Sure thing, i've just been after an SLS for a looooooooooong time, just could never find one.
Update: neck pickup replaced with Seymour Duncan Hot Rails
any interest in an upgraded LTD George Lynch Signature GL-600FB (real sperzel locking tuners, seymour duncan Invader in bridge and Hot Rails in neck, planet waves black brass strap pins, push/pull pickup switch) with OHSC? ,,,, also live pretty close, i'm right inside south georgia, cheap shipping.
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Careful with that one though, it doesn't have a Floyd Rose, just one of the licensed copies. Might not be too bad, but it's not a FR.

I own 2 Agile Interceptors
I also own a Loomis Signature, and a PRS SE Torero
and the Agile's licensed floyds hold up JUST as well as the Originals on the Loomis and Torero

There's a reason they're $600 but it's not in the Floyd.
I'm looking to trade an LTD GL-600FB George Lynch Signature Baritone.
F-shaped body w/ flame finish and mother of pearl flame inlay across the whole fretboard.

Looking to find what i can get in trades for this thing. Will consider any offer, whether lower, equal, or higher in value; amps, guitars, pedals, etc.

Includes custom F-shaped and fitted ESP hard-shell case.


Carved-Top Mahogany body
Maple set-in neck
Tonepros Tune-O-Matic w/ Tailpiece bridge
Planet Waves black brass strap pins
1 Volume - Push/Pull pick-up selection
Bridge Pup: Seymour Duncan Invader
Neck Pup: Duncan Designed HR-101
Rosewood Fingerboard
22 Extra Jumbo Frets
U-Shaped Neck profile
27" Scale
Earvana Compensated Nut
Sperzel Locking Tuners

Uploaded with

every time i glance at that picture i just want to sleep on that couch...
Brief & Accurate Description of gear/guitar:

Original 2004 Schecter C-7 Blackjack. The non ATX-Version of the popular Blackjack model by Schecter. It's gloss black with aged-white/cream binding around the WHOLE guitar (body,neck,headstock) and it is neckthrough. It has a little rash on the back of the body but, honestly, it's not bad at all and has NO effect on the sound, and the neck is in absolute perfect condition. I got it from a pawn shop for $140, and the person who pawned it took very bad care of it. I cleaned it up as best as i can, but the only problem is ALL screws on the pickups and the pickup rings are rusted to shit and the tuning heads have oxidation on the black chrome . It doesn't bother me at all and doesnt effect sound, but if it really bugs you, you can get a rusty screw removing tool to change the screws. But all in all, for the previous owner to take such shitty care of it, it looks and sounds AMAZING.

Modifications (if any):Have it gauged and set up for Dropped G, but I can tune and set it up however you like before shipping

Accessories (hardshell case etc):American Cases Deluxe Padded Gigbag, Levy's Professional 100% Leather Guitar Strap

Location (City,State or City,Country):Cairo Georgia
Price (include currency and if firm/obo): Looking in to trading for another axe, i really prefer to try to take an ESP LTD SC-x0x off the hands of anybody trying to get rid of theirs, or any Ibanez RG7x2x. But I will consider ANY offers, amps, guitars, pedals, etc.


Sorry if some of the pics are crap, I hadn't cleaned the guitar after playing it, it was gathering moisture and i needed to hurry.

Specs for reference:

Color: Gloss Black w/ White Cream Binding
Body: Maple Neck-Thru w/ Mahogony Wings - White Binding
Neck: Maple - White Binding
Matching Headstock - White Binding
Fretboard: Rosewood (Though its VERY VERY dark, almost looks like Ebony)
Scale: 26.5
Frets: 24XJ
Inlays: Black Mother-of-Pearl Dots
Tuners: Grover 18:1 Rotomatics
Bridge: TonePros TOM String-Through Body
Neck Pup: Seymour Duncan 59' 7
Bridge Pup: Seymour Duncan JB 7
1 Vol, 1 Tone, 5-way pickup selector w/ Coil-Splitting
Neck-Through Construction
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Anyway, I've got myself yet another incoming guitfiddle of awesomeness:

omfg, that Ziricote is magnificent.
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xXYoung.BloodXx, awesome deal! Congrats!

