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ollies and kickflips aren't hardcore. lmfao


and check craigslist, you can find some cheap stuff
it's funny enough by itself
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Actually if he lives in certain parts of the US, he may be able to with parental consent, but he will need a signed consent form and his parents will need to be present.

and without a front on picture, its hard to tell what would look good. However, from your profile shot a nose piercing would look nice.

ok, well i uploaded a front picture, can you let me know what you think? thanks so much for helping!
Hey guys, I'm 14 and I'm a male. I'm thinking about getting a piercing. I haven't had anything pierced before, and I don't know what would be a good one to do, or what will look good, I've thought of an eyebrow or an ear. I think an eyebrow would be more unique. But what do you guys think? And how can I know what will look good. Thanks!
Ok, i added you, my aim is lukehobbes
all i need to know is that your in haha and what do you play? lol and actually, do you guys have aim instead? i can get aim on my ipod that way I'm constantly on if you have questions or anything
Ok, anyone else?

and racer, do you have msn so we can talk? or something of that sort
Awesome, that sounds like it'll work out, just gotta see who else is interested
Hey guys, I'm luke. I've been playing guitar for almost 4 years now, and I used to do online bands all the time, but with school i kinda lost it, but I want to start up again. So I'm not sure if this will lead to a full band or just a few people jammin, but either way, let me know. I use Guitar Pro for composition, and my rp-350/custom made flying v/esp-ec-1000/Adobe Audition to record. I'm up for any genre to be honest, so whatever you want, just let me know, I'm pretty flexible and I love all types of music. I hope I'm not being to vague. You can check out my recording on my profile, it's pretty old, but it shows my recording quality. Ok, thanks!

Hey, I'd love to do the lead guitar part, I'm been in many online bands, and I guess you could say I'm experienced, will be coming up on 4 years of guitar soon, I use an rp-350 usb into adobe audacity and i have 4 guitars, will most likely either be recording with my esp- ec-100 or my custom flying v, If you need me to record a "demo" or whatever, just let me know. I have MSN, but I don't use it very often with school nowadays, but if needed we can use it to communicate, I'll stop ramblin now haha just get back to me
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With that setup, you couldn't go wrong with the EC-1000.

for sure, that's what i'm using now, and it's amazing
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Pickle down your trousers. Just make sure it's in front, and try to stay near the section of the crowd most heavily populated by women.

don't follow this advice, this is the advice for a guitarist..
/bad bassist joke
Can't really help cause I have the exact same problem

ps, huge fan of boyce avenue
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.antbanner { background-color:transparent; position:absolute; z-index:9; left:50%; top:5px; margin-left:-400;
<div class="antbanner"><center>
<img src="PLACE URL HERE" width="800" height="250" /></center></div>

that should do the trick, and change the height and width accordingly
It's a banner, you use a code, give me a sec, i'll go dig it up haha i used to be huge into myspace layouts with div codes and all
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I bloody love you.

Yeah, i'm out with flu too, everybody has it, it's not all that bad though
8/10, i rated your guitars sexiness haha

heres a link for everyone that can't press the more pictures button haha :
I'm #21
10 for the hat! haha that's like the most amazing hat ever
6.5, digging the stache bro!

Heres a link to the pic:
and i'm number 21
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ummm...6/10 i guess?
its pretty hard to rate a cartoon...

That's my old one, did my football one upload? argh, i hate these things! haha
6/10 i got skipped earlier

P.S. my profile pic is updating, but the pic is up there
6/10 haha now if it was your avatar....
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Hey guys I'm back, with another rendition. Yeah i know it's a jonas brothers song, but without the vocals it's actually a decent song. So it's got 5 tracks, 3 guitars, bass, and some percussion i did on my guitar. It's only like 30 seconds cause i was just kinda messing around cause i just learned it today, but any suggestions on what to fix if i continue to make a full version? Thanks guys, i love to hear your comments

My Kinda Lovebug
return the ipod and buy an english book
Can't be touched - roy jones jr. that's my football song this year haha
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"Excuse me, while I kiss the sky."

"Excuse me, while i kiss this guy."
Ok, I pmed you to talk about it, anyone else the spot is still open for now, just morphine is in 1st place right now haha
Hi there, I'm datrooper. I'm looking for a vocalist that would like to do some collabs with me. I play guitar and I've been playing for almost 4 years. I listen to all types of music and I'm open to anything. They way it would work is how online bands work, I'd record all the guitars and such, then send it on to you the you do your vocals, then we master it, and post it! I think starting with some covers to gain some popularity would be a good idea, but I have a few originals layed out, and I'm open to any suggestions. I'd like you to be of teen age, but age isn't really a big deal, I just think a teen's voice is kinda better for this. I'd like to look at doing some pop songs, but if that's really not your thing, than that's fine. If you're even remotely interested in this or have any questions, please feel free to post here or email me at I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks in advance!
is riding ponies outside of walmart, can anyone lend me some quarters?
I never say it, i just stand there with a dumb look on my face