Trading a DEAD mint 2000 Made-in-Japan Ibanez RG7420 Magenta Crush. Rarest finish to find a 7420 in, and is phenomenally built. Missing the trem arm but everything is completely stock and dead mint; There are no scratches, scuffs, bumps, or dings at all. Fretboard is oiled when needed, and there is no hardware tarnish or fret wear.


Basswood Body
Wizard 7 neck - 3-piece Maple/Bubinga - 25.5" scale - 24 frets
Lo-TRS Tremolo
Ibanez V7 in bridge pos. / V8 in neck pos.
1 Vol, 1 Tone, 5-way pup selector w/ coil splitting
Gotoh Tuners
(includes trem cavity cover plate)

Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez RG7420MC

Modifications (if any): None. COMPLETELY stock

Accessories (hardshell case etc): None (Will ship tight and compact in an Ibanez Prestige shipping box.)

Location (City,State or City,Country): Cairo, GA; USA (NO International shipping!)

Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM me on here!

References Required (eBay or other forum userid): Mrknayte3103 and Master Torres on

Price (include currency and if firm/obo): Not anything too specific, mainly looking for 7's but I'll consider anything, especially high-ish end 6's. Preferred would be Ibanez, Schecter, LTD, Jackson, but offer away!
Well, my 7 is tuned to standard with an extra Low A string; So I can write six string stuff, or if needed harmonize an A chord/powerchord/riff with the low A instead of the high A.
I'm waiting for everybody else, because I don't actually know if I'm a guitarist in this project. XD
But I've got plenty of riffs, just not put together. I write every day.
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How's this? PM me if you want the full quality

Looks good man, thanks so much!
Yeah, I'm trying to get it all set up to record. It's getting there.
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And here's the angriest video of the Strandberg #6 so far. Since a lot of people were curious regarding how a P90-type fitted guitar (and Strandbergs in general) would tackle metal, I took this diminute yet dangerous girl for a stroll over my track Vortex. I hope you guys enjoy!

Fantastic playing. I listened to that solo like 8 times. I need one of these now.
I wish I could scream like that.

Just got Pro Tools 9, Logic Pro 9, Avid Mbox 3G Recording Interface, Sennheiser HD250 Studio phones, M-Audio Oxygen25 Midi Keyboard, and a brand new Sennheiser E380 Vocal mic.

w/ my new 2011 Macbook Pro, I got a good little studio setup!
Holy **** dude, your scream sounds just like Trevor from TBDM! Nice
Man just listening to that makes me want to put some Post-Arsis Ryan Knight stuff over XD
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ok guys here u go, just something i have been playing about with, what do ya think?

Very cool, man! Second half reminds me of tool. It would sound great if somebody programmed SD 2.0 to it; But yeah, I can think of a million things for that to lead in to.
Band Name: Atticus
Style: Metal/Metalcore/Djent/Death Metal
Colors: Black and White
Influences: The Faceless, Lamb of God, Periphery, Textures, Scale The Summit, Elitist, The Black Dahlia Murder, Arsis, Whitechapel, Immersed, etc.

I want something much like the logo's of most of the bands listed. I want some artistry in it (I don't want you to go in to Paint, and type out the name in a cool font and send it to me. I could do that myself.) and/or something symmetrical. Sure appreciate it.
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It would be great if we could include you as a 3rd guitarist or something, but im not sure how that would work out... You're really cool and easy to work with, but then, what would we do with a 3rd guitarist? You have to do a guest performance, at least

Well there's Periphery, Whitechapel, Iron Maiden; I guess it would add more layers. Like one rhythm with a dual lead harmony going on (So you don't have to tap dance on pedals). Or One lead and two rhythms complimenting each other. There's possibilities.
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Well yeah that was just because people always said I would probably make a Spider III sound good.

Well played, sir.
I'm wondering why I'm so attracted the the padding under the floyd in Ola's sig.
I'm, just here if you need me, dudes!
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WOW what a ****ing deal, that pedal alone goes like 100+ new, you got that guitar for practically nothing, mad jelly. Enjoy it man, should get some clips of that beast up

Funny thing is, I got the pedal for free from a friend for my birthday; But I use a Digitech GNX3, so I maybe used the pedal once. So I basically got the guitar for $150...
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Wow man, insane deal for how mint that is. I love that finish too.

Yeah, I was surprised he accepted the offer, I guess he liked the pedal. (And yeah, looked it over forever, it's 100% mint, no dings, scuffs, scratches, or bumps; And very very minimal pick swirls.)
Ha, just picked up ANOTHER dead mint RG7420MC, this one is a 1999 model and is an exact copy of my first RG7420MC besides being made one year earlier. Got it for $150 and a Boss ML-2!


Man, I need a new amp
Yeah XD just hit a random date when i registered. I'm 19.
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:O Jeff Loomis FR? Damn I'd kill for one of those.

