I'm spamming with pics
Buy a guitar pick.

And I dunno, Rasik got banned, Ryan's in school, so it's just me here who is spamming at the moment.

FZ-2? Damn, they have an awesome tone on "Dopethrone". Listening to Giant Squid now.
Thread is sloooooow today.
Better luck this time, Deniz
You have to be under something to fully get into Sunn O)) imo Any Electric Wizard fans?
Well, I meant post-metal AND drone
Isis I don't like that much...
Sunn O))), Boris, Giant Squid, Earth and now Electric Wizard are all I know and love.
Had some snuff right now and am listening to Dopethrone. Feels epic.
Just got [YARRR!] "Dopethrone" by Electric Wizard. Wow, it's an awesome album.

So what about post-metal stuff?
Anyway, what are the essential post-metal/drone albums? So far, I've only got Dopehtrone by Electric Wizard on the list.
I'm thinking something by Isis, Boris, Earth, Sunn O)))?
Doesn't make up for your girly giggles
Looks like I'm truly alone here right now.

George is all alone.
I'd go with Destructo Noctavia
But octave fuzzes I like, especially when they are harsh and the octave is prominent.
Damn, Andrew, I want to live in Canada just 'cos of the thunderstorms. Maybe I'll relocate there in 4 years to get me a Majors Degree.
It's 12:12 PM here And we just had a huge thunderstorm. God, I love thunderstorms and shower rains.
Organs are indeed kickass. I want the Nord one... Or a real huge church organ, I love their sound.
No more guitar talk here? Only keyboard talk?
I drank too much coffee and now I'm feeling not very good.
What organ? Kidneys cost more than 50 bucks
All alone. Night guys.
I lose. I also remembered the TC Electronic 2290.
well jsuut odjn;t make all yoiur rig rakcmoint please.
damn, my typing is relaly screwed up
It looks ugly and besides, wouldn't you like prefer some huge vintage stuff to some little ugly prcoessore/
Good luck msate you know we'll still love you no matter wat result you get.
For some reason when I type "I'm all alone here" the thread comes alive again
Flanger Hoax>>everything.
I'm a biit drunk, I think, and I'm too lazyh to correct all my spelling mistkaes :P(
"George is all alone here" alert!
Found a huge online Russian forum dedicated to post-rock/ambient/shoegaze/doom metal/drone/post-metal stuff. Tomorrow will be downloading day.
Just returned from a birthday of a female friend of mine. Awesome, whiskey with nothing added = win. Looks like I missed some serious genre discussion here
I have a live video of them. They're awesome, playing trance on a guitar
I'm in this thread because while I don't listen to a lot of post-rock, I do play a lot of ambient atmospheric stuff.
Also, I'm a big fan of Sonic Youth, Deftones, Ozric Tentacles.
And by blues I mean, well, Jimi Hendrix, old Led Zeppelin, SRV, and of course Tom Waits
WTF Andrew?
And I'm kinda not a post-rock guy really, I love blues and jazz a lot more. And groove metal
God is an Astronaut>>>EITS.
My favourite post-rock bands are Sigur Ros, Mogwai and GiaA. The rest are pretty bland imo.
And my poetry is awesome, Andrew!!! I'm turning into RoboPimp
Danish is win.
And I dunno, I'm just writing poetry, I don't know if there are delay haters
Oh, I see. There's an AD80 in Finland for 150 euros I think. And there's an Ibanez Modulation Delay for 140.
But I'm not gonna get them, I'll be getting something else

You all delay haters
You haven't heard delay unless you've heard the AD80 - that about right?

My fave language, apart from English, is Danish, which I know a bit. Russian is fail.
What's so good about the Ibanez AD80s?