Badluckpalms thanks for the input. I get what you’re saying, but most bands that are booked in advance bring their own amp and gear and they are totally free to use it.

It’s the “other guy” that just shows up with his axe hoping to get a song or two in.

Mainly, my sound guy is providing the amp as a courtesy in case someone wants to get on stage for a song or two and doesn’t want to bring his entire set up

Again, lots of great replies. At first, i myself had suggested the Peavy classic 30 to my friend, but we’ll look at all the options you gave us.

Thanks guys
monwobobbo no pedals because the amp would be used by multiple users over the course of these gigs. Most players would just show up with their guitars and plug in. They would need to dial up a decent sound for whatever genre they are going to play.
Forgive me if this topic already exists. It's been a while since i visited here.

I have a friend who does sound for many local bands. Mainly small halls, bars, some small outdoor festivals. 

He owns a backline that needs a new guitar amp.

Budget = $600
Combo amp prefered
Styles = Blues, latin jazz, pop, classic rock. Metal.
needs to do all styles fairly well.
prefer plug and play with no pedals necessary.

prefer tubes. 
modeling amp not necessary.

tried the peavy classic 30 and the vox AC, and they dont seem to get enough distortion/gain for the classic rock/metal styles without using a pedal.

thanks in advance
Does anyone know if Cubase elements 7 supports 3rd part VSTs? More specifically, EZ Drummer 1.

Band - SKiN:Sons of Thunder

Song - Cisco Kid by WAR

What do you think?
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Weird that the clean channel does that instead of the gain channels.
Are you playing next to a tv? When I play too close to my tv, especially when the pickups are facing the tv, I get a bad hum. Turn everything else off and try it.
Ok, because I don't subscribe to any tech forums, and this is the only place I realy visit, what do you think about these two cellphone/pda's?

I have a Blackberry Curve 8310 and its starting to break on me (1.5 years old, no warranty).

So I want to buy the Blackberry Bold for $400 (upgrade price) or the Iphone 16GB $300 (upgrade price).

Any experience with these phones?
Let's see.... Here is my small collection so far.... Jackson Soloist with a Floyd (drop D 100% of the time), Les Paul (standard tuning), Epi acoustic electric (standard), and an Epi bass.

What I need to round out my collection is a solid bridge Schecter type for drop C and drop A tuning, and a Fender strat for those times when I'm feeling Vaughn'ish,,,

That would make 6 (including the bass).
Quote by jrubakon
Buy the solid top guitar and have it set up for 50.00. It will play better than the non solid top guitar you spoke of and will get better with age!

Actually, I just brought home an Epiphone AJ200SCE. Its a solid top, with Esonic electronics. I played it alongside a Takamine solid top back and forth. The Takamine was $450 and the Epi was $269 (got a great deal). It plays great and sounds awesome.

Pics later.

Thanks everyone.
Quote by jimtaka
is your band already actively gigging?

Yes. We rehearse in a garage with an option to mic just about everything up, so micing the acoustic is an option. I just though going straight to a pa or amp was more convenient.

Most of our gigs ar small bars to medium clubs (los angeles), carnivals, festivals, and some indoor/outdoor house parties. Usually, there is a PA but not all the time.
Quote by Blaster Bob
Then why do you need an electronics suite?

I guess I thought I would be convenient to plug in through a PA or one of my other amps (solo coffeehouse gigs).

For band club gigs, I was planning on rigging it up to one of those guitar stands where I can hold my electric to the side and play in the acoustic.
Quote by tlt31
At home alone, you are going to be more likely to pick up a guitar that feels better. So, if you are mostly going to be playing at home alone, pick the guitar that plays easier. If you are playing in front of a couple people or more on a regular basis, you will want the nicer tone that is usually the case with solid tops.

I'll be playing it 90% at home and for song writing.

When I gig, it will be for maybe 1 or 2 songs. I'm in a hard/nu metal type band, so even then it will be for brief moments.
Quote by Drakathan
There are Ovations for about that price. If you dont know Ovation, then screw you.
Btw I think its gonna be REALLY hard to find an acou-electric which plays better then a 300$ solidtop!

I've played a couple of ovations but I've also read some bad reviews on them.

I'm considering the Fender CD140SCE but I read that the action is kind of high on it. Won't know until I play them however.
Still undecided on what acoustic electric to get. I know this much: I want the electronics built in and I want a cutaway. And my budget is still around $300.