Yeah, i'm not too savvy on the EMG 707's, but I love the looks of it, never played one though.
About to get a Schecter Loomis FR, can't wait to use that thing either.
Dropped A and B Standard


Most definitely, my man! Been waiting for a chance to use my new RG7420MC on something!
Ha, this is in higher priority than my personal life XD
But that's mainly because I'm in college right now and between classes I have absolutely nothing to do and no band to play with. If I were to do a guest solo, that'd be my first musical "activity" in almost a year
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By the way Periphery will open the show for Dream Theater at 23.1.2012 Helsinki, Finland... And Im going there :P

Dude, I'd cry like a little girl.
And get kicked out for trying to jump on stage to kiss Petrucci's feet.
Well, if you ever want to pull a Periphery or Whitechapel move, I'll totally be here for 3rd guitarist.
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Quest musician sounds cool we already have both guitarists (me being the other myself), but a guest solo would work out nicely

Sounds awesome, dude. Can't wait to get something done with you guys!
Hmmm...what a list.

Lets see:

The guy at guitar center that tries beyond all ability to sell you a line 6 spider.

The guy at guitar center that won't let you play BFR JP6 because He thinks you'll break it into a million pieces.

The dude that untunes EVERY guitar in guitar center.

Picking up a guitar at an instrument store, attempt to play a scale, and then find out that the high E is broken and the person pulled the string out and put it back up on the wall.

The dudes at guitar center who watch you play, say you're "pretty good", and then sit down and suck ass.

A drum tech at GC trying to sell you a guitar.

Local music shops that only carry Fender and Gibson

That wal mart doesn't sell metal in it's stores.

That Best Buy only carries schecter, and the employees think that if you're not buying a guitar, that you're going to break it, and won't even take down a Schecter C-1 Classic from the middle of the wall.

When you play a well known band's song in Guitar Center and some annoying kid comes up to you and either tells you to play more of that band's material or that you played it all wrong.

Guys that say your playing is good sarcastically and then ask for the guitar you're playing and totally blow you out of the water intentionally.

Changing strings on a floating tremolo.

Adjusting a truss rod.

Trying to sell a George Lynch Signature LTD GL-600FB w/ all hardware upgrades to a salesman at guitar center and him offering me $130.

Walking with my mom into guitar center, which she has no interest in. But the salesmen see her walk in, and see her leave me there. And then hearing them say "Oh, great, now we have to babysit." under their breath.

Metal Elitists who think that you should be crucified and castrated if you aren't dedicated to and 100% focused on metal music.

My music theory teacher, who tells me to write my final composition for the semester. I write, tab out, and record a small death metal song, and he makes me re-do it because he can't play it on Piano.

Being 100% better at guitar than my friends, but they're rich and have 100% better gear than me.

That about covers it
Taking offers for an RG7420MC of mine ;D
Only taking OFFERS for now, because I'm upgrading it ATM.
Upgrades are DiMarzio CL7/LF7 set, Tremol-No, new trem springs, Lo-Pro Edge 7 trem or OFR7 w/ Brass Big Block mod from

The RG is dead mint (no dings or scratches) and when I do trade I'll include all the original hardware (pickups, trem claw, springs, Lo-TRS trem, original block).

So if you want it, pics and details are here:

Throw me some offers!
Man I like the way this is sounding. If you ever need some lead work you can PM me on here or email me at for a guest solo or something.

My leads can be closely compared to those of Through The Eyes of The Dead, The Faceless, The Black Dahlia Murder (Pre-Ritual, i'm not that up on Ryan Knights material), Immersed, etc.
A lot of Phrygian Dominant stuff. I'd love to do some lead work on those tracks.
I'm just testing the waters with this one. It's JUST for trade, and offer whatever you want to, I'm not looking for anything in particular. Just no low-ball offers (I don't want your squire strat for this.) I'm down for anything equal or above the value of this. And it is in MINT condition (and I mean MINT, no scratches or scuffs or dings.)
I'm taking offers for now, But as of the 22nd I'm doing a massive upgrade on this, and these include: DiMarzio Crunchlab/Liquifire set, Tremol-No, and an Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge III w/ Brass Big Block. So take those upgrades in mind when you want to offer, cause that'll raise the trade value a lot.

Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar: Ibanez RG7420MC

Modifications (if any): None. COMPLETELY stock

Accessories (hardshell case etc): None (Will ship tight and compact in an Ibanez Prestige shipping box.)

Location (City,State or City,Country): Cairo, GA; USA (NO International shipping!)

Contact Info (No Phone #s): PM me on here!

References Required (eBay or other forum userid): Mrknayte1303 on

Price (include currency and if firm/obo): Not anything too specific, mainly looking for 7's but I'll consider anything. Preferred would be Ibanez, Schecter, LTD, Jackson, but offer away! I'd REALLY prefer Higher end guitars considering this is Japanese made and is not cheap in quality and playability and I'll be putting $430 worth of upgrades in it, and will include ALL of the original stock hardware with the guitar.

ooo that sucks, good luck with your sale man!
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Let me think about it, I have never owned a Baritone guitar and I'm also not a fan of ESP.

and also i forgot i just recently installed an Earvana Compensated nut on the GL-600FB.