Good luck!
And if you buy a Jazz Chorus, I suggest you spend some money on a EHX LPB 2Ube to run before it (that way, you can use level boosters to add overdrive).
Ryan, get the Vetta already!!!
Carvin Legacys are good, I liked the clean tones when I played one.
The XXX is said to be too treble-y.
Andrew: how's your contribution to the collaboration coming along? And it's kinda a mix between stripboard and perfboard, there are lots of three-hole rows with each one of the three holes interconnected. I dunno how to cut it into small pieces though (And there's no need to cut it, you just have to carefully plan out the design to use as little space as possible)
I stole lotsa stuff from schools physics lab, old soviet diodes, a big slab of stripboard, lotsa transistors.
Fresh can of snus is heavenly.
Bye guys, I'm off to buy me snus and eat junk food
Oh damn. I'm just thinking about getting a Major's degree somewhere in Canada, and as I imagine having to somehow transport my pedalboard and guitar over there... Still, things might change in the next few years.
I dunno.
Andrew, did you take all your gear with you when you left for Canada? Or did you buy it there?
Lol at the gay guy posting in my thread on HCFX
Matamps > everything. I still want a 7-watt one with a custom-made logo. Maybe, sometime...
I hate the way Melody Makers look. Never tried one though. My stoner rock guitar will be that plywood SG
Breakfast at McDonalds = win, especially if there's nothing in the fridge.
Morning guys. 5 hours of sleep and I feel terrible. Going to have breakfast in McDonalds.
Nice work on the logo, Andrew.
Now I'm REALLY off to sleep
I love DBA stuff, but Andrew said he heard they were of poor build quality.
And I usually wear pajamas, but today - it'll be jeans and a shirt. We Russians are lazy
I'm off to sleep. Sleeping in clothes = TPR.
Watching Ed, Edd and Eddy right now. Even more psychedelia?
So Andrew's supposed to record some bass?
Rasik, how's the collab coming along?
I'm watching cow and chicken right now. Awesome psychedelia.
1:50 am. And I have to get up at 9 am. This calls for coffee. Coffee right now, so I sleep even less.
Everyone is gone again.
I meant stung. Jeez, it was quite scary, that huge thing flying around me. We do get huge amounts of horse-flies in the summer, that sucks.
Get some sleep? And having infected ears sucks.
I nearly got bit by a hornet today, that was very scary. We don't usually get hornets around here, so that's weird.
Come over to MySpace, we will Twitter a bit, and then I'll Google all over your Facebook (c) - HCFX
They're like, the amount of glitchiness on them is negative. They have negative entropy. If enough HOGs are made, the universe won't end. We will be able to travel in time.
I guess I'll probably PM some sentences to John and some to Dan so that there's more mystery surrounding the story
Yeah, I kinda guessed that
How's the HOG treating ya?
And btw, how old are you?
OK, I'll PM you when the Time Is Right
My favourite pic is a no-name I found on the floor in school. But my pick tastes usually always change, so I just buy 10 or so picks of all sizes and shapes and inter-change them. I prefer medium stuff though.
Ryan has spelling problems.
Oh, btw, guys and gals for whom English is a native language: I need your help. I'm writing a short story and need someone to check the tenses and grammar in some sentences. Who can do it?
DAMN. A shop in Moscow is selling a DOD Punkifier. I might order it when I'll have some money. I was actually checking whether they have some Ibanez patchcables (I need them to replace my multi-coloured cheap sh*tty ones).
Listening to Rob Zombie and I want a distortion again. I want to play the BR00T4LZ!

KFC ftw.
As for reverb, RV-3>>>RV-5.
DE-7 into RV-3 on mode 7 alters my consciousness well enough
I've got no more snus. Will have to wake up at 9 am and take a 40-minute trip to buy some.
Damn, this thread is getting into some serious stoner-rock stuff
Such as: "Nachos with paprika ftw!". That'd be a good ending.
Who wrote that? What does the author smoke? I want some of that stuff too
Bring me up to date, Ryan
WTF has been going on during the last two pages? King of the hill, invisible texts, deleting posts, WTF indeed?!?
Morning. Lol at the jail jokes btw. That SG is hawt, i'd love one. The only problem is that it's made of plywood
wat 75 pedals omg.
My list: big muff, blue box (sold), digitech rp50, boss mt-2(modded), boss cs-3(sold), ehx lpb-1, ehx micro qtron, DE7, RV3.
I like the fuzz factory.
Ryan, get the Vetta goddamit or I'll shave off my nipples!
Hello, people.
I have no vinyl
Btw, this is some Soviet effects unit.

Night guys.
Um, I and Deniz posted our Book Collection.
"Collector's Value Guide: Pokemon" Deniz WTF?!?

Adam: that's awesome