It's been roughly a decade since I learnt the basics on guitar, but I can give you some recommendations for you off the top of my head.

thomascharles5 also stated some really good points. Learn your basic, common "cowboy" chords (like C, Am, G, A, Em, and E) if you don't know them already. I am certain guys like Marty Schwartz and Justin Sandercoe have videos on YouTube about this for reference.

Another recommendation is learning the notes on the fretboard working in groups such as open strings to fret 5, fret 5 to fret 12, etc. Once you hit fret 12, it's an octave higher (same note, higher in pitch) than the open string. This will help you with moving shapes around of scales and finding out how to play the same scale in different parts of the neck.

As for learning theory, two of the greatest references are: (1) and (2) The Crusade articles here on UG (IIRC, that's their name). Learning theory will help you understand how chords and scales are constructed as well as how they interact with one another.
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I think the scarier thing is that you were born after 9/11, and you are actually old enough to use this site.
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And now UGers are having fur babies. I don't understand.

I know, right? We went from helpless bedroom dwellers to actual members of society.
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I've been telling myself for years to play FF7, but I've never gotten around to it. Does it still hold up to being a "good game," or is it a bit dated at this point?
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Just get an ad-blocker or something if they annoy you that bad?
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LCunnla yeah I think I’m gonna take my business elsewhere permanently

I wouldn't blame you. Just from frequenting these forums (and other online sites) for 10 years, I've heard many horror stories about poor communication in the entire GC company. Luckily, the few times that I've had business with the,, it went well. I tend to make my purchases from my local music store.
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Since this is a necro-bumped thread that's already had replies, I guess I'll add my $0.02: I have never put a pic in my mouth in the 10 years I've been playing guitar.
The "Blues Scale" almost always refers to the minor pentatonic with an added b5 (or the "blue" note). If we were going by the relating major pentatonic, it would be the added b3 note.
MaggaraMarine I definitely appreciate it!

The notation of the time signature being 6/4 as opposed to 4/4 is something that I still am trying to figure out as the "most efficient way" of doing so. As for the key, I do a agree. A few times I've played through it, I think "Is this E major with a D natural?" or "Is this A major with a D#?". I can hear it leading either to an A or an E.

I do agree that the length of phrases are a bit unique, and as I came up with them (on guitar, surprisingly enough), I kept trying to find a more conventional way of fitting them into a "standard" way of phrasing them, but this what what felt most natural to my ears. That is probably why I had such a pain figuring out the notation of the time signature? Surprisingly enough, the F#min/G# is the only thing that "works" to my ears. I've tried a few other bass lines, and they haven't flowed in a way that I like, harmonically speaking.

I do agree about adjusting the harmony in the repeats! After listening to this so many times, I still ponder subtle details I can change to the harmony to spice it up. As for leading into the next section, I do agree that I need to find an easier way to transition over to an Aadd9 chord. It might not even end up being that chord, harmonically, but I do know that I'm hearing the melody hitting an A note at that point. I'll definitely have to figure out ways to get to that note (and underlying harmony) smoothly.

Thank you so much for your help!
Hello, everyone!

I't's been awhile since I was really active in here (even as an active reader/occasional poster), and I was wondering if I can get some constructive criticism on a piece I am in the process of writing.

Originally, I was hoping for it to be a string quartet, but I much preferred a sole violinist accompanied by a pianist. It's currently not finished (namely working on a solid "B" section that will ultimately start on an Aadd9 chord), but now is a great opportunity to get some insight on my current composing abilities. This has to be one of the more enjoyable melodies I've written and worked on.

Inspiration for this piece was taken from me reading through Stephen King's novel Song of Susannah last month. Since I was so busy with work, I haven't had much time to focus on this music besides some practice to maintain my chops on guitar. This piece is supposed to give off a calming, ambient vibe of desperation and a search for help. Even though it has this "melancholic" sound for help, the ambiance gives off a vibe of uncertainty. (Maybe that's where I can lead with the B section?)

Thanks for any and all advice, guys! Hope everyone is well!
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I'll typically play it on the G (3rd) string whenever I'm playing this minor shape.
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My Canadian friend just told me about this a few hours ago. THis is some crazy American shit going on. Canada needs to calm itself.
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How do you define success on a site like UG tho?

By tabbing out numerous songs that you can't actually play on guitar?
Probably this song:

You will get better at playing the dread "F chord" (E-shaped barre chord at the 1st fret) with practice. It takes a bit of finger strength to get it cleanly, but it'll come to you in due time with some patience.
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I just realized that this June will be my 10 year anniversary playing guitar, and July will be my 10 year anniversary using UG. God damn, what have I done with my life?
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I still believe that AxelFox and Ian_the_fox are the same person. And what about that "APileOfDeadCops" guy from a few years ago? Didn't (s)he have multiple accounts?
Why do we keep banning accounts related to pavlickk? These videos are stupidly entertaining.
The_Blode I can't remember what Smiths songs I've listened to, but isn't that every song Morrissey sing on?
One really good thing to practice chord shapes and changing between them is to make sure that your fingers really "know" the chords in their muscle memory. I don't know what the extent of your chord knowledge is, but let's take a "C chord," for reference.

Place your fingers on the strings over the frets where you are supposed to play, Press your fingers into the fretboard as if you are going to play the chord. release the tension in your fingers WITHOUT taking your hand off of the fretboard. You would just add pressure as if you are going to play the chord, and then relax that pressure. This will "mime" the chord, putting it into your muscle memory.

Do this with a simple progression. Go to an "A minor chord" next. The only different with this chrd is that your ring finger will move from the 3rd fret of the A string to the 2nd fret of the G-string. "Mime" this new chord, and then practice (slowly) miming between the two chords for a bit.

After you get comfortable moving between the two, practice actually picking them. This was a really good reference that I've seen someone teach on YouTube. I forget who it was, but it seemed like a great idea.

Hopefully I made it easy to understand. And remember, the only two traits you need to paly guitar are PATIENCE and DILIGENCE. Theses will help you out with learning the instrument. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to post in the forum or PM me! 
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The4thHorsemen Pretty much. I have always had the same amount of interest, but as I learned more, it became harder to actually find serious people to talk to it about.

UltimateGuizar That's pretty much everyone's answer of "Oh, I have been using the site years before I joined." I literally used the site for a week before I made an account.
I am 22, and I have been here since I was 13.

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damn the site was younger then

Well, it was the same people, just 11 years younger.
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