Just remember that you'll have to get a good br00t4lz pedal to go with the amp.
The deal sounds cool, but I dunno. You'll need a metul pedal then.
I like me some tritone stuff in 9/8
Kort, added you on Facebook.
Re-20 is awesome indeed, last summer, I was choosing between it and a micro q-tron. Got the micro q-tron and had some money left to buy me a Big Muff.
There's something weird with the Internet at my grandparents' (I'm there currently), can't upload profile pics to Twitter/Facebook.
It'll be better tomorrow, now even the FaceBook chat is acting weird.
Dan, I'm George Oblapenko.
Add me and we'll talk there

John: it works. Your avatar pic is sexy there
9/8 is awesome. John, ur facebook address is messed up. Troy, added.
Damn, can't upload a profile picture to Facebook.
Deniz/John, PM a link to your facebook?
Oh hai Deniz and Ian. I've got Facebook, can someone add me there?
It can get fuzzy?
We're just alone in this thread, right?
Get the Kirk Hammett wah, it's win.
Why are you selling ur Fulltone?
I still don't know which wah I can probably want. A Wilson, I guess. Or the Dunlop CAE one, it sounds gorgeous.
Troy: Get the Subdecay or the EHX Riddle.
Fuzz God II is the shizzle.
Don't get the Screaming Bird. Blompcube said it sounds very harsh and unnatural.
Get an LPB-1 for your big thick sounds. And get a Devi something instead of the Blue Box, imo.
Resonators ftw.
Blue Box ftl.
Where is everybody?
Please, please play "I Love You, I'm Going to Blow Up Your School". My fave Mogwai song
I dunno if it's possible to find some in India. I like betel a lot, but the need to spit puts me off. And you can suck on snus during a lesson, that's uber-cool. One minute, you're drooling all over your notebook, the other, you're blasting through differential equations with inhuman speed
Good luck with the test!
Ah, that's cool.
I dunno if I have a nicotine addiction yet, but snus is like, the perfect thing - slightly peppery, a bit sour, tasty, keeps you awake and smiling
Next summer = new MacBook summer, and I'll be getting me Superior Drummer to finally do my blues EP. An EP with 15 songs
I post pictures of ants and other terrible bugs, eat snus, listen to Tom Waits and laugh a lot. Oh, and I wear my NKVD raincoat, trying to figure out which one of you slippery bastards is going to attack MOTHERLANDDDD!
Yeah, record the EP. What's the song "Leningrad" going to be about? Just don't make it about the ska-punk band "Leningrad", which has some offensive lyrics.
I dunno, I read the Axe-FX manual just out of interest, and I kinda thought that the "very realistic" amp models were the selling point, the modulation didn't seem too interesting. The Vetta appeals to me a lot more, besides, it's not some stupid rack thingy, but an actual amp!
I dunno, I'm kinda getting more into post-post-rock. Like, more delay than the original signal. More reverb than can be considered sane. More dissonant stuff (see user title).
I've been lurking here all day. You should've seen the things I do when no one's keeping an eye on this thread
Well, um, first post in the thread. I know that NIN used Vetta II during their last tour (plus pretty big pedalboards).
BTW, the Vetta I software can be upgraded to Vetta II software.
Boss TU-1000 (I think it's called that). It's bigger than a DL4.
I dunno yet, I'm kinda set on a Matamp or Fender DRRI as my next amp. The versatility of these things is what attracts me, though.
Still, that's cheaper than buying a Q-Tron and a Seek-o-Wah
IbanezPsycho lives in the Czech Republic? Wow.
And I do hope Randall comes out with more modules, even though I'm not planning to buy a MTS something.
John, how much are you paying for your Hyper-Wacky Envelope Quack?
I say get the Big Box Big Muff, because who knows when the Memory Toy will come out and how it will sound.
Actually, write an e-mail to Randall about stereo-ing the modules in your RM4. I swear I heard of someone who managed to do that after asking Randall.
Yeah, so we'll have to try harder now!
I'll post during my 2 hours trip to university
Still, we might get to page 500 by the 1st of September if we're lucky.
And having low-volume tube amps is OK - you can play gigs mic'd, didn't you know that? :ahah
Wait for another one to pop up?
Wow. That's like, loud. I have the volume on my 120-watter on 1.5 usually. On 1 if I use more gain