I think yes? Btw, the Meatball seems overkill to me, too many options and knobs and stuff...
DAMN. A guy is selling a Red Witch Pentavocal Trem in Moscow. That's like, my favourite trem EVER. And I don't have the money.
OK, I'll have Rasik give me the list, I think.
I guess I'll ask on HCFX. Maybe the Mad Professor one...
So much distortion pedals I need
I thought you were just a column cleaner. We'll have to be careful now
Btw, Nick, your avatar moves nearly in the tempo of Rob Zombie's "The Scorpion Sleeps"
The thing that worries me the most is that Rasik did all the collab stuff - the lists, who's next, etc.
I think he has school now, and wants to visit UG less.
How long his ban is?
And damn, he's in charge of the collab!!!
Nick, you can ban people?
Michel: well, can you suggest something for that sort of tone? They used a JCM800 in studio, I think. I've been thinking Crunch Box, but it seems too fizzy.
Adam has a DLS.
Btw, Michel, can do it do Motley-Crue type stuff (the old Motley Crue things), such as this:
Oh why did he do it?
Why did Rasik get banned?
He had so many fans
A DOD Punkifier
And a Vox amplifier
An account on UG
He was friends with Miss G
But despite all this stuff
He decided he wanted life rough
So he got himself banned
But why, I don't know.
Get the Memory Boy, it'll do a lot more stuff than the Behringer.
This is the first time I see this thread without the regulars
So let me slice neatly through your jugular
While we drive around in my brand-new Jaguar
It's a fancy nice new car.

Damn, I think I'm going mad
The Memory Boy is fully analog too, has chorus/vibrato with a depth control, expression pedal in for either control the delay time or modulation speed (or depth, I dunno).
And the modulation is either triangle-wave or square-wave, you can choose.
"Said", and you've got a point there. You can always circuit-bend it if you don't like the sound
And why not a Memory Boy?
I dunno, they are said to be awfully bad.
Doc knows his synths.
DAMN! A guy is selling a Sovtek black-box Small Stone, modded with hi-quality caps and stuff for 60 bucks, and I don't have that much
Red Witch, not Empress
Nothing. Do you like my poetry, Ryan?
Don't get the reference. Ryan, do you like my poetry?
The first being?
EDIT: Just understood. Lovetone Meatball is cool indeed
Anyways, goodnight.
Shoot on sight.
Damn, I posted all my poetry thinking that no one was here in this thread.
Lol at guys with lotsa gear
They do it for the tone, I hear
But it ain't do nothing, I swear
'Cos when you drink lotsa beer
Nothing matters and you can't hear
All that wonderful gear
So have no fear
I'm here all alone again.
All alone
In this TPR home
Made of pot, I mean stone
And I'm talking on the phone
I'm here alone
Just me and my bones
Wait for the Memory Boy, me thinks. I'm not a big fan of modulation anyway.
Why do you want to get rid of the XP400? And the TC SCF? Make a small TB box for the Deluxe Big Muff?
I want a Moog Delay with lotsa stuff in the loop.
Actually, I think I'll buy a few more pedals, an Octa-Switch (for live use), and buy the rest pedals not to put on the pedalboard, but to mess with them when recording.
There's a rumour you can get about 1s of lo-lo-lo-lo-fi delay out of it when using an expression pedal.
Bye. (to Rasik)
Adam: wow, that's awesome. Check out Michels rig
Just had an awesome jam with my DE-7 and RV-3. I love setting them for asynchronous delays with lots of reverb playing into a bit of dirt on the amp. That way, you get huge textures which get more and more distorted and twisted and stuff. Awesome.
What, you haven't even tried them at all???
Does it have modulated delays?

The Line6 can oscillate?
Never heard you mention it.
I never knew you had the Echo Park until I visited your Facebook
Actually, the Spider IV is said to be loads better than the III.
And a lot depends on your ability to dial in a tone - a friend of mine has a Marshall MG30FX, and he gets nice (not awesome, but it's like, you don't spend time thinking "God, his tone is awful") tones out of it.
Lucky you, we don't even get that kind of gear in Russia. Coolest thing I've seen is a Mesa Electrodyne.
Woah. You mean you want all that hi-gain, the gain being dry as a MILF **** (that's not my analogy, stole it from a guy from an Austrian death-metal band with whom I used to discuss gear a couple of years ago)
What will it be?
Watch some Digitech Timebender videos. They're mind-blowing. Cooler than the octo setting on the Verbzilla.
For reverse it's either the EHX or the Digitech Hardwire, I think.
For delay: look into the TimeBender. It's got rhythmic delay patterns, pitch-shifting on repeats, all kings of awesome stuff.
Or the Seymour Duncan delay: you can mix digital and analog, get modulation on the analog side.
Delay pedal: Memory Boy, Nova Repeater, Digitech DL-8, Digitech Timebender, Boost D.L.A.?
Reverb: EHX Cathedral (when it comes out), RV-3, Digitech RV-7, Boost R.V.B.?
My username is a name of a novel I was writing. I stopped when I realized it became just a load of stupid sentences