So my main question will help me decide. Say a $300 non-solid top guitar plays and feels better than a $300 solid top guitar. What would you do? Chose solid top or playability???
Quote by EclipseCT
Here's some more pics as requested.

That's effing gorgeous. I'm just curious, though. Why not ebony fretboard?
To the TS: if you're anything like me, you will be searching for "better tone" soon. If I had a Diezel, a Soldono, a Mesa, a Marshall, a Gibson LP, etc.... I'd still be wanting more. I'm never satisfied.

And settings don't mean squat (usually). It starts and ends with your fingers, dude. So if someone "steals" your settings, I'm pretty sure they're going to sound different anyway.
Good job. You put a lot of time and effort in to this post. This forum is better for it . Looking forward to more.

Yes, I do have a 6505 in my sights, btw.
Quote by mindstealer
...Great amp though, the tone can't be beat.

I agree, but for the music I play, I still prefer my B52. I wish this amp was around 10 years ag when I was doing a lot of gigging.
Quote by mindstealer
I just picked up a B-52 ST412 cab to go with my AT-100 head. It sounds ****ing amazing. I really like the contrast of the vintage voiced speakers with the modern sounding head. Really very nice together.


I noticed you have a jcm800. I used to own one years ago. I had to drive it with a tube screamer because it didn't have the gain I needed. My B52 takes care of that need, but tonewise, its not as deep as the jcm.
^wow, that sucks. Hopefully, its just the basic fuse. Have you checked that?
Quote by Down Shifter
I love mine. Im happy it has a straight cab.

I love my straight cab, but that thing is a tank! Bulky as hell. I have Green Avatar 212 in my sites. I think my AT100 would look sweet on top of it.
I also recommend Jazz III picks. I just switched over to these after many years of using Fender Heavys. you can play more technically accurate with Jazz III's.

The only problem I have with these is that they are just a little too stiff. Does anyone know if there is a pick with the same size and shape with a little less stiffness?
Quote by johnro6659
I go at least once every weekend to the Guitar Centers and Daddy's Junky Music stores in my area . I regularly visit 5 GC and 4 Daddy's within 25/30 miles of me as well as about a dozen small mom and pop stores. OH! Can't forget MR Music, a store I have been dealing with for over 35 years now. Once a month I travel a little farther north to check out music shops in NH as well. I probably try between 30 and 40 guitars a week. If you wonder why I go to these stores so often is I am retired and I collect, sell and build guitars and I go looking for deals on good used guitars I can resell some basket cases I can repair and resell as well. I post the guitars I keep the ones I buy to resell I don't bother with posting I just don't have the time. Trust me there are a lot of crappy Gibsons on the market now and this is coming from a huge Gibson fan and ex Gibby collector.


Damn. Wish I had that time to play guitars all day long

I envy you
Quote by maiden_mexico
you cant be serious. no **** an epi elitist LP will be better than a LP vintage mahogany or even some studios. but an epi LP standard vs a gib. LP standard, MOST of the time there is no comparison. there are a few exceptions but wow, i wanna check out the guitar store you're going to.

I think he meant dollar for dollar. I HOPE he meant dollar for dollar.

Like wine, I'd love to drink a $500 bottle of wine one day, but a $10 or $15 dollar bottle does the job for me.

I'd love to own a $2500 dollar Gibson one day, but my $600 standard plus suits me just fine for the purpose.

Edit; I might think differently if I didn't have a Jackson as my main axe.
(Probably many threads like this, but let's start a new one)

What is the one pedal you can't live without? The one that makes you feel naked when you don't have it with you. The one that defines your tone.

For me, its my OG Crybaby Wah Wah pedal. As long as my amp has a decent amount of gain, I don't need any Dist. Or Overdrive pedals. My wah is a big part of my style.

How about you guys?
Quote by johnro6659
I don't care for it in any way or form but some guys I know like the action so low on their guitars they live with it. My kids guitar teacher's LP had a load of fret buzz but when the guitar was amped you couldn't notice it at all. I asked him about it and he said he liked it that way too.


I like it like that too. Having short fingers, I need my action really low for the style I play. That being said, I have to trade off a little fret buzz on all my guitars for low action.

Plus, a little fret buzz gives some notes certain characteristics that other guitars won't get.
Quote by maiden_mexico
epi standards are decent guitars, nothing fabulous though. the pickups suck tho and so do the tuners. tuners are very cheap to replace tho. i recommend spetzel

Yeah, I agree the pickups are not up to par. Up against my Jackson with Duncans, you can really tell how dull they are. The bridge feedbacks a little on really high gain settings (B52 tube amp).

