I've been thinking about changing the pickguard on my Epiphone V. I might end up just leaving the stock 58 style on it. I've made a few mockups. 2 versions of a 58/67 hybrid and a double 58 inspired by Richie Faulkner of Judas Priest. I prefer the 67 style pickguard but can't put one on this guitar because of the V tailpiece. I'm leaning towards the 58/67 hybrid V2 right now. If anyone has any thoughts or other ideas feel free to post those as well.

DiMarzio is now SOLD TOO!!!
First up is a set of Seymour Duncan Blackouts complete with all wiring, even a 3 way switch. Removed from my 2011 model Schecter Blackjack ATX C-1. The wiring is for 2 volumes, 1 tone and a blade style 3 way. I left it all soldered together except the jack and battery clip. They will need to be re-connected. They are in excellent condition. Screws and springs are included. Asking $125 with free shipping and I'll even throw in an Energizer 9v battery. Paypal only.

Next up is an F spaced DiMarzio DP103 36th Anniversary PAF in double black. Also in excellent condition with full length lead wire. Screws and springs are included. Asking $50 with free shipping. Paypal only.

The paint had shiny spots around the knobs and other areas of the body.

The paint looks even now all over. (It shines more in person. The glare makes it look dull & I changed the knobs since the last pic.).
I tried the toothpaste and white finishing pad method today and it does work. The finish is shinier, feels smoother and looks more even than it was. And my Explorer smells minty fresh!
Thanks a lot for the help guys. I'll try to post some pics soon.

And I broke one my volume knobs when I was taking it off. I had an extra knob styled like it but it says tone on it, so now my middle knob says tone but it is still a volume control.
I have an Epiphone Goth Explorer and the flat black paint has become shiny on the areas that get touched a lot. The back of the neck looks really glossy. How can I make the paint look shiny all over? I just want the color to look more uniform instead of patchy. I know it won't look like a factory finish but I want it to look a little better than it does now. Anyone have any ideas how to do it without painting the whole guitar?
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I've heard that actives don't voice the wood of the guitar as well as passives do, is that true or not?

That is pretty much true. The wood effects them a little, but not like it does passive pickups.
As far as neck pickups go I own both, a Duncan 59 & DiMarzio 36th Ann. PAF, and I prefer the DiMarzio. It is more balanced and a little warmer sounding than the Duncan 59. Both are good though.
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Sweet prs - although don't you need the bridge uncovered ala mr tremonti?

I didn't want this guitar to look like his do. I'm not really much of a Mark Tremonti fan. I didn't buy it because it was his signature, I bought it in spite of it being his sig model. My local guitar shop had a black one. I played it and really liked how it felt. It sold before I got the money. So when they did their next order they asked me if I wanted one. So I had them order me a red one since you see the black ones everywhere and I wanted something different. I ended up liking this one better than the black one anyway. Then I customized it with DiMarzio Tone Zone & 36th Anniversary PAF pickups (now with nickel covers), RS Guitarworks 500k pots, Sprague .022 Orange Drop caps and Switchcraft 3 way and jack. So even though his name is on it, it's quite a bit different from the ones he uses. I wish I could remove his name without getting the headstock refinished.
I got some nickel covers for the pickups in my PRS Tremonti SE and I had already added some chrome topped knobs. It looks a lot better now. For some reason I just think it looks more like a Les Paul now. I just don't care for black open coil pickups in Les Pauls. They make a Les Paul look cheap like an Epi LP Special. For me they need to be covered or zebra or it just doesn't look right.

I believe that either the 1st or 2nd lug on the volume pot (possibly solder dripping down) or the hot side of the jack could be touching the shielding tape in the cavity causing the signal to be grounded and killing your output. Other than the switch not being grounded, your wiring looks correct. I think you should try it again before taking it to a tech. I think you can do it and save yourself some cash.
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is it just the reflection/lighting or does it have gold hardware? it looks good that way, gold and wine red go together nicely imo.

The hardware is chrome. The lighting is making it look a little gold-ish in that pic. Here's another pic where it looks chrome. I'm thinking about putting some chrome covers on the pickups too.

That's sharp. It's a shame they didn't put it in the gig bag before shipping. Hopefully they'll fix it for you.
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that's awesome.

Thanks Man
I've always liked the look of a Les Paul, but I never could get comfortable playing one until last year. All of the sudden last year, at the age of 33, I went Les Paul crazy. I just had to have one. I don't know why after 20 years of playing I finally felt comfortable playing a Les Paul but I did. So I have 2 Les Paul styled guitars now. One is an LTD EC-400VF. It's got the full thickness body with no tummy cut like the newer models have and it's pretty heavy. The other is a PRS Tremonti SE. I like it cause it's a little thinner and more comfortable to play. Both have DiMarzio Tone Zone (b) & 36th Anniversary PAF (n) pickups. They both sound awesome and are my primary guitars these days.


PRS Tremonti SE:
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link to where we can buy that jack???

