I seriously recommend trying out my method, works for me soo well and has worked for others within a couple of days of trying it.

If nothing else it sounds like you need to try repitition, before bed say to yourself over and over again "am I dreaming?" hopefully it'll filter through
^^^ nice ^^^
No, I have them alot, I've been doing it for years, since I was young.

I actually emailed the thread starter telling him my method, once he tries it out and I answer a few of his question's the method will be added onto the front page for all to try
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Here's a quick render for those who asked for one
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Would of paid a billion pounds for that....

But... Over 9000 hours in Ms Paint later

(yup I still use Ms Paint)

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I was there! I was very aware of myself in those dreams. I can tell when I woke up, my eyes were wide open because of experiencing the scariness of the second dream.
I also had dreams where they weren't lucid but I recalled them during the day. I just happened to recall them...

huh, apologies.

It's just that I've never counted a dream as lucid unless I've been able to consciously interact with the dream. change the place and bring people in and out of it at will.

To be perfectly honest I've never massively looked into lucid dreams them self just the techniques on how to do it.

Plus after I had a horrific dream one night a few years back I don't get nightmares anymore. I think after that dream nothing seems scary in the dream world anymore.

So I've been lucid dreaming almost every night of my life?

That's cool
Quote by {Transformer}
I'm here because I had two lucid dreams twice in a row. One was two nights ago and the other last night. The first one was okay but it was a surreal experience being in a dream(kind of like masturbating, a whole new sensation). The other was ****ing scary.

The first one, I was at a park and found my old friend from college with his girlfriend that I see on facebook all the time. The park was familiar to me because it was where I spent my childhood memories at. My old friend was just watching a baseball game. The weird thing was that he wasn't aware I was there. I remember talking to him and asking him questions.

My second dream is really scary that I really do not want to mention it at all but I'm going to anyway because I would leave you guys curious. I was at my grandfather's beach house and my brother and I were swimming in the beach at the other side of the peninsula(rather small, about half a mile width). Our grandfather was walking. I guess he was just picking up seashells. Anyway, I noticed that the tide was low. I looked at the horizon and found that there were no waves for miles. Then, I was suspicious about it and told my brother to go back to our beach house at the other side of the peninsula. I couldn't find my grandfather anywhere and tried looking for him but then the first wave of the tsunami occured. My brother and I panicked and rushed back to the house. Other people who were there at the beach were washed away. I don't remember what happened to my brother because I was running so fast but I remember seeing our dock got destroyed. The dock was where we usually spend happy times as a family. That was when I knew my family got washed away too.

Anyway, I think my lucid dreams are just a recollection of my childhood memories. One of my lucid dreams was great though. I remember having sex with a girl and I think that was when I lost my virginity. It's too bad that you only experience lucid dreams for around 10 seconds or so. It felt like a lifetime to me.

Hate to tell you mate but these really don't sound lucid, your close If your having such good recall and vivid dreams but It doesn't really sound like you created or interacted with those dreams in any way.

Plus if the second dream was lucid it wouldn't of frightened you.
Just messaged you chaos with the answers,

Had a short lucid dream last night. I fell in love with a blonde girl from a previous (non- lucid) dream a few days ago and have been thinking about her since. So I finally managed to recreate her, but I made her too perfect and she stole my dream and for a while I lost control, so perfect was she to behold

I spent the rest of the dream attempting the make the perfect spaghetti (a food I'm craving atm) to comfort myself when she revealed that the loves spaghetti too (of course she does I made her perfect for me -_-)

After we had eaten perfect spaghetti I took her to the beach with my friends ( Not that I payed them any attention, so concerned was I that she be happy)

We swam and and I held her hand and she smiled at me and I was happy . I don;t know if she loved me but I loved her

Yeah I know falling in love with a dream. Mental right haha
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What happens if you lost both the USB and the robotic arm controlling program?

In times like this It's worth weighing up your options, you could get up and find them or...
I refuse to even consider clicking that link.
It will. Thank you.

Banned for turning out to be a lovely person
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There's always one who has to show off and ruin it for the rest of us....

