Uploading right now.
I did the drums, big washy reverby ambience in the background, some oscillations in the beginning, and a solo. If you don't like any of these parts, I can re-upload without them.
OK, sounds fine with Eb major. I'll upload it (in 20 or so minutes) in low quality, and you tell me whether the drums are too loud or not, k?
Rasik, should I play over your track or what? I don't quite understand. (The part is cool, btw)
Eb Major? OK, will do.
Did the junkyard percussion track, sounds nice imo. And if you don't like it, I can always delete it and re-upload the mp3.
But I need to know: IN WHAT KEY ARE THE SYNTHS ON THE TRACK? Or at least, what notes are they playing? Please?
What? Video is uploading, I'm off to record
Clips like a sheepshagger?
I'm just waiting for Andrews and Rasiks approval.
OK, new plan: I'll record my parts in about 30 mins or so. Did the RV-3 video, my playing is ugly. As soon at finishes encoding, I'll leave it to upload and start recording my parts. OK?
I dunno, it depends on how fast Deniz will do it. If it'll be faster than in 28-30 hours, than no problem. If not, than I want to be bumped up.
I'm off to play with privates. RV-3, I mean. Going to do a video a demo and stuff
I kinda have a life now. And besides, "Gear For Post-Rock" is much more awesome. Faz shouldn't have deleted the old Laney thread.
So, who's next? I'll be getting me some recording software today, so tomorrow will be recording day?
I suggest:
Adam/Andrew - if they can do it before tomorrow (if you won't be able to record anything in 28 hours from now (check post time and date), please tell)

I guess I'll do some drums, fretless guitar (maybe), Big Muff soloing and bowing/RV-3/DE-7 awesomeness. What key are the synths in?
Night guys, I'm off to the Showering Room.
Looks like I have this thread all to myself.
Yeah, I noticed that. I dunno, do you like my hair? I like my hair. If I had a cat, it would like my hair too
I only tried it at my fathers with his bass (he has a RV-3 too), delay is good, delay+reverb = cool (must be cooler with my DE-7, will check out tomorrow when I get home), reverb = very good. Reverb with mix on 100% wet - kinda like volume swells, but more epic.
Yeah, I know you wouldn't like that.
Truth hurts, my son. Literally, my son. My seed has grown to be you.
Did you catch my NPD, Gailan?
Quote by herman ri2
Of who?

Of me. I am you. How do you feel now?
Good luck with sleeping!
Adam: I thought Ryan was getting your DEM?
Rasik: no assistance until page we reach page 500. And I have it all planned out already
Union of V: wow, that's cool.
But I'll be able to post in the fellowship and right PMs?
Wow, that seems to have been cool
I dunno, will I still be able to use my profile and log into the TPR Fellowship?
GR = guitar rig? Terrible thing, imo. The clean/light OD stuff sounds good, but fuzzes and hi-gain amps all sound the same.

EDIT: I will return
Btw, what's Heaven's Gate?
I know how I will get a perm ban here But first, page 500
Actually, off-topic, but I dreamt about Drop Z once. It's basically a Drop A tuning lowered by 20 cents.
Quote by Union Of V
Pre-fuzz Verb? *runs and ducks for cover*

According to Nick, it sounds awesome. Will try with my Big Muff and RV-5.
Is this a thread about the Fender Blender, DLS or PN-2?
I dunno, I'm not a big fan of high action. It feels good on my fretless, but on the Ibanez, it's not so cool.
Pastor Bob "I'm Pastor Bob and I need a HM-2 for my, umm, hmm, church meta, music I mean". And power supply wtf? My RV-3 didn't come with a power supply, I got scammed!
And can't Warmoth wait till you get money?

I tried setting up my S520, but the action is still pretty high, but I kinda got used and my fingers are stronger now
No, I won't be next - no time tomorrow. So maybe me after Deniz?
I'll record some bowing, big muff lead and a bit of percussion.

EDIT: Aidan, you have a S320? I have a S520EX, though I'm selling it. Drop C should be cool enough.
Tech 21 amp-emulator drives sound cool, but no personal experience.
Rasik: insomnia? Damn. Mind if I record some junk-yard percussion on the track?
Cool. Haven't listened, though. My first listen will be when my turn comes to record
There are some pedals which emulate the "Boogie" sound.
AMT R1 and all kinds of Dr. Boogie builds (I think it's called that).
Who's next? It won't be me, I'm a bit busy tomorrow
Well, I suggest you find someone in your area who can build one. There's a guy who lives about 5 minutes from me who does fuzzes for a 15-dollar fee + cost of parts, enclosure and solder.
Build one? Find some local guy who will build one?