I got mine from my local guitar shop. We have a lot of Tele players in this area, Kentucky. They can also be found on ebay.
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I plan on buying an EC-1000 and replacing the pickups myself rather than buying one with Duncans already installed as it works out to be cheaper. I was wondering which JB I should order though; the SH-4 or TB-4.

You should get the TB-4. Almost all modern guitars have the wider string spacing even if they don't have a trem system. Duncan's Trembucker (TB) spacing is actually slightly wider than DiMarzio's F-Spacing. Duncan's Trembucker is a closer fit for Floyd Rose bridges since it is slightly wider. DiMarzio's F-Spacing is perfect for most modern Tune-O-Matic (TOM) bridges even Gibson. SH spaced Duncans and regular spaced DiMarzios are actually spaced too narrow for most modern guitars. I am telling you this from personal experience and it even says that in the FAQ on DiMarzio's website. I have tried ALOT of pickups in the various guitars that I have owned. I currently work as a tech for my local guitar shop. And I was also a mod over in the GB&C here on UG for over 2 years.

I had a Duncan SH-4 JB in my Gibson V and the pole pieces were too narrow.

I have a Duncan SH-PG1B Pearly Gates in my Epi SG and the pole pieces are too narrow.

I have a Duncan SH-12 Screamin' Demon in my Epiphone Korina Explorer and the pole pieces are too narrow.

My LTD EC-400VM came with a Duncan SH-4 JB and the strings and pole pieces didn't line up. It now has an F-Spaced DiMarzio Tone Zone and the strings and pole pieces line up perfectly.

My Jackson RR5 (TOM) came with a Duncan TB-4 in it and the pole pieces were spaced slightly too far apart (which is better than not far enough). It now has an F-Spaced DiMarzio Tone Zone and the strings and pole pieces line up perfectly.

My PRS SE Tremonti (non-tremolo model) has an F-Spaced DiMarzio Tone Zone and the strings and pole pieces line up perfectly.

That being said, either spacing will work. I have not really noticed any problems in my guitars were the strings and pole pieces don't line up. It's mainly just a cosmetic thing. Some players claim to be able to tell a difference but I don't know.

Here's a pic of the Gibson V that I had. Notice how both E strings just barely go over the outer edges of the pole pieces instead of crossing the center of them. With a trembucker or F-spaced pickup the string would cross the center instead of the edge.
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you took brass saddles OFF a tele?

why on earth would you do this?

put them back. put them back right now before leo fender rises from the grave and shoves those new saddles in your eyeballs.


looks good, i just prefer brass saddles. ymmv.

A lot of people have asked me that. The main reason was that I didn't like the raised edges on the original ashtray bridge. My pinky would hit it when I was trying to mute the strings and not hit the high e enough to mute it but enough to make it sound funny. It drove me crazy. I also like the six saddle bridge because I can get the intonation more accurate. This bridge just suits my playing style better. I also like the looks of it better. Just personal preference.
I have a Jackson RR5 and a PRS Tremonti SE, both with DiMarzio pickups. While I like both of them a lot. I'd never sell my RR5 to buy a PRS SE model. Parting with a guitar that cost around $1200 new to buy a guitar that's around $500 or $600 new doesn't really make sense. I know the RR5 can be difficult to play while seated that's why I just stand up when I play my RR5. I just play one of my other guitars when I wanna play sitting down. So just save up and buy another more traditional shaped guitar to play when seated and keep that RR5.

As for the PRS SE models, they are all pretty good. Just try them and find the one that feels right to you. I really like my Tremonti but the Custom 24 was great too. It was a hard decision to make but I chose the Tremonti because I like the control layout better.
jof1029, The jack screws directly into the Electrosocket cup. The cup screws to the body with 2 screws. It holds more securely than the stock setup. I've heard stories of guys playing and the stock jack and cup assembly just falling out of the guitar, just dangling by the wires. It's a real popular mod with the tele players over on the TDPRI forum. That's where I heard about them.

If your Tele has the jack mounted to a metal or plastic plate that is then screwed to the body then you don't need the Electrosocket. It's just for Teles that have the stock screw less cup.
Here's an updated side by side before and after pic. I think it looks ALOT BETTER now. I'm very happy with how it turned out.

My Tele started out as a Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Special. I bought it just to mod. I always liked the look of the butterscotch Teles but I don't like the Tele headstock shape. So I figured this one was the perfect Tele for me to mod since it has the Strat headstock. I installed a new Fender bridge (Same as MiM Tele), bridge pickup (DiMarzio Tone Zone T), pickguard (BWB) for a humbucker, GFS FAT PAT neck pickup, new 500K pots (push/pull on the tone), the Fender Greasebucket tone circuit, an Electrosocket jack cup with a Switchcraft jack and Dunlop Straplok strap buttons.


Current Look:

Push/pull pot on the tone control to split both pickups.

The Electrosocket jack. A great idea for Tele owners.

