Btw, Troy, how's the Lace Sensor? Which one do you have?
Deniz: what are you going to do with "We"?
And I'm gonna make a list of all my books so I don't lose them, will post it here. It'll be huge
I think Deniz was talking about books
Btw, Deniz, what are you going to do with "Me"?
And half of my books are in English.
Some of those that I have:
Kurt Vonnegut - "Jailbird", "Slaughterhouse #5", "Bluebeard", "Hocus Pocus", "Bagombo Snuff Box"
Hunter S. Thompson - "Hells Angels", "Kingdom Of Fear", "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", "Fear and Loathing: on the Campaign Trail of '72"
Chuck Palahniuk - "Rant", "Snuff", "Haunted", "Diary", "Stranger Than Fiction"
Stuart MacBride - "Cold Granite", "Dying Light", "Broken Skin"
Stephen King - "The Stand", "The Shining"
All the Harry Potter books
A couple of books on art and lotsa more stuff
The Transparent OD if you don't want a mid-hump (and want a very "uncoloured" overdrive tone), an Ibanez TS7 if you want a mid-hump, a Digitech Bad Monkey if you want sort of a Tubescreamer sound but without such a big mid-hump (according to my ears, the Bad Monkey has less mids than a usual tubescreamer).
If the Malekko ever releases the 616 and 919... The 919 is an analog delay with tap tempo, 900 ms of time, tone circuit, modulation.
But my fave analog delay is the Moog one: up to 1s of delay time, effects loop, every parameter can be controlled by an expression pedal (4 expression pedal inputs), great tone.
DMM indeed might work. Or say "SCREW YOU PEOPLE" and get a Moog delay.
I think TimeFactor because of the versatility.
Deucetone rat. It's made by ProCo too, basically two Rats in one. Each part has separate ins and outs, and you can have it set up to get two Rats cascaded or two Rats in different parts of your chain or whatever. And each Rat has a Vintage/Turbo/Dirty/Clean selector switch on the back.
So, current GAS in pictures:

I deleted all the pics. And it was a bird-eating spider, they're not dangerous, as far as I know.

Being eaten alive by ants must be terrible. Or being killed by a Japanese hornet swarm.
Jeez, I hate bugs too, but only in real life. Well, I'm scared to death of ants, but other than that...
I can delete the pics.
Sorry for the pics Deniz, it was the coffee, not me, I swear!
Got me a bookshelf, started organizing the books (like: "Arts and reference", "Politics, Biographies and History", etc.).
I have an empty shelf with three books sitting lonely on it: The Bible (King James English version), a Bible I stole from a church in Finland and Hexenhammer. I dunno what else I can put on that shelf. Unless I decide that the shelf will be for sci-fi books
They made me do this.

You do like bugs, right?
This thread shall not perish! I shall keep it alive until someone else arrives!

Dasiy Owl is the most awesome comic ever.
When I saw this:

I wish I had an owl for a parent.
5 teaspoons of ground coffee per one cup of hot water = I'm fully awake now.
Yeah, it's been posted here a few times
EHX Tube Wiggler. Does some awesome vibrato/leslie stuff. Check out the PGS demo.
No. Sunburst + black = hawt.
Looks like I got an offer on me Ibanez. Woop-woop! John, have you seen mah video? Seeing as you play the violin, awfully played fretless guitar might be your thing
Column cleaner.
Nighty, Andrew
Anyway, he doesn't appear here anymore. Maybe he got tired of post-rock and started playing THE METULZ?!?
Whoa, what?!? What for? For how long? Damn.
Yeah, this thread seems to be slowing down recently.
Haven't seen Nick and Laurent around here for ages...
Yeah, my father put me onto it. He said that after on of his gigs, a guy from the came to him and said: "What's that mini Ebow you're using? What, it's a coin?!?"
They're great for doing atmospheric stuff
Oh btw, there's some cool TPR coin rif***e near the end.
The video I promised - the huge leather raincoat, fretless guitar and only the Big Muff/RV-3. Sound terrible.

EDIT: It's mostly me fooling around. Looks stupid
Quote by xwearesinking
I also picked up the book I ordered in, We, by Yevgeny Zamyatin.

It's in Russian

Need help with the translation?

I'll be in for the TPF track, even though I have no idea what Post-Fusion means
Adam knows French. Wadqserdgefttfhrgy flamespam w00t.
hnpd, John!
Btw, the guitarist of Einsturzende Neubauten uses a Kaoss Pad live, but then, his guitar never sounds like a guitar
Well, Rasik did the main drumloop, Troy did the synths. I did the oscillations in the beginning and my part is that big reverb-y backdrop (you can here it in the beginning, when it's just drums). Towards the end, I do some more ambience, my parts are kinda hard to hear, but they are there and add to the track pretty much, imo.
All the distorted guitars are by Rasik.
I also did some tin-can percussion work there.
Troy, cool accent dude! You sound kinda shy though...
Latest version.
Just post here that you want to contribute (and when you'll be able to) and Rasik will put you into his list.
I suppose so. Just wait
The Fuzz God I kinda consider sort of "If the Fuzz Factory was designed the good way by a good person" - it's got loads of awesome fuzz tones, and some great oscillations.
Check the PDS demo. And read this:
I had one, it was terrible. Get a MI Audio Polyanna or something like that, it'll be more versatile and useful.
Red Witch Fuzz God II. It sounds absolutely awesome.
Btw, "In Bruges" is a great film. Went to watch it on a rainy day, was the only one in the cinema.
Rasik: will post fretless video tomorrow. The playing is terrible though, because it hangs lower than my, um, balls, so it's really uncomfortable. But looks cool
I thought you were going for a green finish, Adam?
Adam, you'll be carving and routing the body yourself?
Piezos on electrics = good.
Did the fretless video with the NKVD raincoat, but will upload it only tomorrow.