Yeah, I almost couldn't believe the price tag when i saw it
Man, just picked this baby up from a pawn shop for $140
S. Korean-made 04' Schecter C-7 Blackjack

I recently bought an Original Schecter C-7 Blackjack from a local pawn shop. I literally almost stole it, because i got it for $100. I knew at that price that it would have some dings in it because of the high gloss black finish, but the only thing I saw bad was the buckle rash on the back.
It isn't that deep and didn't even penetrate the black paint, it just scratched into the clear coat. Is there any method of clearing up those scratches to look like they were barely even there?
Just wanted to know if any of you knew if there were any techniques/scales/modes/shapes/styles i could practice to begin writing songs similar to the dark/morbid/evil style of The Black Dahlia Murder.
That's definately good advice.

I've just been reading reviews that really put down their bridges. I guess everything can't be perfect.
Eh, 50 bucks for a Tonepros wouldn't be that bad.
Has anybody checked out Douglas guitars on Rondo Music?
I was looking at the Douglas Spad Natural, and the black one also.
I was wondering if it was worth the minuscule price of $150 USD.
Do any of you have experience or comments on this guitar?

Because if they're more bang for the buck, i was thinking about getting two, actually.

I was just wondering what the process would be to remove the plastic rim around the pickups and placing them back into the guitar without the rim. (Like the Washburn WM526 or JB Brubaker's (August Burns Red) Ibanez.)

Is it as simple as just taking the rim off and re-entering the pickups or is there a specific process to achieve this?

I just wanted advice on getting a NEW amp.

I want a new amp, not used.
I was wondering what would be the best choice in an amp with a good Veil of Maya/The Faceless tone for under $1000.00 NEW.

I'm a big metal head.
I'm in a tech death metal band.
I have a big budget for a guitar, but I DO NOT want a 7 or an 8 string. (Don't suggest them.)
I want A floyd, and EMG's. I've been playing for a while, and know what i want in a guitar.

I was just wondering which would be the best buy.

A PRS Torero

Or a Jackson SL3MG Soloist.
Found my laptop in my car...i dont know why it's in here.
But I'm at a local shop (Music Masters? something like that) and I'm trying out a Vetta II they have there. Can't tell any volume difference from a spider IV because i'm in a shop and cant crank it. But i can tell so far that it comes with more features, and the modeling of the Dual and Triple Rectifier is flawless. It also comes with a hefty price tag.

But it's good so far. Playing on a Washburn WM526 (If only all dreams could come true.)
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Might as well take an 8. You never know. Only slightly more than a similarly specced 7. I myself am eyeing the Ibanez RGA8. A steal at $800 after taxes.

Like I said, Vypyr Tube 60. Owns Spider 3. Its even lu\ouder too- dont forget, 60W power tube section. Will make your balls fall off.

I'm not going for volume, I'm going for sound. I can mic a SS stack and make it louder.
And I've never actually owned an ibanez, but most of them i've played on have been decent, I might try that RGA8, might change things for me.
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I know right....and then he talks about guitars he selected because they fit the 'tone' he's looking for.

I'm getting the SS Spider IVHD because I like it. I'm not getting gear because everybody else loves the tone of it. I've tried tube amps, combos, halfs and full stacks. And i like the sound of the SS better. Don't knock on me because of the sound that i like.
I tried one out, actually.

Unfortunately, I'm not a big 8 string player...I was considering a 7 string though.
I looked into an Ibanez RG7.
It was pretty nice.
And I'm not buying the guitars because of personal preference. It's not like my absolute favorite guitar manufacturers are ESP and Schecter. I'm going by specifications that fit my desired tone and playing style. I'm not knocking off other guitars because i don't like the brand, these guitars are just simply in my price range and meet the specs that i desire.
I'm considering getting the two because i just started playing shows with my current band, and I have an old Schecter Damien FR. It's reaching it's limit in playing. I was wanting the two similar guitars, because I need a new guitar, and a back-up for playing live (considering my playing style.) And I wanted generally the same tone from both guitars.

And I'm getting a Line 6 Spider IV 150HD half stack. It might not be your cup of tea, but I am a big fan and a supporter of the Line 6 Spider series.
My parents are recieving $8000 in income taxes this year, and are buying my last rig/graduation gift. They've given me $2,000 to spend on whatever setup i want. I've got my choice amp, but I've been stuck picking between two choices of 3 guitars.

I just wanted to ask which would be the better deal.

A PRS SE Torero


An ESP LTD M300-FM and a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser (Yes, both of them)

Any advice?
Age 12 - I started listening to metal in middle school. Asked my grandpa to teach me to play, but he insisted i teach myself. I began to teach myself on an old Johnson acoustic.

