Such a shame. The word genius tends to get thrown around a lot these days, but Patrice O'Neal was absolutely a genius. Heartbreaking. RIP Patrice :'(
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Ah, being a Mac user I always forget PC's don't typically come with FireWire... my apologies!

No worries man Thanks so much for the advice, its been very helpful!
I've done a bit more looking around. i've looked at the focusrite saffire pro 14, which is in my price range and seems to have everything i need, except its a firewire interface. Another guy at GC had previously mentioned the Scarlett 8i6, which seems to have the same features as the Saffire but with usb. Seems like a pretty logical choice. Any reasons to avoid it?
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Can I ask why you feel you need MIDI input? I mean, most modern MIDI keyboards (aside from those designed for the stage) have USB outputs and send their MIDI data to a computer via USB, so unless you already have the keyboard you wanna use and it doesn't have a USB output, I'd suggest you get an interface without MIDI (widens your options in the entry-level considerably) and a USB keyboard.

Makes sense lol. Point taken.
To be honest, the drums aren't that important, so long as the sound quality is halfway decent and it gets the job done.

Also, im not totally determined to purchase from these two brands, they just are two units that sort of stood out, so any advice on other units in the price range is welcome (must be usb, xlr/instrument in, and preferably a decent bundled software)
Okay folks, I've spent the last two months doing research on usb audio interfaces, trying find which one might be the best purchase for me. Its for an EP/Demo (guitars, bass, keys, drums) that i will be making for a school project, and its about time i start looking to buy.

So, after doing a great deal of research, i went to my local Guitar Center having decided to purchase the Tascam US-600. Its a newer product, so there haven't been many reviews on it yet, but from what i have read, tascam generally seem to put out a good product. However, the sales guy said that tascam interfaces have shitty preamps and "7/10 times, they get returned" Obviously this wouldn't be the first time a GC employee said something that might be stupid, but he still convinced me not to buy just yet.

He instead reccomended the Presonus Audiobox bundle, which is bundled with a condenser mic and cable, which, although nice, i planned on acquiring later anyway. Plus, from what i've heard, Audioboxes haverather mediocre preamps and are riddled with driver problems.

The Tascam has 6 ins and bundled Cubase LE vs Audiobox's 2 and Studio one Artist. Both have MIDI support. Budget is $300 or less

So, any suggestions? Being new to this, advice on the bundled software as well as on brand reliability would also be greatly appreciated.
Hey guys

I have decided that for my senior project in school i am going to try and record a demo of around 5 or 6 songs (which will include guitars, bass, and drums, all performed by me) and in the process learn a little about audio recording and production. As a result, i am now in the market for my first USB Audio interface. My budget is around $150-$300 I have done a little bit of research and am considering getting this. Its a bundle with an interface, mic, stand, cables, monitors and a beginners protools software. Seems like a pretty good deal to me. Any advice for me on this particular product, or any suggestions on what to get?

TL;DR: in the market for a USB Audio interface. Budget around $150-$300. Suggestions/advice would be appreciated.
Ok, so I recently became the proud owner of a Peavey Valveking 212. This being my first tube amp, Ive been blown away by the quality of the tone, being accustomed to the awful tone of line 6 spiders and the like. However, i've been looking for a bit more crunch in the lead channel. So today, since i don't have any distortion or OD pedals, i decided to try and plug my DeltaLab DGFX1 processor into the amp. I turned the volume of the amp to zero, plugged the processor in (ensuring that the levels on it were all at zero) and as soon as i turned the amp volume up slightly, a high pitched screech let out(wasn't feedback, my guitar volume was off). I immediately pulled the cables out of the effects send/return. Being a tube amp noob and not wanting to damage my near $700 investment, i neglected to try it again.

I had previously researched the topic of using pedals for this amp and had come to the conclusion that it was uncommon to use MFX processors on the Valveking. Is this true? if so what did i do wrong?
1. At Last-Katatonia
2. Fell on Black Days-Soundgarden
3. Oh My ****ing God-Strapping Young Lad
4. On My Sleeve-Creed (I'm so sorry)
5. The Apostle in Triumph-Opeth
hey people, I've been writing a lot of lyrics and poetry recently in hopes of improving my skill. Most of it thus far has been pretty idiotic (intentionally might i add), but this is my first "serious" work as of late. Keep in mind it's a work in progress. Tell me what you think.

A thousand holocausts
Screaming in pain
Knowing that all is lost
Solace is maimed

It flabbergasts me
how we hate to be free
now in contemplation

hope only weakens
during misfortune
malevolent inspiration
do to them as they did to you

a thousand holocausts
gnawing at your soul
bleeding out on the floor
wishing to one day be whole

tenant of sorrow
knocks on my door
begging for repose
I tell him there's no more

I'd count my blessings
if any remained
awaiting the promise
that you ordained

(to be continued)
Hey guys, I need some advice

I got a couple hundred bucks saved up and i want to buy an amp. Searching the web, two in particular caught my eye: Fender Frontman 65 R and Raven RG60.

I've heard many good things about the frontman and hear it has a great clean tone. I haven't heard much about Raven except what i've read in reviews and that a friend of mine said he played through one and liked it. I need advice.

I have a schecter omen 6 and a deltalab dgfx effects proccessor. The amp i currently have is a 30 watt crate gfx 15. I play mostly metal and blues.

Any advice? I'd appreciate it
When it comes down to value, schecter is hard to beat.
I call them heart disease
This is a poem/short story that I wrote about an hour ago. It is really an assignment for my literature class, in which we are supposed to write journal entries or what have you to convey our emotions for an upcoming poetry unit. It is written in third person. I haven't decided which parts are about me yet. None the less...

He is pacing,
Searching for something,
Searching for nothing,
He cannot ease his mind.
The slings and arrows of torrment scar up his soul.
The excuses, valid or not,
Cannot dismiss his actions.
Now he sits,
On his face an expression intense enough to shatter a mirror.
The silence that surrounds him,
It is nothing short of serene.
He looks at then in disgust.
He has never seen as fake or as self motivated people in his life.
The phony smiles,
The fake laughter,
The narrow minded, skin deep values
Instilled upon them by thier parents.
It is enough to make him sick.
He wants for them, death.
So too himself.
In each of them,
He sees a small piece of himself.
It's enough to make him sick.

Oh, and please comment!
I have been out since Tuesday and school's been canceled tomorrow

That has got to be the stupidest thing i have ever heard in my entire life.
Honestly? sure its got a good paint job but COME ON!

One pickup and a ****ing volume nob. I could have a custom paint job done on my guitar for like $25.
i dont think dimebag could read music
Who ever told u the weeping demon sucked is a dumbass. Id get that or Morley Tremoti wah
Damn dude, that's deep. Good work
Assasin's Creed

Richard Head


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The Thousand Year Circumcision

Chief Small C*ck and the Baby Pandas
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