The tuners are great, though. I use 11's and as soon as the strings stretched and settled in, they held tight. Any guitar is going to go out of tune slightly, even after 3 or 4 songs. Even my Soloist with OFR goes out of tune every once in a while.

BTW, I haven't even touched my soloist in 3 weeks since I bought this LP.
I have a Standard Plus Top. I bought it new for 599 and I've had it for 3 weeks now. I've changed string gages a couple of times already, trying to find a sweet spot. Its taken some time to finally dial it in (I do most of my own setting up) and its playing great right now.

It will never be a 'shred' guitar, but it comes pretty close.
Maybe your friend spilled some beer, milk, or other liquid in the case and it just fermented or soured really badly.

Keep you guitar out of the case for a few days. If your guitar smells better, you will know to get rid of the case
Quote by 82Camaro355

Here's my modded AT100 head.

I am about to retube it, but I think I am going to go with something other than the JJ's.

Any ideas?

Wow! That thing looks great!

I see you have a 4 button footswitch. When I bought mine, the dude at guitar center said there was no such thing. What's the 4th button for? Effects loop?
I did check relief, but the problem is that it needs a bit more. Just slightly. But if I turn LEFT it gets TIGHTER and harder to turn. I've never seen a truss rod get tighter as I turn left.
For the record, yes, turning left does add reliefe (forward bow). Its just strange to me that the tension of the rod tightens as I turn left which, logically, seems opposite.
First of all, I've adjusted many truss rods on many guitars but my new Epi Les Paul's truss rod seems a bit different. I'm trying to add relief to the neck but, turning left feels like its tightening the rod. The more I turn to the left, the tighter it becomes (yes I am turning slightly and slowly). Turning right feels like its getting looser. This is opposite of how my Jackson's rod feels.

I'm getting the desired effect, somewhat, but I may need a bit more relief. I'm afraid to keep turning left because its getting tighter and tighter.

Is this normal for Epi's and Les Pauls?

I'm sure the bugera is a nice amp and chances are its just as reliable these days. One of the the reasons I chose the B52 was because it just sounded hotter. Also, the knobs felt stronger and more solid. I probably would have been just as happy with the bugera, but I love my B52
I've had my b52 for four months now and I've had no problems whatsoever.

Also, I've been able to get almost any rock tone imagineable. It sounds great with my guitar tuned to drop C and gain all the way up. It sounds great in standard E with or without an extra distortion pedal. Even jazz and funk sound good, although I haven't spent a lot of time dialing that in.
Quote by gpowsang
wow it looks lite quite o few of u use 2x12 cabs

Yeah, I'm looking to get rid of my AT412 cabinet. That thing is bulky and too heavy and I move it at least twice a week between rehearsal, home, and gigs. An Avatar 212 sounds like the perfect cab for my needs.
Quote by bulletrocks522
Anyone have a good NON-scooped-heavy-but-clarityful-technical-riffage-perfection tone settings for the AT-212/100/112???

To get my ideal tone for thick sludgy, yet articulate sounding rythym I set Gain 1 as follows....

Gain 10 (some of you might think it kills the tone but as long as you have Volume 1 below 6, its all good - more on that later).

Bass 6

Middle 8 (this is key)

Trebble 5 1/2


Volume 5 (I used to crank this knob and keep the Master low, and it sounded good for bedroom but too mushy live with a full drum kit. Keep it at 5 and you will be able to crank those master tubes higher)

Master 5-6 (LIVE)
Master 2 (Bedroom)

I use Gain 2 as a lead boost, basically by setting Gain 2 Volume at 6 and stomping on the footswitch when I need it.
The other guitarist in my band has a Dimebag Krankenstein and he refuses to put his mids above 2. He scoops the hell out of his tone and it sounds great, but the minute we start rocking he gets lost in the mix and my amp shines. Basically its settings. His amp may be twice as expensive but mine sounds better.
Quote by jake911
iirc, some of the 90's jacksons had really crappy trems.

I once owned an '89 USA Jackson Soloist with Jackson pickups and Jackson LFR. I loved that guitar for many reasons....


My brand new Japanese made Jackson Soloist SL2H with OFR and Duncans plays so much better. It even sounds better. Don't even mention USA quality control vs. Japanese here, because in my case, my new Solist is flawless. I fought with the action on my old USA model constantly. No contest.