Here's a side by side before and after pic. I think it looks ALOT BETTER now. I'm very happy with how it turned out.
I prefer the 81 & 60 combo.

I swapped out a lot of stuff. So here's a list of the new parts.
New Fender bridge. Same thing that comes stock on MiM teles.
DiMarzio Tone Zone T bridge pickup.
GFS FAT PAT, with a Gibson cover on it, neck pickup.
500k pots with a push/pull on the tone and a .022 cap.
New 3 ply bwb pickguard to fit the humbucker.
Dunlop Straplok strap buttons.
Electrosocket jack cup with a Switchcraft jack.

Current look:

Push/pull pot on the tone control to split both pickups.

Electrosocket jack. A great idea for Tele owners.
My chrome pickup cover came in today. So other than some electronic upgrades this guitar is done. I love how it turned out. It looks absolutely beautiful.

The pickup is a GFS but it has the same spacing as a Gibson pickup and I got this cover for cheap through ebay.

I got some more new parts today. I also tweaked the setup some more. This guitar just keeps gettin' better with each thing I do.

New push/pull pot on the tone control to split both pickups.

I also bought and installed a new jack, an Electrosocket. A great idea for Tele owners.
Here's a side by side shot that I edited together to show how much was changed. I think it looks a lot better now and will look even better with a chrome cover over the neck pickup. The push/pull pot that I ordered should be in tomorrow, so I'll be installing it and updating this thread with more pics again tomorrow.

It sounds really good. I'm really liking the DiMarzio Tone Zone T. It sounds a little different from the full size version but it still sounds great. The neck pickup isn't much but it will get a better one later on when I've got a little more cash. I'm also gonna add a push/pull pot too. That should make it pretty versatile.
I actually like the Crunchy PAT for the bridge and FAT PAT for the neck. I didn't care for the VEH bridge or Classic II neck pickups. They weren't bad pickups just not what I was looking for.
The pickguard came in today.

I had to mod the body a little bit to make room for the humbucker height adjustment screws. It looks great now and will look even better when I get either a chrome cover for this humbucker or a different humbucker with a factory cover.

This post was originally posted over there on 6-5-13.

Well the bridge came in today. A day earlier than the estimated delivery said. So here are some pics to update the progress.

New bridge. Fender part number 0053354000

With stock parts removed.

This one shows how the holes line up.

DiMarzio Tone Zone T mounted in the bridge and installed in my Tele.

Strung up and intonated.

Dunlop Straplok strap buttons with black felt washers instead of the stock white ones. I thought they matched better.

Full front shot.

The new pickguard probably won't be here until Monday. The tracking number says it hasn't even been accepted by the post office yet.
This post was originally posted over there on 6-4-13.

I got the bridge pickup today. The pickguard should be here Friday or Saturday. Due to limited funds after buying all this other stuff I'm gonna have to use an old Epiphone humbucker in the neck position until I can afford a better chrome covered pickup. I have some used 500k pots I'm gonna install for now. Later on I'll upgrade them and the switch with better parts when I have more funds.

I made this thread over on (telecaster forum) and nobody seems to care. I guess I should've just posted it here to start with. Here's my first post originally posted over there on 6-3-13.

I just got this guitar earlier today. I've already ordered some parts to customize it a little. It will be getting a new bridge, bridge pickup (DiMarzio Tone Zone T), pickguard (BWB), neck pickup (TBD humbucker) and new pots (push/pull on the tone) & 3 way switch.


Mock up of what it will look like when I'm done.

Stay tuned for updates.
I usually set them up when I first get them. After that, I usually just make minor adjustments (tweaks) as they are needed.
Yep, I'm stepping down as soon as we get the replacement mods figured out. Since Tam already knew what to do emad went ahead and added her to the Bass forum last night.
I closed your other threads about finding a new pickup for this guitar. Use this thread for all future questions about pickups for this guitar.

Check out the DiMarzio Tone Zone. It might be what you are lookin' for.
There should be enough room in the cavity with the pots for the battery. When you buy EMGs new, they come with everything you need to install them, except the 9v battery. Everything that comes with the EMGs is solderless. You just have to plug in cables where the diagram says. Not very difficult.
Posting links so you can sell stuff is against the rules. So I deleted your links.
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And..if you guys ever have any questions on why a mod does something, PM them. Seriously. I know and Ben will agree, that when we were mods we were always willing to explain why we did something and if you're civil about making your case, we did take that into consideration. Its not easy being green (or blue for that matter)

That's no Joke. I have thought very seriously about retiring from being a mod many times. People don't realize what a pain it can be. Those of you that have never been banned before should see the fits that some members throw in the Forum of the Banned. I try to give people a chance. I usually give them an un-offical warning before I give them a real one that stays on their record (Yes, you all have records). And those people still call me an A-Hole. I'm actually one of the nicer mods. I feel really sorry for the mods in the pit. They must have it alot worse than me.

And we have to deal with all the adbots that hit this site everyday.

Anyway like anarkee said, if you ever have any questions on why I did something, just PM me.