Lol at Dan-Jerry Garcia
Damn, the NKVD nearly had you hanging by your balls!
Btw, look out for some MIG amps. They're Russian JCM800 clones which are supposed to be awesome.
Nick: you'll lose your hearing if you go to Dino Jr.
You were looking at vintage stuff a couple of pages back!
Budget? 700$ish?
He's DemoColorScheme.
I wanted a job this summer, but didn't have the time, besides, there aren't a lot of jobs at the moment
That's why I sort of have a solo project: I can mix anything I want, piano things, acoustic ballads, hard-rock stuff, blues riffs, noise and other weird stuff.
Yeah, I didn't say I didn't like the tracks, they're cool. And their quality is very good.
Having different projects is fun indeed - I [possibly may] have a TPR (Truly Post-Rock) project with my classmate on piano, a shoegaze/alt.metal project with a couple of my friends, a groove metal/grindcore project with another one of my classmates and a solo blues/avantgarde thing.
Btw, Ryan, I'll be learning stuff from here: Like, licks and a bit of theory.
You're fast like a cheetah on crack (props to Andrew for this awesome phrase)
Damn, I thought your band was post-rock. It's a bit heavier than Sigur Ros

Big night coming up today - I'm gonna start learning jazz guitar.
Yeah, he's been downsizing though recently, only about 100 pedals left
It's fast-paced because you came here, it's actually been slowing down for the pas few days, everyone has uni and school starting now.
Adam will be jealous
And it's the GOD QUACK, since it's not only an envelope filter
Quote by nightraven
Michel never likes the pedals i find and buy (other than the lunar echo)

and i'm willing to bet the handwired has better components than the ts7. plus it's limited edition, looks cool and has MOJO BABY YEAH

Oh yeah, 5% more touch sensitivity, 3% less noise. And there's no MOJO in it, only DUMBNESS
The Damage Control TimeLine is one awesome pedal.
And Nick: I agree with you on the pricing, but still, the pedal is nothing special. I lol'd when Kayzer bought himself the TS808HW, when you can buy a TS-7 and mod it to to TS808 specs. Or buy a TS9DX and be done
And I see nothing interesting in the Aqua Puss since it's just a Boss DM clone. There's the BBE Two Timer
The Timmy disgusts me. "Transparent Overdrive" WTF? I want my overdrive to be dirty and interesting, not transparent. /rant
Nah, that's cool boutique. Not Klon or Timmy or Aqua Puss
Those drums are for this track, since it's kinda a test thing, we haven't tried collaborating before.
That doesn't mean we shouldn't do our best, still
Yeah, check out his gear. Awesome
This thread has gotten all agitated and lively again This is the latest version of the track. Rasik (unet) is keeping a list, the person next up in the list downloads the track, records his stuff, mixes it down, uploads again, then the next person in the list, etc. Once he gets online, he'll pop you into the list somewhere.
That video looks familiar.
I'm George and btw, Michel, you better start keeping a list of names
What do you mean, you know who he is? >.> <.<
Well, we post-rockers have been talking about doing a track since the beginning of the page, and now we're actually doing it. Post here a bit more and Rasik will notice you
I added you on, my nickname there is Kunstmord.
Btw, you listen to Coldplay?!? I do to
Michel, you should definitely participate in our collab
In case you sheepshaggers don't notice, there are lots of links to pics in his post
Name's Michel. His name, I mean.
Ryan, do you have facebook?
His name is "tape". Not "tool"

Whoa, whoa. Deniz and Adam just got slaughtered, you have awesome gear.
Dang, just noticed he has a bow and ebow
A guy from HCFX. The four awesome-looking pedals on the right are his builds:
"from right to left

sonic crayon TS-style OD (not original)
sonic crayon jawari "sitar in a pedal" (not original)
sonic crayon samplerate reducer, "bitcrusher", and resonant low pass filter (original)
sonic crayon vibrato (original)"
And the big white pedal on the top-right is his custom-designed tremolo. You can "draw" your one waveform and save it to a preset. Awesome.

Damn, that's awesome.
"A bit" is an understatement
Thank God we don't have that kind of weirdness in Russia. You only choose what faculty and course you want to do, and you don't have to choose lectures, lessons
I might get a second degree in Politology if I have time.
Really? I thought you did maths/music/psychology and stuff like that. Btw, how did your exam go?
Any kind of tobacco. Coffee. Take a needle and slightly stab your fingertips, that helps.
Andrew: I'm studying "Mechanics and Applied Mathematics"
As soon as I post that I'm all alone here, people start posting again
Still, I'm the winner so far: 10k and 17k are mine
I'm alone here again.
Damn, the madness will soon begin (20k post madness, I mean)
Oh, btw, looks like I finally may play in a post-rock band. A classmate of mine has got himself a MIDI keyboard and we're gonna try and do some tracks together.
I just don't know much you've missed
Awesome. The vid is very quiet and there's audio only in the left channel. I still have to figure out how to do louder videos.
Lucky you, social networking stuff is terrible

Oh btw, Nick, have you heard about my NPD? Boss RV-3?
Oh, someone said you were banned again
Oh hello there Nick. Where were you?
Adam got a HOG.
We're doing a collab.
The bass sounds awesome, Andrew. Btw, are you on facebook?