I think it'd be easier to export as wav/aiff.
Quote by HeavyReverb
Rasik: OGG isn't lossless, MP3 and AIFF are though

and get Logic or Reason

MP3 isn't lossless?!!??!??!??!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!? Not correct.
Adobe Audition, Rasik
And Logic doesn't work on PCs
Rasik: Why should I use OGG?
And I'll do the drums stuff, but it'll take a few days, okay?

Deniz: you're right, it's Room1, Room2, Hall and Plate.
Yeah, post a demo.
Btw, Rasik, specially for you, I can record each one of the tincans separately, several hits with different force, on different parts of the cans and stuff. Kind of like those fancy drum libraries (Superior Drummer, Drumkit From Hell, etc.).
And I won't add compression and reverb (I added them so that the drums fit in the mix better)
Haha, will do. Actually, might do today, if my mom goes shopping later in the evening
Only Big Muff and Reverb? Damn, that'll be hard. And on a fretless...
Spring, Room, Hall1, Hall2. Then there 3 delay modes (different time ranges), and 4 delay+reverb modes (no reverb controls, I think, you can only adjust the delay time and feedback, modes are again Delay+Spring, etc.).
I don't have any good solo songs I thought about doing a Tom Waits cover, but I have only one microphone, and I don't have an acoustic guitar, so "Had Me A Girl" is currently out of question.
Oh wait, I'll demo my fretless!
Nah, actually I'm all for democracy. And for allowing to drink beer in public places - this May, I was hauled to the police station for this
And yes, I'll don the raincoat as soon as I think of something worth video-demoing.
Democracy ftl.
Speaking of politics, my father gave me his old leather rain-coat, looks exactly like those worn by the NKVD (Andrew knows what I'm talking about). Next time I do a video demo, I'll wear it.
After two votes out of 8

Rasik: We need TPR to be in the name

Hey, everyone! Get on here and tell what you think!
Andrew, shouldn't you be, like, you know, kinda, sleeping?
The mixing? Well I guess that the person who records his stuff can mix it down himself, upload, and re-adjust the levels if the others don't like them. So far, it has worked.

And as for my parts getting dimmed down in the mix: the track still sounds fuller imo, I wanted to more of an ambient-backdrop stuff anyway. I'll do some Big-Muffing, it's just that the Big Muff things I did yesterday I didn't like.

Band name: it'll have to have TPR in it Maybe the "Ambien TPR Walrus"?

Ryan: Eb Major.
The Big Muff is certainly pretty oomphy. I'd get a Big Muff AND a Tone Wicker (to use with the tone off).
Whatever sound cool. Maybe a Gilmoresque intro leading into shreddy stuff? I think the track should kinda evolve into noise at the end.
Rasik, sounds very cool.
You used a bow, right?
Yeah, the percussion sounds cool now, I think it gives the drums a bit more realistic feel or something
By the way, I want to record something later, when the track will be nearly fully done, ok? Something louder, I mean

And we should think of a band name so we can upload it to
I'm off to the gym. Today's Morrowind day
Yeah, when watching pedal reviews, I'm kinda accustomed to hearing "Hi, this is Andy", not a Russian voice
Andrew: check this out: Recognize the opening riff (the one with the pedal, not the shreddy intro)?
I dunno, never tried a real Les Paul, but when I was in Finland, I went to check out the Hagstrom Super Swede (a bit different from a Les Paul, cheaper, and supposed to be awesome), and it was so goddamn heavy! And I realized I don't like single-cutaway guitars because of the upper-fret access.
MG half stack? You used it because there was nothing else to use or because it sounded cool?
How's the BBE Two Timer?
Quote by unet
Umm...JM> Tele.

What'd i miss?

George, the clips sound brilliant.
I'm not sure if you changed the ambiance volume, but it sounds fine now.
I'll mix in the drums separately by this evening and try to send it to Andrew with my parts included.

Also, im not going to have the tin percussion going gives the track a lack of direction.

Yeah, I lowered the volume a bit and did some more panning things. You're going to do another drum track?
And well, I guess we can have percussion on the next jam
Quote by stevo_epi_SG_wo
you do AS levels first

also: applied maths...thatll be physics then

Nah, we have a Maths faculty and a Physics faculty, and the Maths faculty is divided into groups, one of them being "Mechanics and Applied Maths". The rest groups are devoted to software development, which is bleh.
And congrats, Stevo, I guess?

Bene - I have a NYC RI Big Muff, love it. Dunno about the Tone Wicker, check the PGS demo.
Night, guys and Gal(s).
I don't like the look of Jags/Stangs/Jazzmasters/Jagmasters.

Oh, btw, when I'll buy me a power supply and a new guitar, it'll be my last gear purchases for about a year. Gotta start saving up for a proper MacBook and audio interface.
That sucks
Gailan, someone asked FM4 opinions on the previous page. What's your opinion?
Oh, no experience with Morrowind on Macs. I'll read and try to help, still.
Tele=Strat>Everything else.
Where's Nick? I haven't seen him for a while.
Trading Way Huge stuff behind my back, are we?
I thought you've already had your A levels last summer, Stevo?
I have been admitted to university, btw. Mechanics and Applied Math ftw.
You should totally get at least 50 bucks for it.
What do you think of the track?
Adam: I think you should be able to get 50 for it. But I live in Russia, and gear is overpriced here, so I dunno really.

TPR Jam Participators (and Rasik, the organizer):
New mixdown (drums are kinda in sync now, but I still have bad timing, so they're impossible to get perfect)
The same, but without the percussion
The percussion by itself

Since Rasik is keeping the lists and co-ordinating this thing, I guess we now wait for him to say what's next.
Reverbs: look into the RV-3 (see my video for some cool stuff it can do), Spring Chicken (Nick worships it). The Boost RVB seems cool too.

Rasik: I decided to screw the solo, it sounds meh (soloing is for Ryan).
I'll upload the drums and lower the ambience levels a bit. (Btw, maybe as Montag-Adam said, the drums should stay the same?)
Btw, that extra ambience in the end is DE-7->RV-3 (with delay and reverb) set to 100% wet, and I did some tapping. Sounds very cool.
Deniz: did you see my RV-3 video?

Everyone: check the latest version of the TPR jam track, tell what you think? Rasik said that he'll put the percussion in sync and told me to lower the ambience levels a bit. The solo won't be there.
Quote by unet're horribly off time with the drums!

Also, definitely reduce the volume of everything.

Although the drums sound pretty interesting.
All the ambient noise is definitely a keeper.

Could you upload a track without the solo and the percussion, just the orginal and the ambience.
Also reduce the volume of the ambience.

Then also upload separately, the drums and the solo...i'll mix them in time with the original.

I just understood why - I'm recording without ASIO drivers, and the latency is huge, so while I played in sync, it became totally out of time
I'll do it in a couple of hours, I've gotta dash right now
Is the solo bad or not? Because I dunno if it should stay...
Make the ambience quieter? I thought it was pretty quiet... OK, will do.

Yes, the video only has audio in its left channel. The oscillations are done by the DE-7.
Rasik has done the main drums, and I'm doing the out-of-sync percussion stuff

Btw, if the drums are out of time because of my sloppy drumming with Chinese food sticks and not because of the latency, I guess it'll be easier to scrap them totally.
Andrew, tell me what you think of the current version (the link in the post above yours) and the RV-3 video?
Triple post yay!
Here's the song in its current state:
I'm off to meet some friends, please tell me whether I should leave everything as is or delete some parts?