Age 13 - I asked for a guitar, specifically a B.C. Rich Standard Warlock (Because of the shape, I was young.) I got it and a marshall 10 watt for my 13th birthday. I sat in my bedroom for hours nimbling up my fingers and working on coordinating my hands. I pretty much had no clue what I was doing.

Age 14 - Got introduced to a guy who had been playing guitar, mostly metal, for many many years. He taught me unbelievably simple techniques such as palm muting, harmonics (no pinch), picking styles, tremelo picking, and different bending and sliding techniques. I looked up to him until he said he couldnt teach me anymore, or I'd turn into another generic mentor-taught musician.

Age 15 - I continually taught myself and practiced hours upon hours a day. At school i would constantly be tapping my fingers on desks, acting out the notes of several scales. I was obsessed with getting better. I wanted to be the guy shredding on stage. I mastered techniques such as 3 string skips, many levels of galloping, multi string speed picking, sweeping, and whatnot.

Age 16 - I got a new guitar. Schecter Damien 6. I now practiced 5 to 6 hours a day. Guitar was my life. It's all i talked about, thought about, and lived for. Nothing else mattered. I was the best in my school, and the best in my community. I had even surpassed the expectations of my former teacher.

Age 17 - this is where i am now. not much else to say. guitar is still my life. I've devoted myself to music. I cant go a day without playing the guitar for a couple hours, or talking about it. I will get better. I will be the guy on stage shredding.
It depends what your skill level in playing that type of music. Planetary Duality I (A Hideous Revelation) by The Faceless is their easiest song and its short. I got it down in about 5 minutes.
Quote by Carl6661
I don't want to sound like an ass when I say this, but, hasn't this thread made you realise anything?

You put a piece up for critique, no one here really likes it, in fairness, no one really went into depth with the lyrics and such, but with a song titled '**** off', it dosen't instantly give the impression that there is alot of depth and thought gone into the song.
Take that as critique. Work on your lyrics, try and make them more deep rather than just **** OFF **** OFF **** OFF, I know 9 year olds who could write that crap.

As for the bands you've played with, well done, I suppose, the bands aren't really my cup of tea if I'm honest. But that dosen't at all mean you're amazing lyricists, or a professional band/songwriter, alot of support bands I've seen at shows have been utter crap.
I'm not saying you guys are crap or whatever (The music as I said was very good, the lyrics just annoyed me), I've not seen you live, just bear it in mind next time you start moaning at people who don't like your work.

It wasnt that I was "moaning about people not like my song". It's just, NOBODY critiqued the SONG, only the CHORUS. I said critique the song, not just the bad parts of the song. Nobody said anything about the verses, or the bridge, breakdown, etc. Everyone just said that the chorus should just be better than "F*** Off" And that It's immature because there's a curse word in it. Would they all feel better if we renamed the song and replaced f*** with teddy bear?
Wow, I didn't think that most people on here would take to some point of hatred in a song, even to an extreme like this song, so negatively. Or think that cursing so much in a song would be so immature (even one word repeated), when such songs have made some bands big successes.

and twasbrilling:
"no just simply no"

I said critique, not put my band down for one piece that you dont like. Please dont post comments like that.


And if you can, try not to compare us to bands with huge success. We've only been together for a year, and for some reason, none of us are musically connected. And it takes a while to write a good song. And we've performed with GWAR and Otep, so I'd say our "immature" angry songs get us somewhere.
This is one of my current band's (Severlock) songs. It's pretty lyrically short, but all the lyrics pretty much go with the music as you'll see here:
And, no, I am not the vocalist or the person who wrote the song, so I have no clue what the chorus means. Please critique if you feel you have to.

Severlock - F*** Off

F*** Off (repeated x4)

(Verse 1)
As he falls on desiccated ground
Scorches the earth as this turns his life around
He hears a scream and he knows what he has found
A flaming image reversed back into sound
There's a war song stuck in his head
He hears the pain as he walks among the dead

F*** Off (Repeated x3)

(Verse 2)
So close
Erasing it by day
You run away
Directing you for days
Well away from time
You look down
And finally answer me
A final day

Today is my day
So you all must pay
Bring it to me
This time is our time
Time for us to shine
Let break your face
So pay what you owe
And please dont be slow
Know where you stay
Dont kill me

(Chorus x4)

Break down
Your fate
Is why
This time
Saved me
Creeping time
Saved me

(Continuation of breakdown)
Now the genocide
Is on my mind