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the whole family

Awesome rig!!!
Disney Pop
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Thats the coolest board man! 17 effects! Awesome. And speaking of fitting all those onto a board, how could I do that with 17 pedals? I mean, building one is an option but is there a big-ass pedalboard I could buy to fit around 20 pedals?

They're not plugged in :stickpoke
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^ it's cool man.

and also, is it me or does a lot of 'high end' makers seem really backed-up and have huge backorders right now?

That's probably because they only want to make enough pedals to match the specific demand. They don't want to overproduce and waste valuable materials.
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It's a wee-bit messy, but I tried to set it up so that I could get a little bit of Randy Rhoads tone and a Synyster Gates tone as well. I'm still a BIG amateur though, so any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!

Awesome rig!
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Slightly off-topic, but why'd he get banned?

Probably for doing something really stupid
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Wow, 1974 posts on 99 pages from almost 3 years all from this little thread from some guy who who got banned....

It's truly amazing, isn't it?
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Nice board

Now you will tell me where you got the XO DMM.... :stickpoke
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Get a real tuner! Also, what's that's altoids box?

I want to get a Pitchblack, as soon as I start to gig with my band.

The Altoids box is where I hold all my picks, earplugs, my slide, etc.... Now I rarely lose any picks
Just got the Monsterpiece today (Happy NPD!)

The two empty spaces on both sides of the Phase 90 is where my EHX Stereo Pulsar and EHX Stereo Electric Mistress are gonna be when they come next week
Monsterpiece Classic/MK.II
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nothing like a simple pedal board, or old keybord rack with green duct tape covering it with two-way tape under the pedals. although i am gassing or a ZVex Fuzz Factory and a Digitech Whammy. (whammy is coming in the mail.)

Ghetto :stickpoke

I like the green-colored pedalboard though
Ok... Here the scores from me:
Fallen Awakening - 8
Originality - 8
Enjoyment - 7.5
Complexity - 8.5

Coming Up For Air - 8
Originality - 7
Enjoyment - 8
Complexity - 9

As If It Never Happened - 8.83
Originality - 8
Enjoyment - 9.5
Complexity - 9

Lolicore - 9.5
Originality - 9.5
Enjoyment - 9.5
Complexity - 9.5
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That's not a pedalboard :stickpoke
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slloooooowwww night.

i've been thinking about starting to get into building some fuzzes/boosts. should i start with a EHX LPB clone? i can get the GGG kit for $38. or try the microamp clone and source the parts. i know this isnt GB&C, but we are pedal people!

You can go to an electronic store get all the parts to build your pedal for like $15. All you need to do is bring them the schematic
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no pedalboard necessary, just get a slab of plywood and some velcro
get a 1spot power supply, or any 9v power supply with a daisy chain since all those pedals need 9v if i remember correctly
don't get the boss ce-5, imo they're horrible

I actually thought that Boss strangely did a good job on the CE-5

But i'm actually digging the chorus sound on the EHX stereo electric mistress (I'm GASing pretty bad for this pedal )
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Will you tell me all about the Stereo Memory Man, plez?

I'm looking at one, but I need to know opinions from people who have used it.

I seriously love this pedal! My favorite pedal on my board so far. It's so versatile and has tons of different sounds in it. It takes time to get used to though, because of all the different things on it. But I seriously do not regret buying this pedal (especially at the price i paid for it - $135 :cool.
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love the altoids on the board

Thanks...It's my pick holder
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Good sir, I believe your fine post to be entirely plagiarized from an earlier source!

Righto! We should arrange that this ruffian be expelled from our circle... no need for such foolishness here.
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Yeah, if you have a corrupt leader, then you don't leave him in power. Are you a moron?

You can't remove a dictator from office democratically... You can't just initiate Operation Valkyrie
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That's a very western view of his presidency.
Don't believe everything the media tells you aobut him. Ours tries to make him out to be Stalin, whereas theirs makes him out to be Jesus.

There are good and bad things of his rule. You have to keep an open mind.

Most illegitimate argument I've ever heard...
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im going at 12pm tomorrow after my calc class with some of my buddies. it is going to be so awesome.
this is what im going to look like when i get the free grand slam

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Don't know how the American law system really works, but that Judge seemed like a self-righteous dramatic bitch drunk with power. In England at least everyone gets a fair say. Again though, I'm not really aware of the context here.

Don't take an American daytime tv judge seriously... it is not even a legitimate example of the American law system
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Judge Milian owns this guy

listen in at 1:35.

That's old
^ Is that a Laney in the top left hand corner?
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Don't get any Behringer Distortion pedals. If thats your price range, get a Boss DS-1

Then get a Keeley mod on it
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Sexy as hell mate, planning on one of those myself this year

Thanks! Yah I love the HSS, especially when it's switched to the humbucker and I have my hall reverb on max = awesomeness
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Hahaha, the altoids made me laugh.
Btw, how do you like the coilled cables? or is it just a looks thing?
I've heard they give a different tone

the altoids case holds all my picks

Yah it kinda does but it doesn't add alot of color...
But I got that cable yesterday so I can't really give you an 100% accurate answer

I like it though because it's nice and compact for easy transport and for gigging

DS-1 is waiting to get modified

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...there is always at least 2 15 year old fags playing metal-core on a line 6.

anybody else ever notice this?

I can count the number of threads, identical with this one, with the amount of stars in outer space....