ive never heard anything like that before..and i read my guitar worlds cover to cover, especially matt brucks section

it was in an issue last year. but basiacly, it is probably cathode based and i dont need to get it biased. is that what we are agreeing on?
Ok, here is the situation. I have a blackheart little giant mini stack. the head is 5 watts, and has one power tube. The manual and other sources say that whenever you change power tubes, you need to bias your amp. However, other people,most notably the guy in the back of the guitar world magazine, who is EVH's guitar tech, say that an amp with only one power tube does not need to be biased. So people, whats the answer? When changing an amps only power tube, DO YOU HAVE TO BIAS? all answers and experiences are welcome
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sounds to me like its the tubes
i like my little giant, but it has an annoying hiss
well, first 15 sec into a hard rockin opener the PA went BZBZBBBBBBBBBBBBBzZZZZZ, and you couldnt hear anything. then in the next song, it was just our keyboard player and the singer, and the keyboard stopped working.
use adapter, just had tubes changed
I have an electro harmonix metal muff, I got it about a year ago. over the past few months it sounds to me like it doesnt distort as much now. I thought I just got used to it, but I tried 1 in sam ash and i think it distorted more. has this happened to any1 else?
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shreds, but writes songs that are enjoyable to listen to
death magnetic. yes metallica has worse albums. and yes, i love unforgiven iii and day that never comes. but the album is basicaly" our last 3 albums were garbage, we better come up with something semi metally so we can retire without our faces in our bag".
its just annoying me when i play i my room, you cant realy hear it while im playing. i just got the tube changed, so i dont think its them, thanks tho
I have a blackheart little giant 5 watt halfstack, a jackson ke3 kelly, and a metal muff. I connect them using dimarzio cables. (which I think are semi high quality). The amp hisses when I turn the volume to about three, and gradually increases. THe more treble and mids I dial in, the more buzz. How do I get rid of the buzz?
check the battery
maybe john jorgenson
the electro harmonix metal muff is great, except mine broke after a year and two weeks....and the warrenty was only a year...
I bought a jackson ke3 kelly at Sam Ash in november. now a screw broke on the floyd rose bridge , and its costing me fifty bucks. the guy in sam ash says I should have bought their extra warranty plan, bc it would have covered this. He says after they fix it, I can buy the plan , I think for fifty bucks. Is it worth it? does it really cover everything?
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Yes it does, you obviously have no idea what you are talking about.

I understand that the gauge of the string will affect sustain and tension. but why would diffierent strings of the same thickness sound different?
does it really make a difference?
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That happens when your battery is running low, sounds like there's problems with your voltage getting in

TS: Sounds like your adapter is the wrong polarity or voltage hope this doesnt happen to my metal muff, mines working fine. Though, i dont use an adapter. I just use a rechargable 9v battery.

I tried with a new battery to...
actualy. I have a jackson kelly and at a gig last week i had trouble avoiding the part of the guitar that sticks out while doing windmills
windmill powerchords
Im having the same problem basicaly with my muff, theres no signal unless vol and dist are all the way up, and then its is basicaly feedback, except when you hit a string you can hear it, and it is very lightly distorted then. its not the adapter tho bc I tried it with a battery and had the same problem...
i have an electro harmonix metal muff which sounds great for metallica
different woods used in the body like maple ash or basswood etc absorb different frequencies in different amounts, therefor you do not hear these frequencies. on an acoustic they are not projected from the soundhole and on an electric th pickups do not pick them up. oh, i dont think the fretboard wood changes the tone, just the bodywood.