Guess which one is you Blake1221...
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Are you kidding me? That's one of the main reasons why I want to have lucid dreams

Its surprisingly difficult but not impossible.

Sex is a complicated idea to form in a dream. It comes with alot of baggage, love, insecurities, body issues, rejection issues, fetish's, guilt at times etc etc

the more complex an idea is the harder it is to dream.

I find it much easier to get dream blowjobs, for whatever I find these easier to achieve than sex, but still not easy. But then again, I love blowjobs, so maybe its not such a mystery
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Is it because I haven't heard the song? Because I haven't.

yeah listen to the song, you'll probably get it then
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I would love for you to be the only person on ug who doesn't get it XD
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But the people most likely to judge you for it won't get it anyway

's all good


also I'd like to suggest we don't explain to anyone who don't get it...

for the lol's
Sorry man but yeah it sounds like dementia or perhaps Alzheimer, or both, as was the case of my grandfather.

The thing to look out for is the vacant stare, child like disposition at times, inexplicable anger, regressing to a routine from earlier in her life, confusing names of people with people in her past. And the time that it is most noticeable is when she has literally just woken up or when she is tired.

The best way to check without seeing a doctor is ask her to tell a story from her past and then ask her to tell you a story about something that happened a day or so ago. IF the second story is noticeable more confused, vague or lacking in detail etc then she may have Alzheimer/ dementia

You may want to raise the issue with your mother/father.
Smuggling snakes and reptiles in plastic containers, damn that's cold blooded.
SO op it's been some time now, what did you do?
I love anime, However I do not fap to anime/hentia

ergo I disagree.

I once downloaded a film that I own on dvd rather than go across the room to get it. It took and hour and a half to download but I amused myself in the traditional male-in-front-of-a-computer-alone way
for having two instances of the the word 'are' in your name
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It depends. Usually I just use the quick reply, so I just type the code, but if I'm quoting someone I'll highlight my text. It's become pretty autonomous now.

I always wondered this too, well that's one mystery solved.
I wouldn't get it, I hate my fb wish everyday that I could get rid of it XD
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lol 2011-2008=5?

back to preschool you go

also how is it even remotely relevant what his user title is or has been

be nice I got a from of dyscalculia

and in fairness what relevance did his post have or your one pertaining to my post? :P
Can you imagine if the equivalent of our hands is where are heads currently is.

And our sensing organs and thus our face was where our hands are.

No reason why this shouldn't work and
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>assumes the only way to access the internet is through a computer

You know I haven't been active onUG for around 2 years, but I think remember you...

You've been Ug's zoidburg for the best part of what, 5 years now?
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Really? I'm assuming it's the work of a mastermind.

Yeah I didn't get how the hell the game was connected to Far Cry. I played it half-way through before quitting it since it was so monotonous and monster-lacking.

You know last time I was active on UG was around 2 years ago, you had the same rainbow in your sig then.

I respect that.
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I'm on my phone, brah.

well then there is you answer then...

go answer a phone call and then take a piss.

However in reality your just taking a long,stinky,fuffling dump
^^ Well at least you know your known XD

and biga, I prefer plum pink anyway :P
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...and I'm at a strangers house. I came with my mom to meet some friends of hers. Is it acceptable to poop in their restroom?

More acceptable than borrowing their computer to start a thread about whether its acceptable to defecate in their house.

Can you imagine what they would think if they read this thread....

In any case, just say you going to use the bathroom, you don't need to tell them your going to unload king kongs finger in their porcelain thrown room.
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My girlfriend has been talking to me less an less when we aren't together. We used to text or call very often. Anything I can do to bring that back?

Well depends, sounds like your worried about this so is it more than just you guys talking less often when your apart?

plus remember the honey moon relationship never lasts forever. No-one has the energy to love that much for too long...

How long have you been together?
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No, you just switched them around...


my edit my fantasy :P
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That was you???

I thought that was leviathan?
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His eye


I gave him cataracts so he can get some medicinal weed. He looks like he needs to chill out, roll a spliff and watch some howls moving castle XD

I'm nice like that
I have not got a clue, but am replying to bump the thread so that when you do figure out what it is I can get stoned and watch it.