Just recorded our album live on the floor; gonna be releasing tracks after our CD show.

Let us know what you guys think!
Ceres Atlas has recorded their album; here's a sneak peek!

Captured live on the floor.
We got a Facebook page up and running now:

Our first show is next Friday May 9th at The Foundry in Thunder Bay, ON if anyone here hails from the north!
Hey guys,

Been jamming with my new band Ceres Atlas for over a year now, things are starting to get nice and tight.

Gonna be playing shows locally soon; check out one of our songs called Perception!
Here's a little demo I recorded recently; let me know what you think! :p
That was interesting track. I really dug the melody at the end; it almost reminded me of one of those old school music boxes with the rotating pins.

Definitely had an uplifting feel to it, but would benefit from some percussion for sure. Are there drum sounds on your synth?

Keep working on it, perhaps try consolidating it down to only the best sections and fleshing them out more.
I dug this. it gave me a bit of an 8-bit vibe because of the synth sounds and the simple drumtrack. I think it could totally be used as a rap backtrack, a couple verses spit over top of this would be prime.
I like the guitar riff at the starting, pretty catchy. I think it could really use a bass track of some kind though, it would cover up most of the excess string noise.

Other than that, the structure seemed pretty good. Felt like it knew where it was going.
I liked the song structure, I felt it was paced well. Your mix sounded really hollow though, couldn't really make out anything you said. Perhaps some more lead guitar would liven up the drums.
Sounded cool, I liked the use of synthesizers and the general atmosphere of the track. It dragged on though. Perhaps take the best parts and shorten it?
This is a second song I recorded recently, it's up on soundcloud if you're interested in hearing it!

Let me know what you think!
Hey everyone, if you're interested check out this song I wrote and recorded!

Let me know what you think!

I'm interested in getting an agile pendulum and there are some different options available for scale length.

The configuration I'm interested in is a seven string, and the two scale lengths I'm considering are:



I would most likely be playing B standard or Bb standard and occasionally to Drop G.

As of now I play medium (.011) Elixirs with both my 24.75" AL-3200 and my 25.5" Douglas Spad. I tend to like the lower tension on the 3200.

What scale length and string gauges would you recommend?
Anything is possible. Feasible? Maybe not so much. Find some other musicians to play with, you'll have a much fuller sound.
Get an Agile Pendulum 62527 or 72527 and get the best of both baritone and standard scales.
Try anchoring your picking hand on the bridge using the meat of your palm. If you keep those strings muted in between pick strokes (and I mean immediately after pick strokes) you will have a much clearer tone.

Try watching some cover videos of the songs, and closely watch the picking hand.

Also, maybe turn down the gain a bit, it'll do loads for clarity.
If you're just starting out that's pretty understandable, you should worry about proper technique more than anything.

As for if it's a big deal..

If the lick and/or song you're trying to learn only has one note there, and you're playing two, then you will fall slightly behind, which is undesirable.
Don't forget pinch harmonics, an indispensable technique for all genres of metal.
I play elixirs on all my guitars; the coating makes the strings go longer before a change, and they slide a lot easier to boot!
I have the 6262 head with the Bugera 4X12 slant cab. It sounds pretty damn good through the Bugera Cab with stock speakers, so I would imagine anything better would be amazing. I only paid 275 bucks brand new for the Bugera Cab, so if price is an obstacle, I would consider purchasing it. Also, its very solidly built and offers a huge low end. Buy a noise reduction pedal like a ISP Decimator or something similar, and you'll have a great metalcore/metal tone without the ridiculous feedback.
You could go for a Bugera 6260 or 6262. I've played both as a combo and as a head, and you can get some great metal tones out of them. They're high wattage as well, so they have plenty of headroom for loud volumes. I would recommend saving up a couple hundred extra for a Bugera 626X or something similar, they can get VERY heavy, especially with an overdrive pushing the preamp.
I use a light heavy set, but my low E is a .68 I tune to Drop A#. The super heavy low string gives a thicker tone and keeps very tight tension so its not muddy sounding.
Decimators eat batteries alive, use your power supply on the decimator instead and see if there is any improvement.
I use my gain on like 3.9, so its not like I'm using absurd amounts of gain. When I turn on the Bad Monkey, the hum/feedback kicks in. When I use the noise gate without the Bad Monkey on it works fine, so the feedback gets MUCH worse when using the overdrive.but the double edged sword is that... the tone gets so much better! Could it be crappy patch cables that cause feedback as well?
I usually set my level at MAX or close to it, i get all my distortion from the amp itself.
Hey, I've been using a Bad Monkey overdrive with my Bugera 6262, but I've been looking into upgrading to an overdrive that is less noisy. I'm using an ISP Decimator G string both in front of the amp and in the effects loop, but I have to set my threshold high enough that I'm losing some sustain. I've been reading reviews about the Digitech CM-2, and I like what has been said about it, but does anyone here know from personal experience how much feedback/hum it will have compared to the Bad Monkey? I play modern high gain metal mostly, so this overdrive will mostly be used as a gain booster for the preamp.

