Midi keyboard, plug it straight in. let it reconise the keyboard and it think thats pretty much it..
set the track up, and hit record!
Uh, im sorry but im sure we have all of this already in a tab. Unless im mistaking what im reading for a guitar pro file ive seen before.
You recording onto a laptop and have a battery plugged in? Take the battery out and it shouldnt fuzz.. this is what i was finding when i had random noise.

If not, im sorry i cannot help you
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Last night, I had a horrible ear ache, and while the pain has subsided, I can still tell there is some kind of liquid there that shouldn't be.

Condoms. Thats what they're there for.
Im having a similar problem. Im recording into my laptop microphone 3.5mm jack slot, coming from my behringer mixer which is connected upto my guitar amp.
Although i now realise i should be recording into a line in slot instead of microphone, as it cuts out the frequencies? And since laptops dont have a line in, i will need to be buying some form of usb adapter that has a line in.
Am i correct?
this big
Its good and it is familiar to something, i just cant think of what.
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Yeah. I'm sure your mom annoys all of us.


lol :P