Band name: Saltwater Sky
Genre: Progressive Metal, Djent, Deathcore, Math Metal
Influences: Structures, Periphery, Erra, Corelia, Born of Osiris, Cloudkicker, Glass Cloud, Scale The Summit, Monuments, Perfect Circle, Textures, Sithu Aye, Angel Vivaldi, Animals As Leaders.

Looking for something with basic colors. Just a general band logo.
Looking for something pertaining to logos like our influences, specifically Corelia, Structures, Periphery, and Glass Cloud's type of logo. Very modern and sleek design like most of the Djent and Progressive Metal scene today.
We'd appreciate what anyone has to offer, thanks!
Sorry, not really in to extreme shapes. I'll get the pictures up soon.

I've got a black Jackson SLS3 MIJ w/ brand new Dimarzio Dominions installed. It's minty and comes with the OHSC. I can get pics up if anybody really wants them.

I'm mainly interested in trades for highish-end 7's or 8's like Carvin, ESP, Jackson, Ibanez, etc. I could budge for the right 6er, but I'm more interested in 7's and 8's at this point.
Just offer if you're interested!

Bump, looking for amp heads! May even consider cheaper heads plus guitars!
Bump. Interested in heads/cabs too. Could deal w/ Mesa or Modified 5150/5150II. Offer me anything!
Bump. I'd also be interested in a POD HD Pro with a Power Amp and a Cab!
Band name: Leviathan
Genre: Djent, Progressive Metal, Adventure Metal
influences: AAL, Periphery, Scale The Summit, Angel Vivaldi, Sithu Aye
Sounds like: Complex musical pieces. We try to inspire imagery in the listeners head, and all of our songs have different feels to them.
What I'm looking for: Just do what you think would fit the genre/influences best.
Colors: Plain black/white/gray

Just bumping this.

Insta-deal for an Axe FX standard/Ultra or an EVH 5150 III!!!
That's tempting, but I'm gonna wait for more offers to flow in. If nothing else better pops up, and you still have it, I'll definitely take it off your hands.

Band name: Leviathan
Genre: Djent, Progressive Metal, Adventure Metal
influences: AAL, Periphery, Scale The Summit, Angel Vivaldi, Sithu Aye
Sounds like: Complex musical pieces. We try to inspire imagery in the listeners head, and all of our songs have different feels to them.
What I'm looking for: Just do what you think would fit the genre/influences best.
Colors: Plain black/white/gray
Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Minty '11 Macbook Pro, brushed aluminum, black keys, etc.

Modifications (if any): None, but the charger cord had a run in with a month old puppy, and got a little tear in the rubber, but didn't sever any wires. Covered it with black electrical tape, still works fine.

Accessories (hardshell case etc): Comes in the original packaging (Macbook Pro padded box w/ handle), comes with charger + extension for charger. Apple stickers that came with it, unused. Manual, etc. Also comes with the ENTIRE Microsoft Office Suite for Mac OSX + The original MOS discs. Garageband Virtual Instruments pack already installed.

Location (City,State or City,Country): Cairo, GA USA

References (eBay or other forum userid): 4 deals on here, positive iTrader.

Price (include currency and if firm/obo): Looking to trade for an Axe FX or Axe FX Ultra. The Macbook is minty and the only thing wrong with it is a couple surface scratches on the outside. The Macbook is only about 7 months old, and was $2,200 new. I'm mainly looking for just an Axe FX, but hit me with other offers if you're interested.


Mac OSX Lion 10.7.3 Installed

15.4 Inch glossy display (widescreen, 1440x900 native resolution)

Intel Core i7 Quad-Core Processor (2.4Ghz)(6MB shared L3 Cache)

4GB (Two 2GB SO-DIMM's) 1333Mhz of DDR3 Memory

750GB 5400-rpm SATA Hard Drive

Dual Video Cards: AMD Radeon HD6750M (512MB of GDDR5 Memory on 2.2Ghz Config), OR (low power usage) Intel HD Graphics 3000 w/ 384 MB of GDDR3 SDRAM shared with main memory. (Supports automatic graphic switching for power saving.)

Dual Display support

FaceTime HD Camera

Omnidirectional Mic

Built-in Stereo Speakers w/ Subwoofers

Backlit Keyboard, Multi-Touch Trackpad (Multiple Finger use supported)

Ports: MagSafe Power Port, Gigabit Ethernet Port, Firewire 800 Port, Two USB 2.0 Ports, Thunderbolt Digital Output Port, Audio Line In/Out Ports, SDXC Card Slot, Kensington Lock Slot. DVD/CD Slot.

Supports Wireless and Bluetooth

And for the right deal, I might even keep Pro Tools 9 (w/ iLok), or the Logic Pro Suite on there, and send them in the original packaging along with the Macbook.
^ Dude, that's great!!
Name: Jumpers
Genre: Progressive Metal/Djent/Death Metal
Influences: Volumes, Periphery, The Faceless, Vildhjarta, Scale The Summit, Textures, The Black Dahlia Murder, Red Seas Fire, The Contortionist, The Human Abstract, etc.
Colors Requested: Black and White, but you can put it in other colors if you're inspired to do so.

Just be creative, but keep it in the genres stated. I'd a mixture of the styles of logos of the bands I listed; But you're the artist, be creative if you want to!

Thanks, in advance!
Trading away a Washburn WM24 and an LTD JD-600

The Washburn is black and completely MINT. NO scratches, dents, dings, or anything on this thing. It's got a Dimarzio X2N in the bridge position and the rest is completely stock. It comes with the original Washburn reinforced Gigbag.