Anyone know if this pedal is less noisy than a Bad Monkey, or any other quiet overdrives?
Hey, sorry it took so long to respond guys, I wasn't expecting much of a response from this thread. So basically the differences between solid state and tube overdrive pedals are negligible when being used as a boost? I usually keep mine on all the time with very low amp gain (around like 3.5) and I love the tone it gives, thanks for the help guys, I think I may just upgrade to a better solid state overdrive instead of a tube one.

Edit: I noticed people talking about tube preamps, are there any benefits of running a tube preamp into a fully functioning amp? Wouldn't the extra preamp be redundant for a Bugera 6262?
Hey everyone,

I've been reading a little bit about overdrive pedals that use actual preamp tubes instead of a solid state circuits, and I was wondering what the advantages of using these pedals are. Right now I'm boosting the lead channel of my Bugera 6262 with a Digitech Bad Monkey, and it sounds good, but I'm wondering if it would be worth slamming my preamp with a tube circuit as opposed to a solid state one. If anyone has any experience with these kinds of pedals, your input would be greatly appreciated. I play high gain modern metal, but I love an overdriven clean tone as well, would a tube pedal give enough tonal benefits to warrant a purchase?
Mine did not come with a speaker cable.
Hey everyone

I've been listening to the new Attack Attack CD and I liked the breakdowns in this song enough to do a cover. It's really easy too so it took like 5 minutes to learn. Check it out if you're interested.
I got a G string Decimator for my Bugera 6262, and it makes it COMPLETELY silent. Totally worth the extra cash.
Are you going to be using reverb? if not then get a regular head. I personally would get the one with reverb as I like using reverb on my cleans and leads. You also could get the regular one and just buy a cheap reverb pedal, but the built in one is probably better than anything you can find for 100 bucks.
Hey everyone,

I'm currently using EMG 81/85 pickups in my guitar, but I'm interested in Blackouts. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the difference is between the AHB-1, the AHB-2 and the AHB-3. I play an Ibanez RGA32 through a Bugera 6262 halfstack and I play in drop A#. I use a Bad Monkey OD as a boost. I'm looking for a really tight bottom end suitable for extremely heavy breakdowns/chugs. My tone is comparable to Bring Me The Horizon's Suicide Season album, but I really want to emphasize the low A# on my guitar. I like my EMGs, but so many people say blackouts are better, I just want to know which one would best suit me. I also like playing cleans and leads with my neck pickup. I like warmer cleans, but they're not as important as my lead tone. What neck/bridge combination would you suggest for an extremely tight, heavy rhythm tone and a smooth lead tone?
Hey everyone. I've recently been running into problems with hum with my guitar set up. I'm using an Ibanez RGA32 with EMG 81/85 and I'm using a Bugera 6262 head with a matching Bugera 4X12 cabinet. As for pedals, I'm running an ISP Decimator G String, with a Digitech Bad Monkey Overdrive and a Behringer DD400 Delay pedal. I'm running the Decimator in front of the amp and through the effects loop, but I'm still running into problems with hum. I'm not using absurd amounts of gain either, i'm only on about 4 and a half, but i still get this really annoying hum, its not high pitched squealing feedback but a lower droning hum. Its worse when I'm directly in front of my amp, but I'm finding I'm having to turn my threshold so high on my decimator that I'm losing sustain. My first thought was that when I got the pickups installed the technician did a poor job, because if I knock on the body of the guitar it instantly sets off the hum and only turning down the volume knob gets rid of it. Is it possible that the pots in my guitar are crappy? This is a really annoying problem especially when playing live because during breakdowns, if I am anywhere near my amp i get a squeal that is horribly out of place and ruins the silence.
I would expect a significant improvement on distortion tones when switching to humbuckers.
Hey, I was just browsing Rondomusic, and I came across a new 7-string.

The Agile Pendulum, a Multi-scale 7-string for 550 dollars!!!

Sounds amazing, now if we could get a neck pickup on these it would be a no-brainer.

Some better finishes would be nice too.

Anyone know how long it takes Rondo to improve their new guitars?
Apparently the line 6 wireless keep your signal so clean that there is actually less signal degradation than using a patch cable
My favourite strings are Elixir Skinny Tops Heavy Bottoms.
Hey, I just bought a Bugera 6262 head, and the date code is 07 12, anyone know when it was manufactured? My local shop had to order it in, so I can't see it being from 2007. I'm just worried about the bad power clip problem.