I'm getting banned.
And it looks like you're getting banned too (to TonyIommi)
THAT's a NiCE kraKEN too
Ah, it was a zombie girl sucking a bloody and rotting dick of a zombie guy.
Another thread:
I didn't want to get banned
Didn't want to lose my pants
Didn't want to cut my hand
But I got banned
Nah, 30-day warning.
I think they'll react quickly, I got a warning about my old thread in about 10 minutes. But no one seems to want to report this
Um, I guess, um, no problem
But I want to go away while bringing the lulz
Rasik told me to tell you he survived two years of uni while posting in here
I dunno, I just wanna take a break.
Forum of the Banned. Uni's starting and I wanna try and study for a change.

EDIT: Awwww haha
So, guys, bye. I had a great time here.
*Porn and spam removed*
I'm selling my Ibanez S520EX so that I can buy a Classic Player 60s MIM Strat. But I'll be confined to my fretless for a month or so.
To get 20k haha
Still, looks like the 17k were more epic
Selling my guitar today.
Oh damn, I missed the 20k But waking up every hour wasn't fun...
Quote by BaffAttack
I think I'm the only TPR'er that doesn't care for Mustangs or Jaguars.

I don't care for them too.
EDIT: It's 5:45 am here. Off for a nap again.
And it's 4:27 am here
Have you got your results?
No page 500 yet?
I'm off to sleep again.
Anyways, it's 2 in the morning here, I'm off for a short nap.
No, I was hoping we will reach some sort of limit, like maybe 100k posts or something
Yeah, Rasik got banned and no one's in charge of the collab. I have the list, though.
Ah, we're just talking about the potential new thread if this one gets closed down.
Btw, Deniz, how's your collab contribution going on?
Yeah, I guess experimental will be good. Besides, who knows what kind of people will chime in with their experience.
And that Jap pedal costs 120$ or about that.

EDIT: Nick, I like your name proposal. "Talk about pedals and Sunn amps"?
Copy-Paste ftw
And damn, I need to set my alarm clock so that I don't miss the chance to snatch the 20k post

Also, about the new thread: I suggest the ThreadStarter reserves the first few posts, then each one of us posts things that we feel need to be featured, the TS edits one of his posts to contain links to our posts.
Like "Deniz's awesome guide to post-rock effects/George's RV-3 demo and delay use guide/etc."
And that Japanese pedal should be featured on the first page, like, 'WITHOUT THIS THING YOU CANNOT PLAY POST-ROCK".
Maybe the thread should be called "Gear for Other music"?
I had lots VSTs on my old computer, and I can say I don't enjoy them that much. The Native Instruments FM8 was cool, but software synths tend to get over-complicated too much.
There's cool stuff out there, though, like the Arturia Moog/MiniMoog ones.

EDIT: Where's everyone?
Got me a Facebook.
And I don't have uni on Saturdays while all my friends will have it. Feels good, man.
Oh God, flesh-eating rabbits!
I want a big brownish-red slug for my birthday.
Remember the EHX Cathedral demo video?
WTF is with the HiWatt pic? Someone's spamming here with pics except me
Nick: no problem, it doesn't sound that interesting after all.
Woolly? Zack will get you banned for that
And I kinda want them because a) they'll go up in price since they're discontinued b) I like their sound. There's a vid (Hot Tubes and Laney VC30)

EDIT: Bye, John.
Nick: Hot Tubes oscillate, read the manual
And btw, I want the Tube EQ to use as a tube wah
And gimme the link to the Civil War Big Muff with sequencer plox.

Vox Cooltron series and Ibanez Tube King are tube gimmicks too. Thought the Tube King sounds very nice, still.
Lol at innuendo.
I remember this from HCFX: "Hey come over to MySpace, we'll Twitter a bit and then I'll Google all over your FaceBook"
Well, you can use the 2Ube as a tube buffer.
And the Hot Tubes does some awesome oscillations, on some settings it's like a Tube Big Muff
What analog counterparts?
The Tube Zipper is pretty much unique I think ("Trill" mode), the Hot Tubes has a very thick sound, the 2Ube is a transparent stereo preamp (channels can be cascaded to get some OD tones), and the Wiggler has awesome tremolo/vibrato.
Quote by ianae86
Agreed. I dont think they function like the true tube preamp they're supposed to emulate.

Well, there are some cool tube pedals: EHX Wiggler, Tube Zipper, 2Ube, Hot Tubes.
Damage Control makes very good tube stuff.

John: that's a cool idea too *thumbs up* Or maybe a delay with a sequencer for the repeats volume (so they can be louder than the original sound)?

Quote by nightraven

thank you and good night

i take it you saw that video that was posted on harmony central with the sovtek muff and the distortion amount being LFO'd

Good night. No, I didn't see it! Link?
I was thinking of a distortion with an LFO/Sequencer for either the tone or the distortion amount
Yeah, I'm a terrible person
The second pic looks awesome.
I want a Kittycaster: I'll buy it, buy some cigarettes, light em up and stab the kittycaster with them, screaming: "Take that, you b*tch"
Oh, and John got a Dirty Bomb.