The LTD is black stain, Jon Donais signature. It was modded by it's original owner. The matte finish was sanded down (to the stain) and refinished in high gloss. The finish is flawless, but while sanding he seemed to have hit a couple parts of the stain and got down to the wood a bit. There's only about 3 places where that happened, and it gives it a very nice worn look. The other mod was the back of the neck was completely sanded, and finished with Tung Oil. It revealed a BEAUTIFUL 3 piece Mahogany neck. The only problem with the guitar is that the low E ESP locking tuner is missing the lock screw. It comes with a non-original HSC that's in perfect condition and comes with keys.

I live in Cairo, Georgia, in the US.


I'm just looking for something that would peak my interest. These are some of my favorite guitars, I'm not just going to "give them away" for a piece of junk. Just offer me anything. 6's, 7's, or 8's. Heads+cabs, processors, etc. Stuff like that. Worst I could say is no.
Post here or PM me on here if you're interested.

If you need pics, I can link them to you in a PM.
Yeah, Sevenstring, Jemsite, Harmony Central, there's plenty of classifieds places to sell a guitar
Eh, I was just gonna offer up a 1989 Ibby RG550; But if you need an amp, by all means. Good luck!
Yes, is this still available? I have a trade offer.
Any interest in trades?
Just want to see if I can get any offers for it that are worthwhile.

This is an original 1989 Ibanez RG550. It's serial number starts with "F9" and it still has the "RG550" model sticker on the back of the headstock. It's an original regular plain "Blue" finish that has faded to a kind of turquoise color. It's color is shown exactly as is in the pictures. It's in "players" condition and has several small chips on the guitars edges of the body and a few on the edges of the headstock (which is pretty normal for an Ibanez this age), along with one medium sized chip on the back edge and some belt rash. All hardware is fine, and the Original Edge is in great condition. The frets are still great and nothing is missing. The fretboard is quite dirty (it's unfinished maple), but I like it, if you want to get the materials to clean it, then do so; But I think it gives it character. The guitar came to me in this condition.

Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: 1989 Ibanez RG550

Modifications (if any): None. Completely stock.

Accessories (hardshell case etc): Peavey HSC

Location (City,State or City,Country): Cairo, GA

Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM me on here or e-mail at

References Required (eBay or other forum userid): iloki, MrKnayte3013 on SSO, (who I got this guitar from)

Price (include currency and if firm/obo): I'm looking to trade. I am not SELLING this guitar. because I haven't had it that long. I'll consider any offers for guitars, I just don't want super cheap 200 dollar axes. Shoot me an offer, though. I'll consider ANYTHING.
Would love a 7 string


how much were you looking to offer?
Quote by themelodicdeathshow
How much?

What do you want to offer, man?
I'm only trading, not selling outright. I'm not, and have never been, comfortable with transferring money over the net. So if you want to offer something to trade, I'd be more than glad to work with you.
Well, I have some interest in the PS-4, but the M-50 is one of my least favorite guitars. Anything else to offer with the PS-4?
Testing the waters with this one.

There's a couple satin-ized spots near the heel, trem cavity, and control cavity; They don't bother me any, I don't pay attention nor care about the back of the guitar. There's a bit of tarnish on the payer-side (logo-side) of the floyd rose. And there's one scratch on the face of the headstock between the G and B tuning machines, it's very small and I barely notice it.

Fretboard has been oiled regularly, and the frets have recently been polished and crowned.

Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Modified 2008 Black Cherry Schecter C-1 Hellraiser FR

Modifications (if any): Custom Paintjob (professionally done, and clear coated over), and Tremol-No installed.

Accessories (hardshell case etc): Roadrunner HSC, Trem-Arm, Keys, Tremol-No Parts and alan key, Trem Cavity cover

Location (City,State or City,Country): Cairo, GA

Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM me here

References Required (eBay or other forum userid): MrKnayte3013, iloki on

Price (include currency and if firm/obo): Willing to trade for some guitars. I'm willing to go at equal or more value to the guitar. I may take some offers for a guitar below value, but I don't want your Squire Tele, so don't ask. Will instantly pull the trigger on: Jackson SLS, Ibby Prestige, Cheaper Carvin DC custom that you just want to get rid of, LTDs (Deluxe or 600 series or above), Cheap ESP you want to get rid of, Higher end Diamond Series Schecters, and will definitely consider ANY sort of custom you have to offer. This guitar was $900 new, has an OFR (unlike the newer 2010 and above models), an $80 Tremol-No installed, Professionally crowned frets, and a $200 Roadrunner HSC; So the trade value isn't low.



Will take some better pictures and post them upon request.


Body: Mahogany
Top: Quilted Maple (on headstock too)
Neck: Mahogany
Scale: 25.5"
Construction: Set-through (Ultra access heel)
Fretboard: Rosewood
No. of Frets: 24
Tuning Machines: Grover 18:1 Rotomatics
Pickups: EMG 81 in bridge, EMG 89TW in neck (coil tappable)
Controls: 2 Vol, 1 Tone, 3 Way switch (Push/Pull Vol pots for coil tap)
Bridge: German Made Floyd Rose Original Double-Locking tremolo
Tremol-No installed and is currently locked
Abalone binding around body and headstock, Black binding around entire guitar.
They probably banned you because you didn't follow the rules to the tee. Very strict on that forum, but the most amazing moderators you could have.

Any interest in a 2000 MIJ Ibanez RG7420 Magenta Crush, all stock, absolutely mint; No dings, scratches, or anything.