When UG IQ first launched everything was working fine, UG IQ corresponded with my activity. But after some time, my whole UG IQ history was deleted from my profile and my it's stuck on 834 and has been for a while now. I am semi-active on UG but as said, nothing gets registered. Am I doing something wrong, or is it a bug in the system?
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You'd end up dead after he left his post for a strip club or something.

Nah, cause I'd join him in said strip club.
Standard Ethernet cables go for about 100m (but ideally, 90m is the farthest distance I'd recommend using, if longer - find another solution, such as Fiber). 150ft is roughly 46m, so you could run Ethernet underground up to your garage to an Access Point (AP) and have it broadcast WiFi there. I think that would be ideal, just make sure you configure the AP to a channel that doesn't interfere with other channels nearby. Since you're only aiming to use it in the garage, ideally you'd want to use equipment supporting the 5 GHz freq range because it's:
1: Better performing/faster
2: Harder to interfere with other channels
3: Its broadcast radius is smaller than the 2.4 GHz range (which is ideal for your solution).

If you're aiming for speed and capacity, I'd recommend a similar solution with Fiber cables and possibly and additional switch in your garage.

Another solution would be to have an exterior AP on the garage with a directional antenna that'll connect to your WiFi through a Mesh topology. If you ask me, that's a solution you'd use if literally everything else isn't working.

Good luck!
Done, and good luck to your friend!
Being comfortable with yourself
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This. This. This.

Did you know the director was the non-Keanu Reeves guy from Bill & Ted? (not sure which one Keanu was)

It is a fantastic documentary, especially for someone studying IT.

Damn, I did not know that. I just know Alex Winter as a director. I've yet to watch his "Downloaded" documentary, seen it?
Deep Web - The Crime Saga of the Digital Age.
You know what gives me hope in humanity? Humans will go completely extinct one day.
How bad is it? Did you hit the "Insert" key...or do you have to press "Delete" now?
A sarcastic "yes" pretty much means "no" anyway. I don't have a problem with this.
Done! And, I might have went a bit overboard in the comment section, though...
Good luck! =)
I'm a part of the Gabber scene. I produce some tracks every now and then. It's getting more and more attention now that we EDM is getting some attention in the mainstream scenes. Gabber is still relatively underground though.
The music itself is pretty hit or miss; either you'll really love it or you'll really hate it.

As for how the Internet is playing a role - It's not that much different than how it is affecting other relative genres. Obviously it helps reaching out to more people, and yes it has gotten some attention for that. For example, the most prominent producer in the genre, DJ Angerfist placed amongst the top 50s in DJ Mag's 100 DJs every year since 2011. He is the only one in the genre who's been on the list.
I used to keep a journal -when I was in Uni. Basically, I wrote what we learned that day, and over time it helped loads with homework to the point where taking notes weren't necessary.

10/10 would keep Uni journal again.
Hardcore techno/Gabber is amazing. Hell, I even produce it.
Even though Ubisoft is milking the sh!t out of the Assassin's Creed series, I did actually like the trailer for the new one (AC: Syndicate). The Industrial Revolution is my favorite historic epoch, so I'm stoked for that.
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Lots of mental baggage but the regeneration ability would be nice

Agreed there, but mental baggage (unfortunately) isn't that uncommon for superheroes. I just like how Deadpool deals with it.
You're new to this adbot thing, aren't you?
Where are the orange NIKE shoes? Where's the fake ID service?
2/10 wouldn't adbot again.
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The Rising.. if you know what I mean

As for the sequel...In Waves.
Attention GTA V-players!

If you are using mods, I would advice you to stop. Because Rockstar is banning everyone who's using them.

Source (from Game-Debate)
Honestly, I haven't felt this good since...ever. Beginning of this year sucked bad, but that's because I lost two of my closest friends who I now know were the toxic in my life for the past 3 years.

Screw them, I'm doing just fine.
I'm really sorry to hear what happened to you, it really is unimaginable how much and the way it hurts.
You do sound like a emotionally intelligent person for being able to maintain your calm while interacting with them, and let me tell you that's something that'll help you, a lot.

I've been where you are, actually at the same age as you too and I remember it like it was yesterday. It's tough and I wouldn't wish that upon anyone.
However, because it happened I am today a stronger person. Now, of course I wish that I didn't have to deal with the crap in the beginning, but I pulled through and I believe you can do too. Probably better than me given the fact how well you handled your situation.

What I learned from my experience is that people come in two categories - either they are a friend, or a lesson.

It may sound hard to hear this right now, but things never really go back to "okay". Rather, you learn to live with the fact that it's not okay. You literally grow stronger than it not being okay, to the point where it doesn't matter to you anymore. You look back on it and it doesn't affect you emotionally.

Now, taking some time for yourself is a good thing, but I would advice you not to make a habit out of it. Dwelling on it while the wound is fresh is okay, but to keep dwelling will tear you apart. My suggestion is that you, while you take your personal time try to find something to do, something to hold on to. Let it be an existing hobby a new thing you haven't tried or something you've always wanted to do.

What I'm trying to say is - start a new beginning. Life's far from over, my friend. You have a long way to go.

