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^a bit of context would probably help bud.

Her parents and her had a fight, the day after her mom talked to me about her. And she doesnt like it when her mom talks about her with other people. Her mom didnt say anything bad, it was all great things, she just overreacted. When i told her i talked to her mom she flipped out, simmered down a bit then became a bit hostile. Now i juust stopped replying to her texts just to give her space.
So im in a dilemma, i thought i was doing something good for her but it resulted into something else. I keep apologizing to what i did but she just replies with "k", "cool" etc. Should i just give her some space instead of repeating "im sorry" over and over?


im patiently waiting for JTG to get the axe
Im sad i dont have money for the network. T_T
before the Wyatt interference this Chamber was really, really good.
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She might like you but perhaps she is also not beneath using you to make her ex jealous. And it worked.

yea that's probably why. I heard from my brothers friends that he got so mad in class when they told him I was dating her.
It happened to me again, the girl i was dating went back with her ex.... This time though i know she liked me, she personally asked me to be her date at her ball. We have alot in common. She made the first move for the kiss, obviously i did kiss her back. Then she just ended it like that.

Her ex is the most obnoxious, asshole imaginable. He wasnt a "bad boy" he's an ass. And when he broke up with her he did it by text and the reason he gave her was that he thought another girl is prettier than her. The worst part is that he didnt even go for the girl who he though was hotter. I know that they're gonna break up again, but i dont want her to be hurt. This just sucks.
.....this company.
I guess i did get played...Heh.
Yea, she cut all connections from me so i guess thats that. Thanks for everything guys, i appreciate it.
So this girl i hooked up with got back with her ex and i feel meh. We spent alot of time together this past month and it just ended like that. My friends loved her, her friends liked me, we instantly connected but she ended up settling with her ex. She said she still wanted to be friends and i do too but do you guys think this could be a bad idea?
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Pro Wrestling?! That stuff is fake garbage. Real Wresting is what you should watch instead. Even though I don't like it that much, I can see why people like it; and, it's much better than that televised bogus phony rubbish.

lolz u so tuff wit yo real rasslin

That ending was great, but i find it funny that the storyline possibilities that segment opened up will be waaaaay better than Orton/Cena number 8172389172986417.
I could have went with my friends and see RAW live. Thank god i didnt, the show sounded terrible.
i cant pre-order anywhere. Also the only way i can even get one before the holidays is tooo camp outside of a gamestop, but im ****ing working that day.

He's also letting me pay it off weekly. 100 down and 50 per week till its full.
there are no pre-orders left. I went to a gamestop and they said is gonna be hard getting one before the holidays

Friend is selling me his launch PS4 pre-order for 475 (paid 435 w/ tax) , yay or nay ?
I only wanted a Kings of Wrestling WWE tag team champ run.
Ruined? This is the best Kane has ever been.

Suit + Meh Character = GREATEST EVAR
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I'd like that for the ease, for I hate the zip look

Same here, its practical and easy to use but they look bleh imo.

I also impulse bought these sneakers today.

i ****ing love them.
i need more stuff to wear for the winter. I hate the old hoodies i wear now. I got 2 sweaters and a nice shirt from urban outfitters and i kinda like the style of it. I also borrowed cardigans from my uncle too, love them.

So, can anyone here recommend me some nice sweaters/cardigans/shirts ? Hopefully not to expensive lol

this is the stuff i wore, all from urban which i got on sale.
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Having HBK turn heel is fine and all, but having him kick D-Bry because Daniel hit HHH? Ugh...this comapny

HBK v Dbry at mania is good for me.

this is TNA shit right here.
So, dirtsheets are saying TNA is being sold by the Carter family to the highest bidder. I dont trust dirtsheets, or like them but LOL.
I just bought a pair of Supra Vadiers and then, after i got home i just noticed that one of the shoes are damaged. One shoe has a noticeable, round tear in one side.
ouch, thats not alot of people....
So i got these
A henley hoodie, sweater and a button down shirt all from Urban Outfitters (cant find pics online). 2 pairs of skinny chinos from American Eagle ( i work thar). And last a jar of Bumble and Bumble Sumotech for my glorious hair.

all in all i spent about $180, i love sales.
My local Aldo store doesn't have the shoes I wanted, gotta go online then.
these look nice.

I'll go check if the Aldo at my local mall has them when i go to work friday. And i hope they're also on sale at the store.
I need new shoes. I was thinking getting chukkas but idk. Any recommendations? i dont have a preference really but just make it below $100
My legs are short and I still wear them.

I'm 5 foot 5 inches tall with short, stubby legs.

^ I think 32 is standard for h&m
Never really liked colored blazers, i cant rock them.

Oxblood trousers tho, those are nice.
Corduroy pants are also pretty nice.