Always remember, the person who'll always be there is yourself, that's easy to forget in these situations. If those two stabbed you in the back like that, well then you're better off without them - it's their loss.

Chin up, you'll do great. Best of luck to you.

Remember, the night is darkest before the dawn. And the dawn always comes back.
Because I figured that it wouldn't be optimal to squeeze in a drum kit in a small flat, and my parents wouldn't have allowed that anyway so I didn't even ask for a kit, I just asked if I could get a guitar, and I got one.

Man, that was 11 years ago.
I found out a couple of years ago that I'm a direct descendant of snake worshipers, and it just happens to be that snakes are my favorite animal.

I'd totally be a snake. Ksss, mofos.
The National Anthem of The Internet
I remember this jam from back in the day.

I also remember the lack of using flashplayer, everything had your default media player embedded onto their websites, and they never ever worked.

Heck, I still remember the first designs of The Pirate Bay, YouTube and even UG.

...Yeah, change is good sometimes, although YouTube has gone up and down on that front.

Anyone remembers the grand opening/grand closing of MySpace? Good effin' riddance.

Oh, and Microsoft will discontinue Internet Exploder. A.K.A the day I turned into a believer.
Okay, so there are two outcomes here. Either you stay where you are, or you move to London, right?
I'd say the London job is a pretty sweet opportunity, but with the risk of potentially being a short-term gig (as you said). But ask yourself this - How often would an opportunity of this character cross your path? From personal experience, I'd say that they don't come that often.

Now, the London gig has a lot of potential. Big city, good gigs and probably a pretty good city to step up a career in. Even if it is a short-term job, I'd still take it.
If I were in your position, I'd be a little scared myself, because I don't know what's coming after. However, I am pretty sure that I would know after those 2 years, I'd make sure of it.

Some risks are necessary to build a career, and for this particular situation you have the advantage of knowing what the risk is before you take the gig.

If you ask me, it ain't a career unless you haven't hit a few bumps along you way.

Take the job, network as much as possible and just keep building. You'll know where to go when you get there.

Good luck!
A wife wants to surprise her husband by cooking him a meal for their marriage anniversary, so she secretly buys a live chicken that she proceeded to skin and clean herself. She really wanted to go out of her way to serve fresh and new meat to her husband that day.

However, she didn't want him to find out about it until it was time to serve, so she didn't throw away the intestines in the garbage bin, she put them in the toilet and...forgot to flush them down.

The husband comes home from work while the wife is cooking the formidable meal.

He gets a whiff of that chicken steak when he tells her that he can't wait for this meal, so he'll hurry up getting ready to enjoy this feast with his lovely wife. He proceeds to the bathroom to cleanse himself.

While the wife is about to serve he comes up and they sit down to eat. And he goes “You know the weirdest thing happened in the bathroom”. The wife looks at him with a slight worried face and says “Oh? What happened?”
“Well…” he begins, “I think I crapped out all of my intestines while I was in the bathroom”.

The wife had completely forgotten about the chicken and now with a worried face asks him “My dear god, are you alright? Did it hurt?”

He calms her down and says “Don’t worry honey it didn’t hurt at all. I think being this excited about having dinner with you tonight that I guess I didn’t feel anything."

The wife calmed down and smiled at her husband “Well, I’m glad you’re okay, sweetie.”

He pauses for a bit before saying, “Yeah, getting them out didn’t hurt at all. Sticking them back in though…”
Sense of sight
Sense of touch
Sense of sound
Sense of taste
Sense of smell
Common sense

I got 7, I guess.
Once in high-school a bully tried to force me to write an assignment for him. Now, this moron had been around school for a longer period of time, and most (if not all) knew him and what a little prick he was. But he was the sweetest little angel when there was a teacher around.
So what did I do? I gladly took it and told him I'd give it to him before deadline. He made neanderthalic threat and left.

So, instead of writing the actual assignment, I wrote a formal letter to his teacher and our high-school's headmaster, explaining his activity to other students, in detail. And how much we would be better off without him. I, of course also mentioned that he forced me to write this for him so he wouldn't fail this course. I even put a name-list of victims, including myself and I asked both the teacher and the headmaster to ask said victims privately if they'd been bullied by this guy or not.

To cover up the text I made flashy end-papers so he'd think it was genuine. And that if didn't cut it, lets say he'd miraculously have a working braincell to tell him to flip to the first page; I put a fake table of contents there.

So, as I predicted he didn't read through the "assignment" and blindly summited it.
In less than two weeks, he was expelled and the headmaster personally thanked me for taking some sort of action that wasn't violence-oriented.

I don't know how much this contributes to the thread, but I felt like sharing that anyway.

The pen is mightier than the sword
Done and good luck =)
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Haha, men ni stockholmare pratar ju aldrig med varandra. Jobabr i en butik i Göteborg.

Det är å andra sidan helt sant. Vi gör hellre fel än att integrera med någon annan, det är typ normen här borta. Kanske därför förklarar varför alla mina vänner bor utanför Stockholm.
Ah, nice. Hur är livet i Götet då?